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Julie Chen

1 TheIconicBlackout, Aug 10, 2016

Via Instagram posted a picture saying "Big Brother Has Been Renewed for 2 More Summers! 2017 & 2018" as well as commenting "It's not #Summer without @ Cbs_bigbrother !!! #Renewed"
With that said BB19 is still going on for the Fall then they'll be BB20 (which is most likely a full returnees season, Allstars or Second chances not sure yet) and BB21.
I hope there are more seasons because I will be eligible to audition for BB22 :)


I got my summer avatar on tonight

2 donaam, Mar 29, 2014

because it is 50 degrees out and therefore #summer


beach babyyy

0 cricket, Jul 26, 2013

ok i'm heading to the beach for the weekend. needed some serious getaway. Summer shouldn't have moments of boredom like ever.


What song should I cover next?

0 zooncote, Jul 11, 2012

Since it's #summer time, and I have nothing to do, now is the perfect time for me to record new #music. I just can never pick what songs to #cover. So I need people to give me some suggestions! Listen to my #soundcloud and my #voice and tell me what songs would sound good :)


Summer Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 chanman876, Jun 4, 2012

Who all is happy about #summer ? I know I am.

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