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13 facts about me =D

1 NotNicky333, Apr 5, 2018

1. My birthday is May 15th, 2003.
2. I am a really good bowler! I have a 194 average and am qualified into many tournaments for scholarship right now!
3. I am not adopted, but I have a different last name than both my parents. My dad is my step-dad, and when they got married my moms last name changed! I have always kept mine.
4. I found out I was gay when I made a fan club about a guy irl and invited everyone to it. Someone called me gay and I googled it and bam! It all made sense. No one joined the fan club :(
5. I moved when I was 8 years old and haven’t moved again since.
6. I have never been out of America.
7. I’ve had 3 different girl friends, but 0 boy friends despite being gay.
8. I joined tengaged when I was 11, and cried when I made multis and they got banned. Shoutout to #NicholasTheSternes
9. I’ve sent nudes to 2 different tengagers. Can you guess who?
10. I haven’t eaten a vegetable in 4 years. Unless you count the tomato sauce on pizza, which I don’t.
11. In 6th grade, I played Big Brother Recess with 10 of my friends! I got 3rd place after winning 2 HoHs, 2 PoVs, and was nominated twice (3 times if you count being nominated at final 3). If my final 2 Samantha won final HoH, over our final 3 alliance member Jared, I would have won the game.
12. I’ve held 4 Mario Kart World Records (On the Wii version, all 4 tracks are Custom Tracks). Only 2 of the records hold to this date!
13. My favorite Survivor contestant was Bradley :( RIP.


Oh and FYI

8 Delete2544, Oct 31, 2015

#NicholastheSternes was permed for being underage after telling a group of people (including myself) that he was 11 over a year ago. Your friend bluestar1367 made a blog a while back asking if his friend (Nicholas) would ever get unbanned. 394 days later, the perm lives on.
I'm on your case Memphis_Grizzlies.

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