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[S20] The Grand Finale: Submissions!

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707 days 19 hours ago
Congratulations everyone on making it to The Grand Finale!!!!

It's now time to post 2 songs as follows:
1. Song of the Season
2. New Performance (can be your knockout or playoffs performance if you haven't already re-used them)       

You are advised to speak with your coach regarding song choices and I wish you all the best of luck!

Team Shanna
Sasha Allen #Jameslu (Golden Button)
Amanda Brown #Jameslu
Christina Marie #DrG2 #Steal

Team Michael
Celine Dion #LaCroix (Golden Button)

Team Sea
Forestella #DrG2 (Golden Button)

Deadline: 24 HOURS

707 days 18 hours ago

1. "Dream On"

2. "Stars"

Alt. Link:
707 days 18 hours ago

1. "Oh! Darling"

2. "Ain't No Way"
707 days 17 hours ago
Song of the Season

New Song

707 days 16 hours ago
Christina Marie
1. Everlong

2. Fix you
706 days 19 hours ago
(Forestella consist of 2 classically trained, 1 musical actor and 1 ex amateur rock band vocalist and because of that they can sing many genre like opera, pop, rock, jazz, tango, musical, trot and more. So I have a hard time to choose and that's why I decided to post the performance that I like the most, which mostly are their Opera performances. I know that not like any other genre, Opera can get bored easily but it can't be the reason for me not to try it)

1. In Un'altra Vita

2. Champions + Champions League

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