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POV 1: The Hanging Tree

386 TheUncanny, Nov 26, 2014

The Hanging Tree is about to kill a lot of traitors to the Capitol Again. After many warnings and threats to all the Districts, the Uprising is still in motion. That is why it is time to be ruthless. It is time for the Capitol to stay true to its word: no act of treason will be condoned. All affiliations to the Mockingjay shall be considered a betrayal of the Capitol's generosity.
YOUR TASK: You are to search for Tengaged users who use designs affiliated with the Hunger Games. These designs are allowed: A Hunger Games suit, or a side braid of any color, or a background of the mockingjay, or a gown worn by Katniss, or any avatar with FIRE or ARROWS in it.  Tag the username of the Tengaged user in the blog given and the the number of Karma that he/she has will be added to your total score for this challenge. If that person has already been tagged, you are not allowed to tag that person anymore. The villain with the MOST points wins this week's Power of Veto.
1. You may OFFICIALLY steal another housemate's entry. All of you have to do is type #STEAL (insert tengaged user here). What will happen is you will only receive half points. And the person you stole this entry from will be deducted HALF the points. You can only do this TWICE.
2. You may avoid the occurrence of a #STEAL by using #PROTECT. All of your entries BEFORE the #PROTECT has been used will never be stolen EVER by anyone, but all the entries that come AFTER may. The consequence of this is that the one who invoked #PROTECT will cut  THE OTHER VILLAINS'  TOTAL POINTS into half. BUt this will only apply to the Villains before the Protect has been cast. YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE.
======================= GO! ============================


THG 35 (or some #) experience

20 Teddybear, Apr 19, 2013

ROFL I fucking hate you all, except a few of you.
Anyways I find the .com THG really tedious and boring but I want to win so I can win on every site. I will eventually!!
Ugh I should have worked with Deathwish. I can't play these games cuz I'm just too loyal and can never backstab people who are my friends, but obviously others can. :/
BlakeisBack, MichelleObama, Superkevin79, Danny, Nick24678, xbadgirlblondex you're all going on my spam out of stars list I hate you all. ALSO like grats you're getting a better placement than me some of you but you're not gonna win the game cuz you suck at comps.
RoseMaria I already knew from Kono that you were annoying as fuck so I wouldn't expect anything less!!
It's just annoying that every single game I get arrowed and unless I decide to kill myself off, I can't die in a real fight because everyone who plays is a pussy LOL. This is why I want the duel back :/ #Steal
Trust and Patrick319 I love you both, hope you get your 2nd THG win Trust and I know you can. :)

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