Audition 22: Justin Diaz

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11 days 17 hours ago
Justin Diaz "Moondance"
11 days 6 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

I liked your voice here but I think the song choice could of been better. Didnt wow me enough to turn around
11 days 2 hours ago
*doesn't press button*

So not gonna lie, this was good and your voice is soothing but I only have 1 spot left on my team so I am being extra picky, I am so sorry!
10 days 22 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

I'm gotta be picky in these batch, sorry 馃槬
10 days 16 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

Not for me, sorry!
10 days 15 hours ago
Unfortunately Justin Diaz didn't turn any chairs!

It's the end of the competition for you, sorry!

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