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2 days 18 hours ago
Angie Miller "Nobody's Perfect"
2 days 8 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

Im probably gonna regret turning for you but I think another judge will be turning for you and you fit more on their team then you do mine.
2 days 4 hours ago
*doesn't press button*

Angie, you know how much I love your voice! I felt this was a good performance that really showed off some impressive vocals and I really hope someone does turn for you! I'm so sorry!
2 days ago
*presses button*

I haven't got any female on my team and hopefully I will get you. As for your performance WOW that was a shocker as you serving a killer performance already! You have a great voice and the emotion you conveyed through it deeply moves me. Great job!
1 day 17 hours ago
*doesnt press button*

Okay so I really enjoyed this performance! I just feel like Chris needs a female vocal on his team and you really could be a stand out for him!
1 day 17 hours ago
Congratulations Angie Miller!
You have turned 1 chair!

Angie Miller is on #TeamChris!

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