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Final Tribal Council — Skyros

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134 days 16 hours ago
Actually I lied I have another question to break this for me because honestly i am sorta #stuck

I want to see your aggression. I want to see how badly you want the virtual title of IAN (and ethan ig) SURVIVOR WINNER

So I want you to pick a juror. Any juror. That’s not me! No picking me! And I want you to describe how you would murder them. And no I don’t want you picking your xd best friend and murder them with a hug or some gay shit. I want you to pick the juror you did not get along with in this game, explain WHY you are murdering them, and then describe in the most tiny details how you would end their life.

I would kill ANDREW. I had the opportunity to play Ian's Survivor: Skyros with Andrew. We spent several days together premerge on Fotia and Agora, then both made it to the merge! Had a decently pleasant relationship, got to learn fun facts including that Andrew loves Italian food and his family recently moved! Unfortunately though, our relationship took a TURN.

Now you might have heard this, he seems a little upset about it still, but Andrew was rocked out in this season of Ian's Survivor. It may have been a ~controversial~ decision by the hosts sure, but it was a memorable exit so you think he'd be thankful! Instead he's become a bitter betty whose only contribution to this final tribal was "wooo eddie." And well there is nothing I hate more in the world than being blamed for Ethan Hentzel's fuckups! So Andrew has to GO so he can stop being depressing and anti-Jacob for no reason!

So that is WHO I would kill and WHY I would kill him.....the question becomes HOW would Andrew die. And I think the answer to that question is simple. Stoning. Since this all started with a rock draw, rocks have to be involved :)

Here's how it works:

There are places in our wonderful world where homosexuality is punishable by death by stoning. Now I don't know Andrew that well, but I get flaming homosexual vibes from him. Not just flaming homosexual vibes, but ARIANA GRANDE STAN FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL VIBES. Literally the gayest of the gay. One look at him and people will be lining up to throw the first stone.

A simple google search about stoning has told me some of the places that use the stoning punishment. We'll have to scout a good venue for the stoning to occur, I want a good amount of viewers! Something that will really draw in a crowd! Now I did read on WIKIPEDIA that stoning sentences are basically always thrown out on appeal or not actually carried out, but I will use the full force of the law to make sure that Andrew gets sentenced and his sentence is carried out. I will not REST until there is a stoning!

Now we've just gotta get Andrew to one of these places. I have a couple of rich friends who owe me favors, and one of them has a private plane in their family so we will be borrowing that along with some money as part of the next step! Now we've just gotta hire someone to kidnap Andrew, tie him up, and put him on the plane. If we're lucky, his friends and family will just hand him over willingly, no great loss!

Once on location, our friendly neighborhood kidnapper will take a restrained Andrew to the chosen venue. From there it should take people all of about 2 seconds to realize that there's a f***** in their midst. We will advertise on social media and on every street corner if needed! And well, I think when all is said and done, Andrew will have a few new least favorite rocks to worry about :)
134 days 1 hour ago
What's your favorite thing about Dino

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