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Final Tribal Council — Skyros

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136 days 21 hours ago
Welcome Eddie, Fred and Jacob to Final Tribal Council. The power now shifts to the jury who will vote for the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Skyros

We'll now bring in the members of the jury: Isaac, Christian H., Andrew, Chris, Layla, Dino, Nathan, David, Christian B., and Cub voted out at the last tribal council.

Eddie, Fred, Jacob, you may each make an opening statement. The jury members can either make comments or ask questions, there is no limit to the amount they do or don't say.

Once you have decided who to vote for please mail me your vote.

** Votes due by January 2nd at 7:30 PM EST ** (bc of New Years)

Reunion will be shortly after that!

Good luck!
136 days 20 hours ago
Hi hi :)

First of all I wanna say thank you to all the hosts and players of this game. I was hesitant to even play at first because games on here mostly seem to be pretty toxic nowadays, and I haven't had the best experiences recently. But I took a chance on applying and am glad I did because it was a fun experience!!!

Ok onto game. At the start of the game I saw people who I knew/knew of but hadn't spoken to in literal years like Nathan or Chris D., I saw tight duos like Chris T./Marwane or the Christians, but there wasn't anyone that I was really CLOSE to right off the bat. In fact, there were a lot of people I'd really never even interacted with.....Isaac, Layla, Cub, Fred, a decent chunk of the premergers. So from the start I knew that I would have somewhat of an uphill battle.

Throughout the premerge I found myself on winning tribes, Fotia and NuAgora, through the first six rounds. My only tribal in that part was to vote out Jacob M. who volunteered to go home lol. Since there weren't a lot of huge decisions to make, I got to focus on making relationships that helped me maneuver through the game. Chris T., Fred, Kellen, Christian H, even Eddie!...these were the people I clicked with right off the bat. After the second swap though, some of the people I trusted the most were sadly voted out but I got to connect with Nathan, I got to connect with Chris D., and these people had a long term impact on my game.

Despite being on winning tribes though, I never got lucky on the Black Market board. Throughout the premerge, I only could find wood and stone which made it difficult to utilize the twist since those weren't highly desirable resources. I knew at this point that I would not be able to be a shopaholic and buy tons of advantages, and that I'd have to play this game another way. I was not the advantage hoarder, I was not the one constantly worried about resources, I just allowed myself to play MY game to the best of my abilities.

Going into the merge, I feel that I was one of the best positioned people due to the relationships I had made and the amount of people who had expressed interest in working with me. I just recently learned this, but apparently there was even a drawing rigged for me because I was such a desirable ally!! The first few rounds were decided by idol plays, but I still voted in the 'majority' in all of those and managed to integrate myself into different groups. As the merge progressed I think we all know that I settled into a solid group with Dino, Cub, and Christian B., but I never let that group stop me from talking to other people or working to protect myself.

Throughout the mid-late merge I maintained relationships with Chris D., Fred, and Nathan, reestablished a relationship with Eddie, and even built a friendship with David, but was never afraid to make a decision that would benefit me. When Dino wanted to flush Nathan's idol, I knew that was not best for me so I strongly pushed to not put any votes on Nathan but instead go 4 strong on Layla. When the time finally came, I had to vote for Nathan, who arguably played the best game this season, despite the fact that he was my friend. Everything I did was to put myself in a better position and it worked because I'm here!

I want to also point out that I was the last person out of all 21 people to have my name written down, and it was only ever written at one tribal. Even once I'd proven to be strong at challenges I wasn't targeted at Final 10 or Final 8. Even after being voted someone people wanted to hang out with in real life, one of the biggest jury threats, and the person who is always in a good mood, I wasn't targeted that round. As someone who never had an idol or 50/50 coin or anything, I was still able to survive despite numerous other advantages being played. I hope that counts for something.

I am sitting here proud of the game I've played, and I hope you guys will give me your votes :)

I tried to not make this too long but my fingers moved a lil faster than I could control, so sorry if it got a little lengthy! I am happy to answer any questions or address anything you all have to say :)
136 days 7 hours ago
Wow my comeback season on tengaged after a 2-3 years break and I am here! And sorry if my grammar sucks (everyone can figure out why lol). I want to start off with saying congrats to Eddie and Jacob! You both deserve to sit here and I am glad that I sit with two people that deserves to win rather than sitting with people who dont and make it a easy win. I have always tried to be kind and positive to everyone knowing this is just a game, and I know that Eddie always have been a part of a strong alliance and Jacob too, while I was in middle and pretty much a lone wolf so if the jury votes with alliance lines I am screwed, and hopefully I can get a fair chance to plead my case :)

I will keep the pre merge shorter, but I came to this game with lower hopes and low odds since I have been gone for a while on tengaged. I managed to bond with everyone on my tribe and it felt good, then the tribe swap came and me and Isaac were the only ones from our tribe and felt like the underdogs but we used the numbers to go against Marwane and the gang by joining forces with Chris, Dino and Nathan, and managed to survive. Then the final swap came and I went to Exile, this was both good and bad for me.. the good part was that going to Exile people taught I had an advantage so I throughout the season acted like I had it and it did save me because I believe people had to target Isaac instead of me and then in the merge people always had in mind that I had the idol/50/50 coin so they didnt consider me anymore. Anyways when I came back from Exile everyone was talking about going for me, even Nathan who I saw as an allie was thinking about voting me, together with Isaac and Chris, we managed to  bring in Christian and blindside Kellen (people targeted Isaac instead of me because I tricked them into me having an advantage).

The merge came and me and Isaac was still the top targets since everyone had their alliances, the ones I trusted the most was Isaac, Chris and Dino, and that was my final 4 I wanted to go all the way with, also tacycardia (christian) was a really good allie with us that we started to form a good friendship and us 5 had something good going on but he went early :( Isaac went first in merge once again because people taught I had an advantage, or else I was sure I would go instead. It sucked because I lost my closest buddie that we were underdogs together with in the first swap, I also lost my best buddie Mikey early in the pre merge.. So all I trusted at this point was only Chris and Dino, but me and Chris realized that we had to play in the middle and make sure we are not top targets by Layla and the guys, I still had my loyality with Dino and Christian but then after Chris got voted out it felt empty for me because I felt lonely and I realized I was all by myself in this game. Idols changed many things in this game and I kept fighting and never gave up, me and Chris talked about how we would be 5th or 6th in every alliance we joined so it felt very weak to continue playing but I never gave up and It payed off! The main plan was to make sure people go home from each side so I in the can be the one both sides will need and I will in the end be the 4th or 3rd person in the alliance to make my odds better.
Later me and Dino continued to work and we tried to figure out how to have the numbers, we reached out to Jacob and Christian and already had Cubs, but when the idols came in play and it was between me and Cubs, all the guys I worked with preferred to save cubs (no hard feelings at all), then I realized that Layla, Eddie, David and the guys had to save me, the problem is that Layla and Eddie was not convinced I would work with them so I was pretty much gone, until the final minutes were I went all in to prove to them I didn’t even vote Eddie and managed to convince them to save me and go to rocks. After that round I realized it was hard to work with Dinos side even if I loved him as a friends since everyone saw Cubs as their final 3, and I felt like I was their number 6. But I still had in mind to work with Dino and Jacob at the side, but I had Nathan going all in to target me so I had to make amends to make sure I had no one going all in to get me out, and we agreed that no one would expect us to work together (we also formed an unexpected friendship). Later when I wanted to save Dino, the idols screwed it all and he went home, Nathan using the super idol was in a way good for me because me and Eddie realized we would need to take him out sooner in order to make a final 3 with David and have an equal chance, that chance came sooner when us 4 were forced to vote eachother out when the other side went to exile and had an immunity, even if my plan was to take Nathan out it wasn’t easy because I genuinely started to like him and would at least wanted us to make further but that chance came earlier and we had to take it. Later we managed to get Christian out, when Jacob didn’t want to flip but Cubs did, and we felt like we had no more big threats in this game left, it was pretty fair and equal in the final 4. The reason I think I deserve to win is that I played a fair game, I was always honest and said what I was going to do, and after my decisions I told people why I did it and apologized, in that way I managed to keep good relations but I still was 100% in game.

I always tought about how to survive and managed to put myself in a position from being alone and targeted to being in two main alliances chats and no one had me as their number 1 (Chris did but he went early) and David had Natha, Eddie had Layla and David, Dino had Cubs, Christian had Cubs and so on so I always had in mind that their closest ones going would benefit me, I made chats myself and always made sure I was the vote people needed, I know that I didn’t follow alliance lines but in the end I was in the position were the alliance lines targeted eachother and needed me, even in the final 5 when me and Eddie were underdogs, we managed to take Christian out, we were outnumbered but I still managed to not be the target because I was good with both sides. I also appreciated when people was loyal so when Layla and them helped me in the tie, i helped them back but I didnt want them to target Dino so I gave away another name and said Dino knew he could get votes and could play an idol, so I always did like that in order to keep people I wanted from both sides. Even if I wont win, I enjoyed this, having my fake idol, making friendships, searching for boards, and staying upp all night :D I wish good luck to Jacob and Eddie, they really deserve to win this!
136 days 2 hours ago
Hey hey! Not the best at getting what I all want to say out there without it seeming like I'm rambling, but I'll try my best! To start, I just want to say thanks to the hosts for being very professional and making this game super fun! I really got into the "Survivor feel" with how great the production was! Also, good luck to my finalists! Regardless of the outcome, y'all are both legends and I stan you both! <3

Okay, so I guess I'll start with the beginning. Coming into this game, I was prepared to potentially be an early boot. I haven't played a Survivor/Big Brother group game in years on Tengaged. Most of my recent group game history involved The Voice, Drag Race, etc, so I was a bit rusty, but I wanted to get back into my competitive side. Right off the bat, I got back into the chaos of these games with my tribe losing the first two immunities. Luckily, I made vital social connections with Nathan, Christian H, and Chris D which helped me get through those tough spots. We led both votes with us 4 holding strong with Dino for 5-2 and 5-1 votes. Through those beginning days, I especially formed a strong bond with Nathan. It was almost immediate, but we clicked and created a final 2 early on in the game.

Then the swap hit, though, and at first I was devastated. My 4-person alliance was split in half, with Nathan and Chris D separating from Christian H and I. Luckily, I bonded immediately with Chris T and got him to protect Christian H and I, adding us to an alliance with him, Layla, David, and Jacob S. Although Andrew was not included in the alliance, I made sure to create a bond with him during the swap as well. Luckily, we only had to go to tribal once and Jacob M volunteered to be voted out. Although not much happened on this swap, this was a very important part of my overall game as it was the beginning of my bonds with my closest allies in the game.

Then we swapped once more and, again, I was devastated. I still had my loyalty to Nathan, Christian H, and Chris D, but this game separated us again, this time putting all 3 on an opposite tribe from me. This put me in a place where I knew I had to strengthen my bonds from the previous swap. I continued to bond with Andrew, reunited with Dino, and tried to strengthen my connection to Layla and David. Luckily, we didn't go to tribal at all during this phase, but I did appreciate the time I was able to have strengthening my bonds.

Then the merge hit and, at first, my plan was to go right back to Nathan, Christian H, and Chris D. Of course, though, this is Survivor, and your gameplan going into the game is rarely ever what you follow once you're actually in the game. Unfortunately, during the last swap, Nathan, Christian H, and Chris D had a falling out over the final pre-merge vote-out of Kellen. I could sense the awkward tension right away and although I tried my best to repair the cracks, I could tell that it wasn't going to work. Luckily, I set the tone of the merge by winning the first individual immunity of the season even though I was up against someone using an advantage in the immunity.

As much as I would love to sit here and tell you guys that this immunity put me in a power position where I was able to control the vote, that would be a lie. To my surprise, everyone became almost silent towards me once I won. I was confused...I thought I'd be a great vote for some side to pick up. That wasn't the case, though, as a rumor came out that Layla, David, Andrew, and I were a foursome so I was left in the dark. The rumor always was a bit funny to me because at the time solely because, when it was spread, it wasn't true at all. Us 4, though, decided to make it happen. If we were going to be a rumored alliance, might as well be a true alliance. Little did I know that this alliance would be the most important alliance I'd have all game, so thanks to whoever spread the false rumor.

Immediately, we hit it off. Layla was able to save herself with an idol and we started to grow as an alliance! Luckily for the alliance, David had an idol and I had 2, both of which I got from my own materials and no one else's. We were set for a couple rounds and we knew it! I still worked on my original four of Nathan, Christian H, and Chris D on the side, though, in hopes that something would happen. The alliance was never repaired, but I quickly realized something: it broke because of a falling out between the three of them, not me. With this in mind, I was able to still maintain a great game relationship with Nathan, who had the super idol, and Chris D separately on the side. I was trying to also revive a good relationship with Christian H, but I sensed a bit of hesitancy. I was still prepared to get back on track with him, but then idolpalooza happened and he got out on only 2 votes unfortunately.

Going into F11, I still felt good. I had two idols, Layla just found another idol, and Nathan had his super idol which he said he'd use on me if need be. I still had Chris D on the side as well! It was looking great! Right before the votes were due, Nathan came to me and spilled the beans that I was the vote. I knew it was time to play one of my idols, but I didn't want another idol mess like the round before, so I pulled Andrew to the side at the last second and told him to vote Cub with me to ensure a split just in case another idol was played. Although this resulted in the unfortunate event of Andrew getting rocked out because my side couldn't come to a unanimous agreement on who to vote out on the re-vote, I try to look at the positives: me splitting the votes saved Fred who became a vital part of my game from that point on.

Leaving that tribal, Fred became aware of where he stood on the totem pole of the other side. With him being close to Chris D who was still close to me, this opened up the opportunity for him to join my side. Quickly, an alliance was formed of Fred, Chris D, Layla, and myself. Unfortunately, Chris D left right after. I was obviously devastated again. This was probably one of my lowest points in the game because it felt like nothing could go right for me, but once again, I looked at the positives. At least, before Chris D left, he connected a bridge for Fred to join our side. Following this, Layla left right after. It was devastating and, honestly, my worst strategical round of this game. A ton of communication errors happened and it was just a really messy round that resulted in devastation. Through the few rounds we were together, she grew into my closest ally, even closer than Nathan who was my final 2. From her leaving, though, that left only Fred and I in the side alliance. This meant that I became one of Fred's closest allies, if not, his #1, which helped me along the way.

Going into final 8, I played my second idol. Although I did receive a vote, it was played incorrectly. Luckily, Nathan played his super idol on David and we were able to get Dino out in 8th. This led to a moment of excitement. David and I have been scrappy underdogs in the minority since the beginning of the merge and, for once, we finally reached a 4-3 majority!......but the celebration quickly died as the new minority of Christian B, Cub, and Jacob S all became immune through Christian giving up immunity, then having Cub and himself play SWP advantages. At this point in the game, I had already been talking to Fred for a round or two about going to the end with David, taking out Nathan eventually. Although Nathan was my final 2, as the game went on, I became hungrier for the win and I knew Nathan's resume was out-of-this-world; he would've easily won. Although I didn't want to target Nathan until later on in the game, I knew I couldn't lose Fred or David this vote, so I had to target Nathan by default. David was on the fence about who to vote, but I knew even without David that I had the votes for Nathan to go, so I encouraged David to give a pity vote to ensure that Nathan gave him all his black market findings. The tribal was sad, but this 100% ensured that Fred would be loyal to me to the very end. Nathan's great and I love the friendship that formed between us, but I knew that if I wanted to win, I needed him to go.

That brought me to the final 6. At this point, I knew Christian had a legacy advantage, and knew that for awhile, and also a 50/50 coin. His side had won every immunity whether it be him, Jacob S, Cub, or Dino, so I knew that if they won immunity again, it would be bad for David, Fred, and I. I knew we needed to get an advantage to combat them and that we needed to have it played on the correct person. So, with me already getting, admittedly, a little frustration at the previous round's advantagepalooza, I decided to continue that frustration into final 6. I decided to be that pest and complain and yell about my dismay toward Christian B, Cub, and Jacob S. I did this as a way to make me become the most visible on my side. They might've voted for me at F6 regardless, but I just knew I needed to do this to increase the odds of their side voting me. Jacob S won immunity, once again, which meant the only way one of them would go is if the 50/50 coin failed for them. Because we didn't know who the legacy and 50/50 coin would be played on, I decided to split 2-1 just to cover all of our bases. Luckily for David, Fred, and I, we went fishing at the last second and caught some big ones, allowing us to get our own 50/50 coin, owned by David. I convinced David to play it on me and my complaining ended up working as all 3 on the other side voted for me and, luckily for us, our 50/50 coin worked and I was safe!....unfortunately for us, so did their 50/50 coin, resulting in everyone being safe except David and Fred. I was devastated! Not only was I losing another ally, but I was going into F5, where advantages became null, with a for-sure 3-2 disadvantage. Luckily, with me convincing David to use the coin on me, I was safe and through to the finale, but I knew luck was against me. Sadly, David left on the revote, leaving me to be the last person remaining out of the Andrew, David, Eddie, Layla alliance, with an uphill battle ahead of me.

For the past couple rounds, David and I had been trying to work on Jacob S to potentially flip and although I wish it could've worked out, I knew nothing was budging. Jacob S even admitted to me that he would never flip on Christian B. I knew my last chance was Cub. I just had to push to him about jury perception. I kept telling him how the jury will view him as a sheep to Christian and how he needs a big move on his resume if he wants to win. I promised him safety at F4 if he flipped. I threw anything and everything I could at him. It's all I could do at this point. I later instructed Fred to do the same, hoping that both of us pushing and ensuring and promising would increase the chances of Cub flipping. After Jacob S won F5 immunity, I knew my place in the game was not looking very good. Jacob S actually came in my DMs and admitted he was going to be voting me because I was the biggest threat. I just knew I had to push and push and push some more on Cub for the 10 minute voting window.........and.....

IT WORKED! Cub flipped and sent Christian home! I was ecstatic! I got the flip to happen! Honestly, although I'm forever thankful that Cub flipped, I knew that it probably was not a good move for him. If Jacob wins final immunity, it's a pretty solid bet that Fred and I will vote him to make him go to fire....and that's, unfortunately, what happened. Jacob won final immunity on an unscrambler that was the hardest challenge ever to the point where it took over a half hour to do and resulted in production needing to offer hints. My game came down to a randomizer fire challenge and I knew the odds weren't the best...50/50. Once again, though, 50/50 odds ended up landing in my favor which led me to where I am now at the FTC.

I played as the scrappy underdog. I was in the minority a lot but I never gave up. Here's the thing, though, although an advantage or two helped me along the way, I think it was my social connections that got me to where I am now, with a little bit of luck of course. Although I had two idols, my only advantages in the game, I only played one correctly. There was only one time in the game where I needed to save myself. Although my alliance had other advantages, they still got voted out along the way, yet my minority always maintained a good number of people. Why? Because through my social connections, I was able to add to my minority while the game went along. I was able to have Nathan give me information and eventually flip to my side. I was able to use Nathan as a shield. I had Chris D also give me information and eventually flip to my side as well, bringing Fred in with him, who eventually become extremely loyal to me. Once again, I was able to use Chris D as a shield and use his rivalry with Nathan to my advantage, playing messenger to both sides. I was even able to get Cub to flip to save me. I was able to bring people to my side, whether it be to increase my numbers, shield me, or save me. I was strategical as well! I got David to play an advantage on me to save me in the same tribal that he went home in. I continuously strengthened my connection with Nathan to receive information about what the majority was doing in the beginning, which allowed my minority to learn about when David and I were the vote. I was able to get Cub to flip even if it was ultimately what caused his downfall in 4th. I was able to have options, even while being in minority, with me having Nathan on one side, Chris D and Fred on another side, and Andrew, David, and Layla on another side. I might not be the best physically, admittedly, with the challenges, but I was the only one outside of the majority alliance to win an individual immunity challenge.

Although I think my competitor, Jacob S, played an amazing physical game, he even admitted to me that he was undyingly loyal to Christian B. At the end of the day, he was Christian B's meat-shield who did whatever he wanted. He gave Christian B all his findings from the black market which is why he never had or played any advantages, but Christian B had and played more than a handful. His strategy was to follow Christian B and that's it. He told me in DMs that I was his biggest threat, yet he was never able to get me out. I states publicly MULTIPLE TIMES that Christian B was my biggest threat and I was able to get him out even though odds were against me.

On the other side, we have Fred, and I literally adore Fred, but at the end of the day, he became my sheep. He did what I said, voted who I said, talked to who I told him to talk to, etcetera. He honestly should've voted me out at F4 instead of Cub, but he stayed undyingly loyal to me in the end. The second Chris D and Layla got out, he latched onto me and rode me to the end of this game even when he probably should've voted me out.

I'm sorry that this is a lot, but I really want y'all to see my game in and out and see that I fought my ass off to get here! I got pushed down a lot and there were multiple times where stuff didn't go my way, but I never gave up. I always looked at the positives and pushed harder! I shouldn't be here, I really shouldn't...but through my constant pushing socially and strategically, with a little luck (which everyone needs to win Survivor), I'm here and I'd love to be the person who represents Survivor Skyros as the winner. Thank you.
136 days 2 hours ago
I didn't come here to undercut anyone's gameplay which is why my speech was mostly about ME, but since it was attempted on me I'll just go ahead and respond to defend myself.

First of all Eddie I'm not sure how you "knew" you had the votes on Nathan since you never discussed that with me. If anything, *I* knew that my vote would determine the outcome because *I* had the information that you and Fred were voting for Nathan, and I did not want to give Nathan the opportunity to sway David in a revote since David felt some sort of obligation to Nathan. So MY decision to vote Nathan out was the nail in his coffin, and honestly you had nothing to do with that lmao.

Also it's a little unfair to say I did what Christian wanted and gave him all my resources when if you had any finger on the pulse of this game you would know that I did NOT give Christian any stone for the Safety Without Power since he already had an idol and a legacy advantage and that created a brief rift between us! I was very open about that to people who bothered to actually speak to anyone! I told Nathan, I told Dino, I told anyone! Additionally I had relationships that Christian didn't, he was targeted more than me, and yet somehow I was the shield?

I did not flip on Christian B. that is correct, and if that's the decision that does me in then so be it. But Christian and I have a 4 year history that has not always been good, and this was really the first time since 2016 that we have really gotten to work together in a game like this. I care about Christian and did not want to undo the progress we had made in this game, some things are just more important than a game with no prize and I hope people can understand that. If I lose then at least I'll still have a friend.

And yes ok sure maybe you can say in response to that "but you'd just flipped on Nathan who was also a friend" and in anticipation of that I will say that Nathan and I don't have the same history and ALSO I think by working closely with Christian I just saw weaknesses in his game that maybe other people didn't? And maybe I was wrong but I felt like those weaknesses at least gave me a chance against him, while I felt that Nathan was unbeatable.

And lastly I did say you were the biggest threat at F4 and that's why I was voting for you against Cub and Fred yes, but it's not like you were my biggest threat the whole game and my sole purpose was to get you out. So don't act like I failed at something due to a chatzy.
136 days 1 hour ago
First of all, I want to say congrats to all 3 of you!

Every journey to the end is unique and valid, so please remember that YOU made it to the end with a 21 person cast, crazy swaps and advantages, and lots of things that made this game amazing.

I want to remind the jury that voting someone out of bitterness or spite should be ignored this game, and lets hear what they have to say to validate them winning!

I will be asking questions later, but great explanation of your games! @ALL
135 days 14 hours ago
Tbh Eddie it is a bit disgusting calling me a sheep, you lost my respect there, that is the last thing I did and you are in the f3 thanks to me, if this the dirty way you wanna go to win this game it shows how desperate you are. Sorry
135 days 5 hours ago
Hi everyone, congrats on finals! I guess I'll ask questions since no one else has yet lol

Fred - Why did you decide to go to the finals with Eddie when it seems like Eddie was a bigger threat than Cubs?

Jacob - I am very proud of you for getting here and super happy we actually got to work together in this game! I know you lost a lot of your close allies pretty early in the game, so I want to give you the opportunity to elaborate on your tenacity and how you managed to get to the end without them.

Eddie - To be honest, after original Agora we didn't really ~strategize~ together that much because there wasn't really a need to. Why do you think you made it to the end over the other members of your alliance?
135 days 5 hours ago
I came here to support
135 days 3 hours ago
Jacob - I am very proud of you for getting here and super happy we actually got to work together in this game! I know you lost a lot of your close allies pretty early in the game, so I want to give you the opportunity to elaborate on your tenacity and how you managed to get to the end without them.

Thank you for the question Christian! I'm glad we got to work together too :)

It's true, I lost a lot of close allies early on: Chris T., Kellen, even you. So I think it's a testament to my game that I made it here!

I persevered in this game, and any adversity just made me stronger and fueled my desire to survive. Right after you went home I felt vulnerable for the very first time in the game, David publicly said I was "next", so I went out and won the immunity challenge to give myself the opportunity to reintegrate myself. After Cub flipped on Christian B. and left me on the bottom, I went and won the immunity challenge. That's just one example of my tenacity and refusal to give up or settle for being next.

My game was not just physical though, I also was able to just constantly make new relationships in order to adapt. Sure I lost people, but I also gained people. Christian B., Dino, and Cub were the 3 people on the entire merge tribe that I was never on a tribe with premerge, yet I ended up being able to link up with them and climb the ranks of their alliances. I maintained relationships with key "middle" players like Nathan, Chris, Fred. I always tried my best to connect with people on a personal level first, game level second, and that worked for me. I was adaptable, I persevered, I didn't give up, and I made it here!!!

I wanted to do well in this game, it's been a long time since I've had an experience like this and so since it really meant a lot to me and I was enjoying myself, I didn't let the bumps in the road get me down. Somehow I was even voted always in a good mood which I didn't expect because things didn't always go my way both inside the game and outside during these few weeks!! I just hope that all can allow me to WIN, I am hungry for it.
135 days 3 hours ago
wooo eddie
135 days 1 hour ago
Eddie - To be honest, after original Agora we didn't really ~strategize~ together that much because there wasn't really a need to. Why do you think you made it to the end over the other members of your alliance?

Oh that's tea and it's sad. Usually when I play games like these, I like to stick to my Day 1's cause they're usually the most trustworthy and the ones that you have the strongest bonds with, hence why I tried to have us interact and help each other with the first immunity, but it just was not meant to be.

Onto the question of why I think I made it to the end over my other allies, I think it's because of my social connections that I made beyond my alliance. Andrew, David, and Layla are amazing, but I knew that if I only had them as allies, we'd eventually crumble and fall one-by-one even if we had a ton of advantages, so I knew I needed to create connections outside of just them. I, along with David, had a great connection with Nathan. Layla and I formed a connection with Fred and Chris. Although it was short-lived, I extended a branch towards Cub which is a huge reason why I'm sitting here. Hell, even though nothing ever sparked, I tried to check in with Dino from time to time and I think if he stayed in for another round or two, I might've gotten him to help me for a vote or two. I'm not denying that Andrew, David, and Layla had allies outside of the alliance as well, but I feel that I covered more people than they did, trying to form a great connection with the middle people.

This not only allowed me to get information from them, but some of them even flipped over eventually. Also, even though not always intentional, as you can see from Chris, Nathan, and Cub, I was able to get them targeted before me, almost as if they were a shield for me. To prove my point, though, about the strength of my social connections with those in the middle, look at who's sitting with me at the end: Fred. Not only was I able to get him to stay on my side after his closest ally, Chris, got the boot, but I was also able to make him be extremely loyal to me. You, yourself, even are asking him why he voted Cub out over me, and I think it's because, even though I'm a bigger threat, the social connection I formed with him was just THAT good and THAT tight.

I know I can be a rambling, annoying, in-your-face mess at times and sometimes I, admittedly, speak before I think or wear my emotions on my sleeve, but at the end of the day, I try to be 100% authentic, love me or hate me, and I think that's why my social connections were super strong. I wasn't afraid to show how I was feeling. I wasn't scared to rant to people or air my frustrations or speak on my paranoia because, at the end of the day, that just showed people that I was keeping it real which got them to trust me more.
135 days ago
Fred - Why did you decide to go to the finals with Eddie when it seems like Eddie was a bigger threat than Cubs?

Tbh I wanted him to go out trough rocks and then I would get his, Laylas and Davids votes in jury since it would look like I didnt want him to go, so that was a risk I took. Also I even told Jacob I wanted Eddie out trough Rocks. So it was a plan that failed because of Jury reputition (I am honest now) , also I had promised Mikey to take out Cubs so it would be weird to sit in f3 and I never underestimated cubs, he could use the Christian vote and get support from Atleast 3-4 people because many people saw him as their close allie.
135 days ago
Hello! First of all, congrats on being here!

Jacob: What did u do apart of winning immunities and sheeping Christian?

I mean, you had a oportunity with me if you kept me at F6 to have a chance of winning this and you didnt take It, and in the end Cub did, but he was never gonna win.

Fred: Explain to us a Game move you did in this game that contributed to make finals

Eddie: I'm so Happy to see you here!! Why do you think you deserve to win over Jacob and Fred?

For everybody:

One thing I dont like of people when they do speechs is to say the other didnt do anything to win. Just Focus on your own games!!!

A general question:
Based on Game, Who do you think deserved to be at f3 the most?

Do a ranking of the jury of how good they did this season
135 days ago
My questions because why not:

1) Fred: I have zero idea of anything you did and this doesn’t seem to be a problem unique to me. The only thing I ever heard about you is how much you apparently despised me, from yet again numerous people. I don’t really have much to ask except if you did, why?

2) Eddie: I really don’t have much to ask about your game, but the only thing I’ll comment on was your attitude. An attitude that was so bad that your own ALLY told me how you constantly talked down to people and made them feel stupid. From constantly attacking me in the main chat for having advantages (advantages that you bought as well!) your whole persona came off as very hypocritical. You can’t attack people for having advantages when you benefited from them as well. You had two idols YOURSELF, and like five idols between your alliance as a whole. You said point blank you would never vote for me because of my advantages, even though it was Nathan who gave me the fish to buy the vote, Nathan who gave me the stone for my safety without power, Cub/Marwane for the Pandora’s box etc. So why should I consider voting you based on how you acted throughout a majority of my time there?

Jacob: I have nothing I want to say to you nor anything I wish to say to you.
135 days ago
Okay hello finalists. First off congrats to you three. I sincerely loved playing with all of you and hope we can be friends afterwards regardless of what happens. I really pride myself on not being a bitter juror but still asking important questions. I truly have no hard feelings. This was a wild game but I'm truly happy for all of you and am glad we met. Also to the Skype jury people I haven't literally been there in days I'm not avoiding I've just not cared enough to check in with y'all. No hard feelings to any of you either.

Lastly, I just wanna say all 21 one of us are autonomous individuals. I hate when people are like "I CONTROLLED X TO MAKE THEM DO X" because everyone does what they think is best for their game. No one was a sheep this season in my eyes. I think everyone really did play their own individual games and yes maybe people had influence on decisions but no one made anyone do anything.

That said, I'm still gonna ask some hard questions because I'm undecided. I'm pulling from both your speeches and my perception of your game right now since I haven't checked the jury chat in days.

Let's go in alphabetical order.

EDDIE: So a lot of what you are saying in your speech is that your social game was clutch in your success and I'm not trying to take anything away from that but that does make my ears perk up. I always tried to have good rapport with you but there were definitely times you cussed me out and told me to fuck off and to never speak to you again. I understand you get fired up and competitive and emotional (I'm the same way but much more mellow than you). I think I even told you a few times that I'm gonna be on jury and you should really not talk to me the way you were. Well now we're here I'm on jury you're fighting for my vote (along with 9 others). Why should I vote for you over the others when your social play was not that elevated in these moments? Secondly, everyone had their side deals and other alliances. Just wanted to highlight that you weren't the only one on your side (which you acknowledged).

FRED: Fred my man. I absolutely adore you and loved getting to know you. However, let's be completely candid. At the Final 11, there was a tie between you and Cubs. In the revote, we went to rocks; however, mathematically in real Survivor that would have never happened, and only did because Jacob, the man next to you, was MIA and could not cast a revote. Now I'm not speaking for Jacob, maybe he votes Cubs out, but I'm pretty confident that had he been here his revote ends your game in a 5-4 revote. Lucky for you, he wasn't, we went to rocks, Andrew went home instead of you. With that said, why should I vote for you when in traditional Survivor you'd be the third juror instead of in the Final 3?

JACOB: My dude. I'm so glad we got to play this season together after last time was kinda a shit show. I don't wanna take anything away from your social and strategic game but I definitely want to highlight you were six of the ten post-merge tribal councils and only went to three tribals pre-merge. Why should I vote for you when Fred specifically but also Eddie had to survive more without protection?

Question for all of you: this game was clearly defined by advantages, especially in the post-merge. In a Borneo back-to-basics style season with the same cast and same swaps, do you think you make it to the end and why? If not, which three players sit at the end? And secondly, compare each juror to a real Survivor player and why, including you three.

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