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Final Tribal Council — Skyros

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108 days 7 hours ago
If any of my questions have been answered already, please say so and I will go find the answers!

Congratulations! I know how hard you worked to get to the end. From personal experience I know sometimes you feel winning your way to the end is the most straightforward and dominant way to do so, but at times I felt like your strength in challenges didn't resonate with your strategy. At times, it felt like you were scared to make certain moves - would you agree? Or do you feel like the timing for moves was a huge factor in how you ended up in the Final 3?

Eddie, I was very impressed at how you made it here to the end. I was certain you were next to go at Final 5, but the cards were in your favor. However, I do feel like you played this game with about half the deck for a majority of the season. Do you think you end up in the Final 3 had you not sided with Andrew, David, and Layla, and if so, who did you TRUELY want to play 'till the end with?

Of course people are going to criticize you and say your game was nonexistent, but you found yourself in the Final 3, and that's something 18 of us can't say we were able to accomplish. My question for you is what round of this game did you feel you had the most power, and why - and what round did you feel you had the least amount of power, and why?

My jury vote is STILL up for grabs, so good luck answering our tough questions!
108 days 7 hours ago
Of course people are going to criticize you and say your game was nonexistent, but you found yourself in the Final 3, and that's something 18 of us can't say we were able to accomplish. My question for you is what round of this game did you feel you had the most power, and why - and what round did you feel you had the least amount of power, and why?

Most power would be around final 7 when I was legit in middle and both sides added me to their groups and I was involved in both votes. Least power first round when I felt powerless and my closest allie Isaac went instead of me, also I felt powerless in final 5 when we were outnumbered 2-3 but managed to turn the odds.
108 days 7 hours ago
Eddie: I'm so Happy to see you here!! Why do you think you deserve to win over Jacob and Fred?

Hey kingggg! I think I deserve to win because I think I had a very tough journey to make it here, but I never stopped fighting. I fought as hard as I could even when the odds were against me. Although I had a strong pre-merge where I never had to worry for the most part about votes, once merge hit, I got knocked down pretty quickly. It felt like everytime I'd gain some leverage in the game, I'd take another blow. I lost a lot of allies along the way and I knew I was high on many people's lists of who they wanted to take out, but I persevered and made sure that, no matter what, no one would be able to get me out. I was vulnerable a lot during the merge but I made it through every tribal with determination to make it to the end and that's what I did. The odds were not on my side whatsoever but I defied them. I was adaptable, I was flexible, and I always made sure that it wasn't me that was getting my torch snuffed.

A general question:
Based on Game, Who do you think deserved to be at f3 the most?

I would say Christian B, Nathan, and myself.

Christian B and I butt heads a lot in this game, especially on my side. From my perspective in the game as a scrappy underdog outsider, it was easily frustrating to see him prevailing with immunity wins and advantages and strong allies that, for a good part of the merge, seemed like they'd never budge. I mean this as a 100% compliment, but he was the Godfather figure of that alliance. He was the head of it and ran it with a mighty force! I aired a lot of frustrations out on him and would immaturely threaten my vote occasionally cause of how distraught I was, but honestly, if he replaced me in this final tribal council, I wouldn't have been bitter whatsoever. He dominated the game and he was super close to the end.

Nathan is another one I'd have here because...c'mon...he played the middle game almost perfectly. He was helping both sides. He was helping my side a little more when all was said and done, which I love, but he was actually able to get away with a lot of big moves in the middle without getting caught. The F12 move to take Christian H out, although shocking, was genius on his end to help elevate his position in the game and, yeah, Christian H exposed his super idol, but if anything, that made him protected even more. I know Nathan got 7th place, a placement that was before the expiration of his super idol, but he was never in danger for even a second when he had his super idol in possession, only using it to save an ally (and a king <33333). There were a couple flaws in Nathan's game, like how, as time went on, his power in the game became more and more obvious, leading him to be an easy target the second he was vulnerable, and, in my opinion, I wish he would've fully committed to my side voting-wise sooner because he caused a little anxiety and distrust between a couple of my allies and I, but you still cannot deny that he basically dominated the game for a huge chunk of it. Although I was already a round or two into planning on taking him out, if it wasn't for how the twists played out at F7, who knows how the game would've played out and how far he would've went!

And, obviously, I have to include myself. I want to win this game, and to do that, I need to be confident and proud of my game, so I have the confidence to say that I do deserve to be in the final 3! Reasons why are in my opening speech and through my answers here tonight. I really just hope my gameplay can speak for itself, but regardless of what happens with the final vote, I can say that I'm proud of the game I played and I do think it stacks up with the best of them.

Do a ranking of the jury of how good they did this season

1. Christian B
2. Nathan
3. Dino
4. Layla
5. David
6. Chris D
7. Cub
8. Christian H
9. Andrew
10. Isaac
108 days 7 hours ago
2) Eddie: I really don’t have much to ask about your game, but the only thing I’ll comment on was your attitude. An attitude that was so bad that your own ALLY told me how you constantly talked down to people and made them feel stupid. From constantly attacking me in the main chat for having advantages (advantages that you bought as well!) your whole persona came off as very hypocritical. You can’t attack people for having advantages when you benefited from them as well. You had two idols YOURSELF, and like five idols between your alliance as a whole. You said point blank you would never vote for me because of my advantages, even though it was Nathan who gave me the fish to buy the vote, Nathan who gave me the stone for my safety without power, Cub/Marwane for the Pandora’s box etc. So why should I consider voting you based on how you acted throughout a majority of my time there?

Honestly Christian, there's no excuse for my actions and, although I'd love your vote obviously, I'm not gonna sit here and act like I deserve forgiveness. I am a very, err, emotional player. Like I said in a previous answer, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I think before I speak. Now sometimes, I did it for strategy, but for a big chunk of it, it was me just being a toxic person because I was frustrated. You really killed this game and dominated it with an iron fist and, obviously, I wanted that to be me! I wanted to dominate with an iron fist and whenever it seemed like I'd inch my way to achieving that, something would crumble and you'd come out on top. Instead of respecting the game and being impressed, I just got angered and frustrated.

So, in the beginning, I do admit that it was 100% unprofessional and uncalled for. We're not the closest outside of this game, but we know each other and I've always considered you to be a cool and respectable dude through ROBLOX Ghetto TAR so I'm regretful and sorry for the words I sent your way. Even in the end, it was still unprofessional and wrong of me, but I will admit, a little bit of it was for strategy. Sometimes, F6 specifically, my side wouldn't know 100% who your side would vote for, so I decided to go in the main chat and squawk a bit to add attention to myself. Maybe it had some impact in you guys voting me at F6, maybe it didn't, but I figured "why not try it" so I would get vocal in there in hopes that it would influence on the vote.

This is what caused David's 50/50 coin to be successful played on me at F6. We knew once Jacob won immunity, that you guys would play the legacy advantage and 50/50 coin, so 2/3 of you guys were gonna be safe and the other one had a 50% chance of being safe. The only way one of y'all would've went is if your 50/50 coin failed and our 50/50 coin was successful AND got played on the right person...and it was. So, if the 50/50 coin ended up being unsuccessful on your side, Cub would've gotten 6th.

I understand it may be unorthodox to use public arguing as a strategy and, for a good amount of the arguing, it wasn't strategy (and for that, once again, I'm sorry...I need to work on controlling my emotions), but I still did use some for strategy and it ended up helping me out at F6 by giving me immunity.
108 days 7 hours ago
And secondly, compare each juror to a real Survivor player and why, including you three.

Isaac - Julie McGee from Survivor San Juan Del Sur. Both were involved in a big move premerge, Isaac voting out Kellen and Julie voting out Drew. But Isaac was understandably not the most invested in the game and although he didn't quit like Julie did, he was viewed as kind of mentally checked out and an easy vote by a number of people. Hope he is doing well now though and being out of the game was everything he wanted it to be!

Christian H. - John Hennigan from David vs. Goliath. Despite their appearances, John as a big wrestler and Tachy as a NOOB (love u HipposUnite), both were able to connect with people quickly and maneuver themselves into a strong position through starting tribes and swaps. But a double idol play early into the merge ended them both.

Andrew - Maybe a bit on the nose, but Jessica Lewis from MvGX. Both were rocked out despite having more to offer the game. Both were well integrated in alliances and weren't being targeted by the opposite alliance.

Chris D. - Wardog from Edge of Extinction. Chris played a strong strategic game, targeting people through the early-mid merge who were threats regardless of what previous side they were on and working to create new groups that would benefit him. Unfortunately, this caught up with him as his social standing suffered a bit as the consequence of his actions and he was quickly targeted.

Layla - Hmm a combination of Ciera Eastin and Kelley Wentworth, both specifically in Cambodia. Was a scrappy underdog, had nine (9) votes cast against her at the start of the merge but worked hard to break up that 9 person bloc. Took out some big players along the way before being on the bottom caught up to her. I think she had more of Kelley's gameplay but with more of Ciera's result which is why I chose both idk!

Dino - Adam Klein, specifically in Winners at War. I hope that doesn't sound bad haha because I am an Adam fan but I know some people aren't! But Dino was someone who never gave up, even when he thought he was going home he wanted to at least try to flush Nathan's idol, and even when Adam was basically donezo he was still giving his last ditch effort. Both also were in little feuds with other cast members: Adam/Ben, Dino/Nathan, kinda Dino/David, but it never got to the point of being like TOXIC or SUPER AGGRESSIVE.

Nathan - Christian Hubicki from David vs. Goliath. Likable among the cast to the point where he became too likable that nobody, not even allies, wanted to sit in the end against him. Managed to survive for a while but it eventually caught up to him. And let's be real Nathan is kind of a dork!

David - Keith Nale, specifically the Survivor Cambodia version. Doesn't do the MOST strategically but still adds lots of value to his allies while being a chill presence in the game. Ended up attempting to pretty much sacrifice himself for an ally, and while Keith's attempt didn't end up going through, David's did by playing the 50/50 on Eddie.

Christian B. - Not really in terms of......personality? Or appearance? But in terms of...gameplay! then David Wright from MvGX. Rose through the ranks of the game to become top dog, was oh so close to the end until a flip from someone who you really would not have seen it coming from! Had some flashy plays along the way, and I'm sure we'll see him back on a future season.

Cub - A continuation from the previous one, Ken from MvGX. Thought to be completely loyal to Christian, made a last second flip despite not being perceived as doing much throughout the rest of the game. If he had made it to the end I feel like there's a chance he could've had the same fate as Ken and been viewed as too little too late. But otherwise he was the type of guy who was very solid, came across a little more reserved at times in a game with more over the top personalities, but still likable.

Eddie - I'm gonna say Angelina Keeley. I think Eddie can be a little...OTT at times, not in a bad way because Angelina is a top tier character. But like solid enough player, managed to overcome being on the bottom at a certain point and make it all the way to the end.

Fred - Noura Salman from Island of the Idols. Fred is a solid player much like Noura, he was able to make it this far pretty much on his own without being like a core member of an alliance. And Fred even still managed to be a part of some key moves. Personality wise Fred is just a funny guy, a little kooky but very likable while on the show! Good character, underrated player.

Jacob S. - Tommy Sheehan from Island of the Idols. Ok he's not the flashiest person to compare myself to, but I think he played a very solid game without having to rely on the season's gimmick. He did a good job at not really ever being viewed as THE biggest threat, even at the end when he avoided the firemaking challenge. I think I played similarly in that people were fixated on Christian (being the Lauren in this scenario) while my social bonds and ability to navigate successfully around multiple advantages while being in possession of none will hopefully prevail in the end :)
108 days 7 hours ago
I feel Survivor is a game of transformation especially when it comes to strategy or personality. I want to know is there anything you learned about yourself while in this game? It doesn’t need to be a long answer at all and if you didn’t learn anything about yourself just be honest. To finish, in one word and one word only use the best word to think of how you played this game.

Hey Chris, I do think I learned something about myself tbh. I learned that some things just aren't worth it over online games and that I'm just....not about drama. Maybe that impacted some of my moves, maybe I avoided burning a bridge that I was certain would not be able to be rebuilt once it was burned. But like I am 26 years old, I've been playing group games on this site for 10 years, won more than my fair it felt nice to (for the most part) play a different type of game.

Additionally this is something I've always somewhat known about myself, just reinforced through this game, but like I have been called a gamebot a lot in my time on here for the sole reason of being good at challenges. It's no secret I'm good at challenges but LIKE it hurts to get called a gamebot when I don't like...only talk strategy and stuff, I get to know people on a personal level and care about who they are behind the computer screen, and I think leaving this game with a high number of friends just shows me that I'm right in thinking the way I do about myself.

To describe my game in one word I would say....multifaceted.
108 days 6 hours ago
Jacob: My only question to you is why you never agreed to vote Christian out when you knew that if he made it to the final he would win. I heard that he would be so mad at you cause you both are friends. So: I have to options here, you never cared about winning the game or someone doesn't know the difference between real life and an online game.

Hi Layla :)

I definitely care about winning the game, I wouldn't apply to a game if I didn't want to win it. I want this victory so so so much I cannot say that enough, I have had very poor experiences in games recently and this just brought a lot of joy to me to be able to do well in a game that was actually FUN and didn't involve personal attacks and whatever else. So I can definitely say I have always cared about winning.

I don't wanna say that someone doesn't know the difference between a game and real life, that sounds harsh. But I will just say that I have backstabbed Christian in a game before and it has allowed our relationship to never have been the same as it originally was for almost 4 years. And I did not want to cause another 4 years of that with someone who I deeply deeply care about on a personal level.

And as far as going against Christian in the end, I was proud of my game, I felt like I could even have a shot at him at final tribal so I wasn't going to burn a bridge that would DEFINITELY 100000% never vote for me when I was confident enough in my game and some of my other relationships to swing a few votes my way even against someone as threatening as Christian. I do think I had some relationships that he didn't, and surely vice versa, but I do think I could've swung some votes.
108 days 6 hours ago
I am an Adam fan I take no offense. It's a game at the end of the day. And I did every public call out and chaotic chaos vote for a game reason.
108 days 6 hours ago
Congratulations! I know how hard you worked to get to the end. From personal experience I know sometimes you feel winning your way to the end is the most straightforward and dominant way to do so, but at times I felt like your strength in challenges didn't resonate with your strategy. At times, it felt like you were scared to make certain moves - would you agree? Or do you feel like the timing for moves was a huge factor in how you ended up in the Final 3?

Thank you Nathan!

The only move I was ever hesitant to make was voting out Christian B., and I am happy to go into more specifics on that now if you want, here, privately, whatever haha IDK how much dirty laundry you want. I went into it a little in my answers to Chris and Layla, but I like just typed those lol so obvs you hadn't read them when you wrote this so I'll go into it a little more now!

Even when Christian DID go, I knew that Cub was eager to flip. He ran that by me ahead of time and I didn't go crazy trying to fight it. I was upset that my friend who I was working on repairing a relationship with was going home, but I wasn't gonna become completely untrustworthy to Cub by going against his judgment because I would still need him at F4. I told him that I wouldn't be voting for Christian for reasons that extended beyond this game and beyond recent history, but that I wouldn't hold it against him at F4 when he did what he did. I had to keep my head in the game and figure out how to use that information to still keep myself in a good position, both within the next round of the game and within my chances of winning in the end.

Other than the whole Christian thing, I don't think I was scared to make any moves. I voted for Chris knowing that my vote would likely cause the tie that would then send him home. I voted for you knowing that my vote would send you home. I voted for David knowing that my vote would send him home. I never threw a vote, every time I voted for someone was because I wanted them out and knew that at least 1 other person was definitely voting my way.

I think timing is certainly important in every game, ESPECIALLY this one with all the advantages in play. There were certain people that were just not possible to strike at before a certain round, there were times where if I struck at someone it would have ruined my position. So it wasn't ever out of fear that I did something, it was about timing and setting myself up to win this game.

I believe that I was strong in challenges and strong strategically. I did work hard to get to the end, I don't think I relied on my challenge wins or was someone who just wanted to win to the end so I could say I made finals, but then had no case to win. I did win challenges, but in those rounds I won challenges I still had a million conversations, made tough decisions, and built a case so I could get to the end and WIN.
108 days 6 hours ago
Actually I lied I have another question to break this for me because honestly i am sorta #stuck

I want to see your aggression. I want to see how badly you want the virtual title of IAN (and ethan ig) SURVIVOR WINNER

So I want you to pick a juror. Any juror. That’s not me! No picking me! And I want you to describe how you would murder them. And no I don’t want you picking your xd best friend and murder them with a hug or some gay shit. I want you to pick the juror you did not get along with in this game, explain WHY you are murdering them, and then describe in the most tiny details how you would end their life.

Remember, there is no moderation anymore! Don’t be scared, anything goes and the more graphic you are, the higher your odds of my vote.

I’d prefer 500 words so if you can’t pad the murder itself enough, maybe put in a backstory.

Don’t cop out though, I’m not stupid and I will know if you pick someone you got along with so...make me happy! :)
108 days 6 hours ago
EDDIE: So a lot of what you are saying in your speech is that your social game was clutch in your success and I'm not trying to take anything away from that but that does make my ears perk up. I always tried to have good rapport with you but there were definitely times you cussed me out and told me to fuck off and to never speak to you again. I understand you get fired up and competitive and emotional (I'm the same way but much more mellow than you). I think I even told you a few times that I'm gonna be on jury and you should really not talk to me the way you were. Well now we're here I'm on jury you're fighting for my vote (along with 9 others). Why should I vote for you over the others when your social play was not that elevated in these moments? Secondly, everyone had their side deals and other alliances. Just wanted to highlight that you weren't the only one on your side (which you acknowledged).

Hey Dino! I would love your vote and I'm definitely sorry if my words did hurt you along the way, but like I said in response to Christian B, I'm not going to act like I deserve any forgiveness. Similar to my answer to Christian B, a good chunk of the time when I was blowing up emotionally or reacting publicly to frustrating moments, it was 100% raw and in the moment and I spoke before I realize what I was saying or doing. That's on me, a big flaw, and I need to learn and grow from that behavior. Eventually, though, when I settled back down and looked back on my words, I did try to use it strategically to create social bonds. Although I might have shown you and others my ugly, I think that made me more real of a presence than others. A lot of people in this game, and we've all done it, are fake and happy all the time to save face or tell people what they want to hear to make them happy. That's great and all, but it's easy to not trust someone like that. With me, I think showing my emotions so visibly actually helped me with some people. People knew when I was happy, sad, angered, worried, etc, so I became a more real personality which ignited trust between myself and some others.

For the second part, I 100% agree that everyone, even people in my core alliance, had other side deals and alliances. I do think, though, that I positioned myself well by having side-alliances that split down the middle from my main alliance with Layla and David (Me being with Layla/Chris/Fred in one and me being with David/Nathan in another).

Question for all of you: this game was clearly defined by advantages, especially in the post-merge. In a Borneo back-to-basics style season with the same cast and same swaps, do you think you make it to the end and why? If not, which three players sit at the end?

I honestly have no clue how to answer this because I feel like there's domino effects for everything. Like if you erase advantages, then you have to go way back to the pre-merge when a Medallion of Power was used and, yeah, it seems like a little advantage, but that could change the result of immunity which could change the boot that round and so on and so on with the domino effect. If I went just round-by-round, though, obviously I don't make it past F11 without my idol so I won't include myself. If I had to pick three...I'd say...

Nathan, cause his super idol pushed him to the front of the spotlight and made him a huge target the second it was out of play but beforehand, he was slaying the middle game and doing it UTR.

Fred because even though he played an idol, it ended up being unsuccessful so he kind of got here off of no advantages I think. Obviously, a new boot order comes without advantages so maybe alliance lines become completely different and that means Fred doesn't make it to the end, but because I don't know how that'd work, I'll place him here.

For the last spot, I'd go with Christian H. He got such a tough outing. I know in this scenario, he wouldn't have his legacy advantage, but he also wouldn't have had 2 idols successfully played on his boot tribal with only 2 votes (it's still insane to me). I ranked Christian H lower in my "rank the jurors" question because he got knocked out of the merge so early, but he honestly was in SUCH. A. GOOD. SPOT. when he left. No one was targeting him, he was a warm presence, and her played UTR sooooo well! Honestly, without advantages, I think he definitely goes far and, with his social and strategic skills, I can easily see him making it to the end.

And secondly, compare each juror to a real Survivor player and why, including you three.

This is gonna be long LMAO!

Me - Michele Fitzgerald 2.0 (Winners At War) - I know she didn't win, but in my opinion, I would've voted her over Tony and Natalie. She wasn't a comp beast, but she was capable of winning. She had a few advantages, whether in her hands or her allies' hands, help her along the way, but she was the scrappy underdog that never gave up and kept pushing to make it to the end. Also, she was not scared to speak her mind either whether it be yelling at Nick or pointing out how there were no claps when she won immunity. Coming in, people had low expectations, but she squashed all of them and slayed! She was a force to be reckoned with.

Jacob S - Ozzy Lusth 1.0 (Cook Islands) - Had a core alliance, stuck loyal to it, and won a lot of immunity challenges. No one can deny he dominated the physical game. Sadly, though, he never made his strike at the leader of his alliance, Yul.

Fred - Julie Rosenberg (Edge Of Extinction) - She's a sweetheart and she's loved by everyone, but don't let that catch you off guard cause she's here to win and she isn't scared to, as she said at the Julia boot, "jump ship" and cause waves in the game. She plays a notable role in the early-mid merge portion of the game, but it's not enough to win her the game.

Cub - Ken McNickle (Millennials vs Gen X) - Respectable guy and no one hates him, but kind of goes quiet edit-wise in the middle portion of the merge, but watch out cause he makes a splash in the finale and takes out his closest ally, but it's a little too late and it's sadly not enough to get him the win.

Christian B - Cirie Fields 2.0 (Micronesia) - Literally one of the best castaway iterations to ever play, no one can deny that Cirie 2.0 was 100% ROBBED in Micronesia and cut right at the end after dominating the entire game strategically. Regardless of how you view the game of Survivor, it's almost 100% universal agreement that Cirie 2.0 dominated.

David - Katie Collins (Blood vs Water) - You win some, you lose some and unfortunately, even though Katie came into the F6 tribal in the minority as an underdog, she was able to actually make it 3v3...but sadly, she went out of the game in an unorthodox way after tribal still, unfortunately, didn't go her way. But who doesn't love Katie?! Queen of one-liners! "Werk it!" "It's a game bitch!" "Lost a toe nail!"

Nathan - Christian Hubicki (David vs Goliath) - The shock 7th place boot. After dominating the whole season and being a fan fave, he gets booted earlier than everyone thought. We thought he was a lock for the finale, with a great chance to even win especially based on his overall game and edit, but it was a blindside at the F7. Truly a great player who pulled off some pretty great and creative moves for TV and definitely deserves a second chance.

Dino - Edgardo Rivera (Fiji) - Do we go after Alex or Mookie? "Why not Edgardo?" says Stacy Kimball as they vote out the person who the opposing alliance would least expect. Edgardo was a nice presence on the show and someone who we thought we'd see outlast his allies, but he shockingly goes earlier than we thought in an iconic tribal council after playing an admirable game.

Layla - Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart) - An iconic queen and, honestly, the voice of the audience in her season. She spoke everything the audience was feeling regarding the season and other castaways in confessional. She was easy to root for from the start and she had an iconic and joyous opening merge idol play, but sadly ended up falling out tragically in 9th place and we wish we would've seen more of her.

Chris D - Kelly Goldsmith (Africa) - We all love a good rivalry in the game, but eventually one has to place higher than the other and, unfortunately for Kelly, Lex outplaced her. Although Lex 1.0 is one of the most complex characters in the show's history, the audience can't help but root for Kelly! She's fresh, fierce, and driven! She's not scared to make big moves and shift alliance lines if it means getting her way and, most importantly, getting her rival Lex out, but unfortunately, as we all know, Lex took out Kelly.

Andrew - Tyson Apostol 2.0 (Heroes vs Villains) - Oh Tyson...although he's fizzled out, he was hilarious in his first couple go's and it's sad to see him go in this season, but no one can deny that he voted himself out. There was a plan and his alliance literally told him that plan. He knew what the plan was......but he went against what his alliance said, and what happened? Ironic, but sad, karma. By him not doing what was planned, he was the one that got sent home that tribal. Tyson voted himself out.

Christian H - Kelly Sharbaugh (Samoa) - A robbed queen that leaves a lot of untapped potential. Before being tragically idol'd out in the second merge vote, she was in a great position in her majority alliance. She wasn't the main, head figure, but she definitely was not on the bottom either. She was friendly with everyone and had a lot of friends left in the game, which leads you to wonder how she would've done if she wasn't idol'd out. Lots of unknown to her and her gameplay, but from what it seems, she had serious potential to go deep and win if her journey wasn't cut short at the hands of an idol.

Isaac - Joe Dowdle (Tocantins) - Just kind of unknown. We never really got to see him play once the merge hit because he was med evac. A huge mystery to how he would've fared in the merge or how the game would've played out differently if he made it past the merge episode, but we'll never know.
108 days 6 hours ago
I feel Survivor is a game of transformation especially when it comes to strategy or personality. I want to know is there anything you learned about yourself while in this game? It doesn’t need to be a long answer at all and if you didn’t learn anything about yourself just be honest. To finish, in one word and one word only use the best word to think of how you played this game.

I'm very passionate, and I knew that coming in and that's not a bad thing, but I learned that sometimes that passion can build over into being overly aggressive and mean. I hope that I've not damaged any relationships in this game to the point where we can't be friends outside of it, but I do acknowledge that I have to work better on my emotions to make sure that I think before I speak.

I haven't played a game like this in basically 2ish years, so I guess I'm a little rusty with understanding how my emotions will flow as the game progresses. Yeah, I've played some Facebook minis, but thats the extent of it for the past 2 years so it's easy to contain my emotions in those because I haven't invested as much time as I did here and, as the days went on, I wanted to win more and more and more which just increased my emotion toward the game.

My one word: Determined.
108 days 6 hours ago
Eddie: I absolutely adore you and you know that. But I always saw you too close with Nathan and thats one of the reasons I never knew if you would ever flip on me. So I want to ask you if you ever thought about voting out Nathan before that day when everyone used the safety without power.


I understand why you felt the way you did, but I do want you to know that I was planning on taking Nathan out for awhile before everyone used the safety without power. I was planning on striking later than more around F5 or F6, but I was planning on taking him out since around the early-mid merge.

When I found out about his super idol, I was already strongly considering taking him out the second he used it and/or it expired and as I went further in the game and got closer to you, David, and, eventually, Fred, that consideration just grew stronger and stronger. It's actually ironic because during the F7, before the multiple advantages were played, Fred and I had been discussing when to strike against Nathan because I made sure that Fred was on the same page as I in that we needed to go to the end together, preferably with David. So yeah, I definitely thought about and even planned on taking out Nathan far ahead of when the multiple safety without power advantages were played.
108 days 5 hours ago

Eddie, I was very impressed at how you made it here to the end. I was certain you were next to go at Final 5, but the cards were in your favor. However, I do feel like you played this game with about half the deck for a majority of the season. Do you think you end up in the Final 3 had you not sided with Andrew, David, and Layla, and if so, who did you TRUELY want to play 'till the end with?

Oh thank you! I'm just happy I got Cub to flip at final 5 to get me to where I am now!

I do understand how you would see that. There were two major sides in this game with a couple people playing the middle and neither side wanted the other side knowing their motives so sometimes it did feel like I only played with half the deck, but I did have my 'in's for portions of the game, a big one being you like how you were able to inform me about David and I getting votes at F12 and F11.

Whenever I had half the deck, it didn't discourage me from seeking out the other half. I would communicate with others, usually those in the middle, but occasionally even those completely on the other side. Sometimes I'd get intel from them and sometimes I'd just get a vibe that would guide me with more information.

A huge time where this happened was at F6 when David, Fred, and I knew that we needed to play the 50/50 coin on the correct person if we wanted any hope of making it out alive. As I stated in a previous answer, I intentionally acted out in the main chat to draw attention to me to increase the odds that the other side would vote me.......

.....but beyond just that, I was able to gain the other half of the deck by getting Jacob to trust me in PMs to tell me that he was voting me that night. He had this whole three-sectioned post telling me that I was the vote and, from being friends with Jacob outside this game, I was very confident that he was telling me the truth. My confidence was correct as I ended up being the vote and it helped us play the 50/50 coin correctly. Sadly, the 50/50 coin on the other side, played on Cub, was also successful, so luck was not on my side, but that was an example of a time that I was able to snatch the whole deck of cards, knowing what was going to happen that tribal even though I honestly shouldn't have, and if that 50/50 coin was unsuccessful on Cub and he went home, a big factor as to why would've been because I was able to get information out of Jacob.

I honestly do not know how different my fate is if I don't align right away with Andrew, David, and Layla. If that never occurs, then the whole outcome of the game differs so who knows how it changes round-to-round, but as you can see, Andrew got 11th, Layla got 9th, and David got 6th, so although they truly helped me, I'm here at FTC without them, so if I aligned differently, I still am confident enough in my game and my abilities to believe that I still would've made FTC.

As to who I truly wanted to play with til the end coming into the merge, I think that's a no-brainer! Definitely you, Chris D, and Christian H. As time went on, that probably would've changed cause I probably would've wanted to set myself up against people I can beat and all three of you were actually pretty good at the game, but still, at the point of merge, I definitely wanted to go to the end with you three. You guys are my Day 1's(!!!), and like I said in my response to Christian H, usually I gravitate to my Day 1's and want to stick with them to the end. I'm happy, though, that I found Andrew, David, and Layla and made amazing bonds with them because I quickly realized at the merge that, unfortunately due to pre-merge baggage, the Day 1 alliance I wanted to go to the end with wasn't going to work.
108 days 5 hours ago
I don't know if this is just me being crazy or what and sorry for like speaking out of turn but Eddie I do feel like a lot of times you act like someone did something solely because you asked or solely due to your influence and it just like kinda bothers me idk.

"I was able to get information out of Jacob." = Jacob willingly gave me information.

I did that voluntarily because I was willing to trust the odds that either both coins would work, both coins would fail, or ours would work and yours would fail. In all of those situations my alliance would be fine. Like the possibility of yours working and ours failing was small enough for me to consider it a calculated risk.

I wanted to boost my jury management by extending an olive branch to you and David, not because you like brainfucked me into giving you information. Like Eddie I don't want this to sound rude, but we had hardly talked on an individual basis before this game, I did not do anything out of obligation for a friendship that in my opinion was basically nonexistent or a game relationship that never progressed as much as it could've. I did it for a game move.

Again sorry and if I'm guilty of this same thing then sorry lmk because I just want to at least give people credit for their own thoughts and decisions. I do like you Eddie I just feel like I need to tell my side of things so it doesn't like I was a victim of mind control! I know it's not intentional on your part I just IDK this means a lot to me

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