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Final Tribal Council — Skyros

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108 days 10 hours ago
Mikey to take out Cubs so it would be weird to sit in f3 and I never underestimated cubs, he could use the Christian vote and get support from Atleast 3-4 people because many people saw him as their close allie.

Who the fuck is Mikey?
108 days 10 hours ago
Mikey was Fred’s BFF who got taken out like the first vote lol
108 days 10 hours ago
There was a Mikey this season?
108 days 10 hours ago
I had a secret personal vendetta (nothing personal Cubs), that also why I played my real idol once and threw a vote on Cubs in case there would be more idols in play that was going to be.
108 days 10 hours ago
FRED: Fred my man. I absolutely adore you and loved getting to know you. However, let's be completely candid. At the Final 11, there was a tie between you and Cubs. In the revote, we went to rocks; however, mathematically in real Survivor that would have never happened, and only did because Jacob, the man next to you, was MIA and could not cast a revote. Now I'm not speaking for Jacob, maybe he votes Cubs out, but I'm pretty confident that had he been here his revote ends your game in a 5-4 revote. Lucky for you, he wasn't, we went to rocks, Andrew went home instead of you. With that said, why should I vote for you when in traditional Survivor you'd be the third juror instead of in the Final 3?

Because I fought all the way, and if it wouldnt be for all of these twists the game would be completely different right? So in that way the whole game would looked different in that way too. Remember when we got screwed in a point because all of the idols and twists, well it was same the votes could be different an many people could be earlier juror members too
108 days 10 hours ago
1) Fred: I have zero idea of anything you did and this doesn’t seem to be a problem unique to me. The only thing I ever heard about you is how much you apparently despised me, from yet again numerous people. I don’t really have much to ask except if you did, why?

Because you told me Cubs was your closest guy and I felt like I had nothing to take in there, and saw you as my biggest threat in this game, also I used you as a target since I didnt want Dino or Jacob Targeted from that side and saw you as that person since we had no conncetion other than you telling me you save you closest buddie Cubs over me.
108 days 10 hours ago
Congratulations all three of you its no easy task to make it here and I think you all should be proud no matter how your strategies differed from each other.

I feel Survivor is a game of transformation especially when it comes to strategy or personality. I want to know is there anything you learned about yourself while in this game? It doesn’t need to be a long answer at all and if you didn’t learn anything about yourself just be honest. To finish, in one word and one word only use the best word to think of how you played this game.

My vote is pretty undecided so good luck :)
108 days 9 hours ago
Jacob: What did u do apart of winning immunities and sheeping Christian?

I mean, you had a oportunity with me if you kept me at F6 to have a chance of winning this and you didnt take It, and in the end Cub did, but he was never gonna win.

Hiya David! I think I did a lot apart from winning immunities and 'sheeping' Christian. I mean first of all I wasn't even with Christian at all premerge so I survived that entire portion of the game on my own. Sure I only went to three tribals but my own social relationships kept me safe at those and when my name was thrown out it didn't stick.

Then yes at the merge I linked up with Christian, but I also think that in itself is being underappreciated from a game standpoint. Christian and I are not like always best buds outside of the game, didn't join this game together or anything. It took a lot for us to work together and I think that's another one of my social plays to get him on my side.

In addition I had my own social relationships which I've detailed but I also made my own game decisions. I was the first person in our alliance to say that we needed to vote 4 strong and not throw any on Nathan the round of the Layla boot. That was my decision, Dino had his vendetta against Nathan but I was not going to let that interfere with MY game.

The round Nathan went home, that was MY decision. Even Christian had stated to me that he was fine with Nathan staying, didn't care if he went to the end with Nathan or Cub, but I made my decision to take Nathan out because I knew that was the best opportunity to strike and I did not want to sit against Nathan in the end.

At the Final 4 I made my decision to stay loyal to Cub despite the fact he had just slayed my supposed 'shepherd' because I was playing MY game and knew that I wanted Cub to stay. Unfortunately for me at that tribal, Fred made his own move but I respect that and respect Fred!

I don't even think anything would've changed for the better in my game had I let it go to rocks between you and Fred, so I don't view that as a missed opportunity. If anything, if Fred had stayed while I voted for him, that bridge would've been burned. I had a good relationship with Fred this entire game, I didn't know what the next few rounds would hold, but I felt confident moving forward with Fred. And it worked out because here I am, so I don't think voting you out is full of negative repercussions.

I think it's a misconception that you have to be portrayed as the leader or the biggest threat during the game in order to win, because look what happened to Nathan, look what happened to Christian. So while you may think I 'sheeped' Christian, I was able to make it here and he wasn't, Nathan wasn't, 18 people in total weren't able to make it. But I'm here and I earned that on my own.
108 days 9 hours ago
Hi!! Congratulations you all.

I'll be quick :).

Jacob: My only question to you is why you never agreed to vote Christian out when you knew that if he made it to the final he would win. I heard that he would be so mad at you cause you both are friends. So: I have to options here, you never cared about winning the game or someone doesn't know the difference between real life and an online game.

Eddie: I absolutely adore you and you know that. But I always saw you too close with Nathan and thats one of the reasons I never knew if you would ever flip on me. So I want to ask you if you ever thought about voting out Nathan before that day when everyone used the safety without power.

Fred: You said you wanted Eddie out in the 2-2 tied, cause David and myself will vote you to win the game. But the way I see your game was... Kinda off. I really tried to talk to you and feel you were part of my ppl. But the prob only move you made by yourself (using your idol + voting Cubs) were one of the reasons that voted me out and putted you in the minority AGAIN. Tell me if im not correct and explain to us the moves you made by yourself.
108 days 9 hours ago
A general question:
Based on Game, Who do you think deserved to be at f3 the most?

Do a ranking of the jury of how good they did this season

Based on game, I think the most deserving F3 would be Nathan, Christian B., and me.

Nathan played a great middle game, had relationships with key players on both sides, and was also in possession of the most powerful advantage in the game which he used to advance his game. I had had he not played his super idol on you things could've been different and he would've still been well positioned, but I understand his decision.

Christian B. did a great job of positioning himself in front of the jury as a big winner candidate, and was able to do that with his more lowkey social gameplay. I mean he listed the people who gave him resources in his question, so like he obviously had relationships to back his advantages up which I think is something that was overlooked. He was criticized for having advantages but obviously there were people who wanted him to have them.

Then for me, I've talked about my game at length but I do think I am deserving of a F3 spot. I had a strong physical, social, and strategic game. I won immunities, but I don't think I ever RELIED on immunities so they're just an additional plus to my game rather than detracting from it. I had relationships with players across the board, and I made decisions that would benefit me even if they didn't benefit others. I think something else that I can say that others can't is that I could've done well in this season with or without the twist. I managed to avoided being targeted in most rounds where I wasn't immune, not through super idols or regular idols, but through social gameplay and managing my threat level.

Jury ranking:

Christian B.
Chris D.
Christian H.

Hard to rank a few people whose potential was unexpectedly cut short but that's mostly accurate give or take
108 days 9 hours ago
Jacob: I have nothing I want to say to you nor anything I wish to say to you.

108 days 9 hours ago
Layla me minority and you out? Yes well I made the final still, we all know you will vote Eddie so yes.
108 days 9 hours ago
JACOB: My dude. I'm so glad we got to play this season together after last time was kinda a shit show. I don't wanna take anything away from your social and strategic game but I definitely want to highlight you were six of the ten post-merge tribal councils and only went to three tribals pre-merge. Why should I vote for you when Fred specifically but also Eddie had to survive more without protection?

Hey Dino :) Glad we got to play and connect more this time! You are absolutely correct that I was immune more often than not. But I think you should still vote for me because I didn't rely on those immunity wins to survive. I still had the social and strategic game to earn my spot here. Even after establishing I was a challenge threat, I wasn't targeted at 2 of the next 3 tribals when I wasn't immune. The one time I was targeted this entire game, my decision making came through and protected me and sent Layla home instead.

So I may have been the 'safest' over the course of the merge, but I never relied on that, and I think on the basis of gameplay I still played a stronger game than the other 2 even if they were vulnerable more. Vulnerability doesn't always equal doing more to survive or having a better case to win!

Question for all of you: this game was clearly defined by advantages, especially in the post-merge. In a Borneo back-to-basics style season with the same cast and same swaps, do you think you make it to the end and why? If not, which three players sit at the end? And secondly, compare each juror to a real Survivor player and why, including you three.

Yeah I do think I'd still make it to the end in a back to basics season tbh. I bought one thing from the Black Market and it was...a spyglass! So I never had any form of protection aside from the immunity necklace, which would still be present in a back to basics season. I think my social and strategic games would've still translated without the twists or advantages or any of that.

I will do the next part in another post :)
108 days 7 hours ago
Christian didn't you block Jacob on Skype at one point this season? I feel like that wasn't a dream and I had to go between you two right?

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