MMx4's BB1: Ultimate Challenge

As many players have seen and played Big Brother, I have noticed that the same twists have been used over and over again... NOT ANYMORE! MMx4's BB1: Ultimate Challenge will truly put 20 Houseguests to the test to see how they react to jaw-dropping twists and turns never seen before! One lucky person will walk away as the winner, but first.... they have to be ready for the unexpected!

ZMAN12/ Zach (1 HOH)
Drewski011/ Drew (2 POV)
piesyummyyumypies/ Mark
Apples22/ Gemma
LiukBB/ Luca
Bandnerd/ Erika
Cleetus/ Keith (1 POV)
fearlessfoxy/ Foxy (2 HOH)
FireWolf/ Gunther
MowgliMatters (1 HOH)
WaffleMan (1 POV)
CopperTribe/ Jack
humanwebjet1/ Rocky (1 HOH)

Week 1: HOH Winner = Foxy
             Twist = Evict 4 People
             Evicted =  Gustavo, Gemma, Gunther, BBHoward33
Week 2: HOH = Zach
             Nominees = Keith and CopperTribe
             POV = Keith --> Replacement: dogesstudios
             Twist: Gunther returns after a battle back comp           
             Evicted = dogesstudios
Week 3: HOH = MowgliMatters
             Nominees = Gunther and Rocky
             POV = Drew —> Replacement: Cleetus
             Twist: BBHoward33 returns after BattleBack Comp
             Evicted: Cleetus/Keith
Week4:  HOH = Foxy
             Nominees = Gunther and BBHoward33
             Advantage Twist: Permanent 3rd nominee --> Mowgli
         POV = WaffleMan --> BBHoward33 Replacement: PIM1234
             Evicted = FireWolf/Gunther
Week 5: HOH = Mark
             Nominees = MowgliMatters and WaffleMan
             POV = Drew
             Evicted = CopperTribe
Week 6: HOH = Rocky
             Nominees = Luca and Mark
             POV = Drew Replacement ---> Mowgli
             Evicted = Luca/LiukBB
Week 7: HOH = BBHoward33
             Nominees = RobOzzyO and Foxy
             POV = Erika Replacement for Foxy ---> Zach
             Evicted = RobOzzyO (Jury 1)
Week 8: ?

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