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First off I'd like to announce the winner of last weeks Reward Challenge is Emmett4! He's received one "nomination swap". It works similar to a POV. He can take a nominee down, and replace them with anyone he choses (who isn’t immune). This item is valid until F6 (use it at the latest Final 7’s eviction)

This weeks theme : The Hunger Games

Monday - Itinerary Posted
Tuesday - *DC* The Half-ger Games starts @12pmPT
Wednesday - (Dependant on when The Half-ger Games ends)
Thursday - (Dependant on when The Half-ger Games ends)
Friday - *LAST DAY* The Half-ger Games has to end at @5pmPT latest
Saturday - *NON LIVE* Nomination Ceremony @5pmPT
Sunday - *LIVE* Eviction Announced & Redemption Challenge @5pmPT

There's a lot of items already floating about and this challenge will take a decent portion of your time. That reason being, this is the first Week without a Reward Challenge! Rewards will instead be given out with The Half-ger Games placements

Ultimate Challenge
DC Time : Every 12 Hours
Play Type : Individuals
Immunity Winner(s) : Survivors
HOH Winner : Most HP
Nomination Type : HOH Nominates 3 People
Voting Style : Rookies (3,2,1)
Eviction Total Weeks End : 2

Extra Things You’ll Need and By When
Nothing :)

Additional Notes
Link to Ultimate Challenge

Outstanding Demerits
Everyone : 0/2

To avoid an attendance demerit, make at least one choice Day 1 or show up for the Live Eviction if you're nominated

open group

Dmpwb's Ultimate Challenge REVAMP $Prize

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