Dmpwb's Ultimate Challenge REVAMP $Prize

After 4 years and 30 seasons, Dmpwb45 has decided to break in the New Year with the return of his most popular group game series. Ultimate Challenge.

1st: $50! Winner: Nolan.... SENT!
2nd: $25! Winner: Nova.... SENT!
Ultimate Jury Member: $15! Winner: Hufus.... SENT!

For those of you that don't know how Ultimate Challenge works, each week contestants will play challenges that constantly shape their teams, alliances and safety. One week could be 8 teams of 2 for an Amazing Race challenge. Next week you could be in a team of 8 against 8 in a Survivor challenge. Or fighting for your life in a classic BB style eviction. Twists and turns are a must in the ultimate challenge.

With a game that's constantly changing, do you have what it takes to adapt?

Challenges/Evictions will be Fri/Sat/Sun @ 5pm Pacific Time.

Itinerary for the Week *Final Itinerary*

Wikia Page *Under Construction*

Full set of Rules/Regulations/Requirements below

Public Random.Org (Tiebreaks)

Day 1: Jury Vote: Nolan
Day 2: PokemonGo: Nova
Day 3: Lambs To The Slaughter: Nova
Day 4: Jigsaw Jumble: Nova
Day 5: The Amazing Sprint: Nolan
Day 6: Isle De Coco: Nolan
Day 7: Dmpwb's Tiebreaker Extravaganza: Nolan
(Pt 1 Speed: Nolan - Pt 2 Deciphering: Nolan)

Featured Players 12 playing

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Dmpwb's Ultimate Challenge REVAMP $Prize

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