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281 days 21 hours ago
This challenge will be similar to The Hunger Games. The main difference being everything will be "cut in half" to speed things along. Half the amount of tributes, starting at 50HP, starting at only 5 arrows, etc.


The arena will copy the one from "Catching Fire" (Looks like the clock)
In the movie the arena was split into 12 parts, but because this is "The Half-ger Games" there will only be 6. Each part will represent a disaster or trap able to be sprung by the Game Makers. The Game Makers will be played by mysterygame2 and RL10. Their goal is to kill as many of you as they can (If they don't want to, I can always random org. their choice too with a Chatzy die roll). Here's what each disaster is

1- Lighting Strike
2- Paralyzing Fog
3- Jabberjays
4- Monkey Mutants
5- Saltwater Wave (Tsunami)
6- Deadly Insects

Each disaster does the same damage... Instantaneous death. Every "Day" (12 hours = A day) you must pick to either hide in one of those 6 areas OR be out in the open in the cornucopia. The cornucopia is the only option that can't instantly kill you, but you have to be stuck there for the entire day and are forced to fight anyone who wishes to fight you. I'll explain fighting soon. 2 of the 6 traps will be triggered by Nolan and Ryan daily, so you have a 1/3 chance of instantly dying if you don't go in the corn. Option review

Choosing Area 1-6 = 1/3 chance of instant death. If you don't die, you only lose 5HP for not being in the corn
Choosing Corn = 0HP lost, but you may have to fight

Area selection must be MAILED to me (for both players and Game Masters). This decision should be kept secret till the DC


Fighting will be fairly simple. I was gonna use old practice links, but they aren't working so that's crappy. Instead I'll be asking a question (un-google-able) and either the first person to answer correctly or the only person to answer correctly will win the match. If they both get it wrong, they'll both lose. Each fight will last a max of 3 hours or end once the last person submits. If you haven't submitted an answer by the end of 3 hours, you'll lose, so I suggest not entering the corn at times you need to sleep or can't check it at minimum every 3 hours

Xp won't be used in this game, but you do get an "attackers bonus". Every question will be multiple choice. The attacker gets 3 options to pick from, the attackee gets 4. Losing a match loses you 15HP, winning gains you 10HP. Every DC I'll post who's in the corn and who isn't. When you're ready to attack, publicly post doing so in The Cornucopia topic by saying *attacks ___*. From that point I'll mail you both to the question. You cannot run from a battle


There will only be one bush a "day" (every 12 hours) so if you mail in your bush vote with your daily area selection, you'll never forget. With that being said, attempting the bush is no where near mandatory. There are 8 options for the bush and only 2 of them are good. Picking the right bush gains you 10HP, the wrong one loses you 5HP. The bushes are the same for everyone so talk amongst yourself, but be conscious of when the Day Changes

P.S. When sending in your selections please make sure it's painfully obvious what's a bush choice and what's an area selection


Everyone starts off with 5 arrows. You can collect more from keeping the occasional eye on The Cornucopia topic. When you see an arrow posted, you must "claim it" by mailing me and you'll gain two. When an arrow is claimed, it'll be anonymous to who got them, but I'll post they were claimed. When ready to shoot your arrows, please mail me your decision. Each arrow only does 1HP damage, BUT you can shoot arrows in 1 of 2 ways

Anonymously - Shooting an arrow this way costs 0.5 damage to yourself (per arrow), but no one will know it was you

Normally - You won't lose any health, but I'll inform the victim of who shot them

Please when mailing all arrow shots, state whether it's normal or anonymous


Health Pack - Grabbing this at the start gains you 20 addition HP. Only 2 in circulation

Knife - Grabbing this at the start raises your battle brutality. Winning now gains you 15HP, and the loser loses 20HP. Only 2 in circulation

Bow and Arrow - Grabbing this at the start raises your arrow damage. Your arrows will now do 2HP damage. You also won't have to pay for anonymous arrows. Only 2 in circulation

Arrows - These will occasionally appear in the corn. Mail me *claim* or anything close to that and you'll gain 2 arrows

IMPORTANT: When someone dies by a disaster or trap, any items they have will be destroyed. When someone is killed in a fight, the winner gets ALL their items (this includes arrows)


Final section. Health starts at 50HP and is completely private. Only me and the player will know of their health. It may be annoying, but I'll mail you every single time your health changes. That way you can check my most recent mail to see what your health is currently at

THAT'S IT! The game will start tomorrow on the topic linked below. If you have any questions feel free to ask
281 days 21 hours ago
The winner of this challenge will be the person with the most HP by the end. As usual, any ties will be broken by random org.

First Place : HOH + Immunity Hammer
Second Place : Nomination Swap
Third Place : Mystery Key
281 days 21 hours ago
How fun
281 days 20 hours ago
Will the people deciding on what disaster to use know where we are?
281 days ago
@Mel and Red

The GM’s shouldn’t know where you are as long as you don’t tell them. Their best is an educated guess, no different than random org
280 days 23 hours ago
The Half-ger Games will commence in 5 minutes. When the clock hits 12pm for me, I’ll start the countdown. It’ll work just like the Hunger Games

Starting from 30 I’ll countdown. If anyone tries to grab an item early they’ll “boom” aka die. Once I say “0” it’s fair game. Once all the items are grabbed, mail in your choice for tomorrow’s Area selection and the bush if you wish

The mail I just sent you will be the last one for this challenge. It’s up to you to pick areas (and possibly bushes) every 12 hours. Missing choice will auto pick for you (this doesn’t include the bush). It’s also up to you to periodically check your mail for any fights you’re in

280 days 23 hours ago
*Claims Knife*
280 days 23 hours ago
*claims bow and arrow*
280 days 23 hours ago
*claims health pack*
280 days 23 hours ago
1 of each item left
280 days 23 hours ago
*claims knife*
280 days 23 hours ago
Only a bow and arrow and health pack are left
280 days 23 hours ago
Claims health pack
280 days 23 hours ago
Only a bow and arrow remains
280 days 23 hours ago
*claims bow and arrow*

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