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Star Academy- Week 7- Challenge # 7- Go Sees On Honshu Island.

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2419 days 19 hours ago
Star Academy- Week 7- Challenge # 7- Go Sees on Honshu Island.

Challenge # 7- Go Sees on Honshu Island.

Hello my beautiful top 6 congratulations on making it to the overseas destination of this season of the Star Academy. There are only a few more weeks left until the Grand Finals and the competition is about to get even more fierce. We are here in the beautiful port city of Osaka here in Honshu Island Japan. Osaka is known for its incredible mix of traditional Japanese culture and its bustling modern nightlife scene. From the historic landmarks such as the Osaka Castle, and the Osaka Mint which stuns its visitors by showcasing Japan’s natural beauty. To Osaka’s modern man-made marvels such as the Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi which are primary tourist attractions due to their vast array of restaurants and shopping centers. In this weeks challenge you ladies will be partaking on your very first go-sees. A top model must always be able to impress designers and give a positive first impression as that is how they book jobs to survive in the industry. Today you ladies will be sightseeing the beautiful sites of Osaka while also vying to impress Japan’s most established fashion designers. There are a maximum of 5 potential designers you can visit today but move quickly as certain designers only have time to review a certain number of girls. Whichever designer you choose to visit first is up to you and each designer is looking for a set of different criteria so make sure you impress them with your amazing modelling skills. Good Luck beauties the go-sees challenge is very difficult and only the fiercest will prevail. On your way out make sure to grab a bus pass and some pocket money and enjoy your go-sees and sightseeing the beautiful city of Osaka. You have 24 hours to complete this challenge beauties!

-For this challenge you don’t have to post all your go-sees visits all at once you can post them as you do them but be careful as each designer only has a limited amount of time to asses you ladies.
2419 days 19 hours ago
{Osaka Go-See’s Designers}

Dotonbori is the primary tourist attraction in Osaka Japan. In the past it was primarily used a canal to connect cargo travelling from the D?tonbori district to the Namba district which is known for its “Park Tower” mall a 120 store filled mall with countless fashion stores. Today D?tonbori combines its trademark canal with iconic billboards and neon lights along with an array of high end boutiques and restaurants to create a thriving night-life destination. In todays go-sees you ladies will find 2 designers here in D?tonbori Yohji Yamamoto & Rei Kawakubo.

{Yohji Yamamoto}
Yohji is a very influential fashion designer known as the “master tailor” all around the world particularly in Japan and France. His superior tailoring skills have allowed him to combine avant garde fashion with traditional japan design aesthetics. His signature look comprises of oversized silouhettes in black often incorporating drapery and carrying textures.

Yohji: “Hello ladies today I only have time to see 3 girls and it is on a first come first serve basis. I am looking for ladies to model my new fashion line “Shikku” -???. Shikku means “Chic” in Japanese and it is my new upcoming fashion line primarily in black showcasing an elegant and chic side of woman with classy avant garde dresses and free flowing jumpsuits.

Here are some pieces from my new fashion line “Shikku”
When you see me I would like you to present.

1)        3 picture from your portfolio (all pictures you’ve done so far in the Star Academy can be used) and briefly explain why you choose them.
2)        I want to see you model any piece of “black” clothing and be sure to sell the avant-garde clothing to the best of your ability. (I would like you to be wearing all black or mostly black.) 


-Kohji will only judge the first 3 models that visit him!

{Rei Kawakubo}
Rei Kawakubo is an iconic Japanese fashion designer and the founder of the amazing fashion brand Comme Des Garcons. Rei is a fashion prodigy as she has obtained great success in the fashion industry despite being an untrained fashion designer. Comme Des Garcons is an avant garde fashion line that is often composed of deconstructed clothing pieces. She loves to incorporate bright colors to make her clothing stand out on the runway. Rei loves to embrace the quirky side of fashion and often put out lines that are deemed by the fashion industry as not within the current fashion trends.

Rei: “Hello ladies today I’m looking to cast some talented models in my upcoming Comme Des Garcons Summer Fashion Show 2016 in Tokyo later in July. I’m looking for models with a high fashion walk that can embrace the quirks of my fashion line. I look forward to seeing your walks but I only have time to asses 3 of you.”

Here is Comme Des Garcons Fall Winter 2015/2016 fashion show!

When you see me I would like you to.

1)        Show me your best runway walk. (You may post a runway walk of an another model different from the one you applied the game with but they must look similar to your model.)
2)        Answer this question: What does fashion mean to you?

I only have time to view 3 of you ladies!
2419 days 19 hours ago
{Hanae Mori}
Hanae Mori is the first Asian woman to present her fashion collection on the runways of Paris and New York and is the first Asian woman to be admitted in the official haute couture house. Her career has truly been extraordinary. Her amazing fashion sense has allowed her to be a trendsetter in fashion paving the way for many Asian females to forge into the fashion world.  Mori’s signature design inspiration is the butterfly. She has always admired the butterfly’s elegant and timeless beauty often incorporating varying textiles inspired by the different wings of a butterfly. She incorporates the butterfly as her inspiration in various fashion items including dresses, bags, gloves, shoes and sunglasses.

Hanae: “Hello beautiful ladies today I’m looking for strong and beautiful models that will represent my clothing line for an upcoming Harper’s Bazaar shoot. I only have time to see 4 of you ladies today.”

Here are a few pieces from my collection that have been inspired by butterflies: 

1)        Psycadellic butterfly kimono:
2)        Midnight butterfly and Red summer butterfly inspired dresses:
3)        Monarch butterfly inspired dress:
4)        Spring Mist Butterfly inspired dress:

When you see me I would like to see:
1)        3 pictures from your portfolio (all pictures you’ve done so far in the Star Academy can be used) and a brief description on why you choose these pictures.
2)        A picture of you modelling a piece of clothing that is inspired by a butterfly of your choice. (Briefly explain how the clothing your wearing is inspired by the butterfly of your choice.. ie your clothing piece could resemble the butterfly’s nature or perhaps its unique wing and band pattern)

I only have time to assess 4 of you ladies!
2419 days 19 hours ago
Shinsaibashi is a primary entertainment hub in Osaka, Japan also known for its thriving night-life scene. Shinsaibashi is Osaka’s main shopping centre filled with an eclectic mix of western and eastern fashion brands from H&M and Zara to Uniqlo and Visvim. The various shops in Shinsaibashi are connected by a beautiful stone bridge known as the Shinsaibashi bridge and it serves a dual purpose connecting the Shinsaibashi stores and it is also a popular place for tourist to take pictures and even Hollywood movies have been shot on this bridge.
Today you ladies you will find the beautiful Junko Yoshioka here.

{Junko Yoskioka}
Junko Yoskioka is a very popular Japanese designer known for her elegant and classic bridal wear. She is a graduate from the Tokoyo design school and even worked in Italy as a fashion apprentice. Junko Yoskioka is known for her elegant white and timeless wedding gowns. She currently resides in NYC and her looks have been showcased in New York Magazine, InStyle and WWD. She has had an amazing impact in the Bridal fashion scene winning 1st place in the Bridal Designer Millennium Invitational in Tokyo in 2007. 

Junko: “Hello ladies I am so excited to meet you today. I am looking for an elegant and timeless beauty to showcase my upcoming bridal collection for InStyle magazine’s August issue. I can only meet with 3 of you ladies today.

Here are some pieces from my bridal collections I’ve done in the past.

When you meet me I would like you to..

1)        Present me a picture of you modelling your best elegant, timeless and beautiful wedding gown.
(The model in the picture doesn’t have to be the model you applied the game with but they must resemble your model.)
2)        Also please answer this question: Every Top Model must have 3 qualities, to you what are these 3 qualities and why?

I look forward to meeting 3 of you today!
2419 days 19 hours ago
{Osaka Mint}
The Osaka Mint is a very popular tourist attraction and a favourite local spot for the people of Osaka known for its vast array of Sakura cherry blossoms found only in a few places in Japan. The Osaka Mint has about 360 trees and over 128 different varieties of the rare Sakura plant. This beautiful Sakura garden even has a Sakura walk- through built in 1871 during Meji period to meet the popularity expressed by the public. It’s enormous popularity is largely due to the fact that Sakura cherry blossoms are one of Japan’s defining treasures. Today here in the Osaka Mint you will find the iconic Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake.

{Issey Miyake}
Issey Miyake is a very well reputable Japanese fashion designer known for his technology driven clothing designs and most notably timeless fragrances.
His most popular scent is L’eau d’Issey which is well loved and has broad international appeal. 

Here is L’eau d’Issey:

Issey Miyake: “Hello ladies today I’m looking for a spokes model for my iconic perfume L’eau d’Issey. The perfume itself is as clear as spring water in appearance. It has an aquatic floral scent with notes of lotus, freesia, cyclamen and juicy melon. My iconic perfume has middle notes of rose and carnation that gives it its distinctive smell. I want a model that radiates natural beauty one that will be able to effectively sell my perfume. I’m excited to meet you all but I can only see 5 models today.

When you meet me I would like you to.
1)        Present me your best natural to minimal makeup beauty shot(A shot that focuses on your face and is shoulders up)! (You must use the model you applied the game with for your beauty shot).
2)        Write a short script advertising the L’eau d’Issey fragerance. (2-4 sentences is fine and you must incorporate the fragrances title L’eau d’Issey) 

I look forward to meeting 5 of you today.

With that ladies. Your go-sees challenge starts NOW!!!
If you have any questions, feel free to mail me as always:)
You all have 24 hours to complete this challenge so strategically plan your trips to certain destinations to maximize yours and the designers time.
2419 days 19 hours ago
So the one where is has 3 from portfolio and like the butterfly is that 4 pictures total? Or do we pick an option
2419 days 18 hours ago
^^^You do both of them so 4 pictures in total:) ^^^
2419 days 18 hours ago

Bridal gown photo :

my top 3 Qualities are :
1) Determination as i am determined to fight till the end in this competition.
2) Poise as head is always held high and i take any and all criticism and work on it to become stronger
3) Confidence mostly because i know my best angles and know how to use them , and i'm always prepared to discuss career accomplishments .
2419 days 18 hours ago
Issey :

Beauty shot :

Advetisemnet : “L’eau d’Issey ” perfume shows a simple woman with natural eyes makeup. She looks very natural in the picture wears white summer short dress. There are lots of flowers surrounding the model . She poses in the garden where she sees a sexy man walking by and spritzes herself down and walks over to him and u can see he smells the beautiful scent before even seeing the pretty lady behind the adorable scent She gets his number and walks away smiling and whispers " “L’eau d’Issey ” always the right choice.
2419 days 17 hours ago
{Yohji Yamamoto}

1 - > ~ This was my first picture in this comp, and it represents my potential mixing ethereal and moviment features
> ~ I feel like this shot is extremely underrated and shows versatility from me, showing I can also do fierce and dark
> ~ Another side of me as I can also do high class commercial

2 - ~ You can't get more avant garde than that, and this is me wearing an original Yohji design
2419 days 17 hours ago
{Rei Kawakubo}

1 - (from 0:54 to 1:05) ~ Here you can see a slower more high fashion walk of mine but without putting my trademarked sassiness aside, of course

2 - For me, fashion is a way to express myself. Letting go of my true feelings from deep down inside in an artistic healthy way. It's what makes me feel closer to people and really connect with them.
2419 days 17 hours ago

Butterfly outfit photo :

Candice's clothing represents the Angola White Lady Butterfly
example photo :

i chose this outfit as it resembles the butterflies unique uneven wings which i think the frills in the outerwear represent perfectly and the white top representing the white spots over all the outfit is sassy and fierce like a butterfly

Portfolio :
1) - this phot represents how fierce i am and how structured my poses can be
2) - this phot shows that i can work well with others and total sell a brand or article
3) - this is one of my favorite photos i believe it shows that im willing to do whatever it takes to get the job/shot done ( like dying my beuatiful long blond locks a wild and freaky color )
2419 days 17 hours ago
{Hanae Mori}

1 - > ~ This psychedelic has all to do with Hanae's aesthetic
> ~ My wonderland photo also has the fantasy vibe the designer is all about
> ~ Last week's shot is also imaginative and creative

2 - ~ I'm representing a cabbage white butterfly in a deluxe version. I was inspired by the tones and overall shape. I incorporated the furry texture through my shoes.
2419 days 17 hours ago

runway : ( 1:14-1:36)

Fashion to me is a beautiful way to express yourself and show off any and all of your best attributes . Fashion is like art it can make everyone see things differently and most of all make us feel , cloths have the ability to make us all feel certains ways regardless of who or how the items are worn .
2419 days 17 hours ago
{Junko Yoskioka}

1 - ~ I said before and will repeat: ethereal is the word that sums me. In this classic looking modern take of a wedding dress, the veil is not on the head, but on the body.

2 - Elegance, poise and charisma. You can be the best model in the world, but you won't book any jobs without these qualities, they represent the door for opportunities in this business.
2419 days 17 hours ago

Black clothing item :

Candice is selling this dress she looks sexy and fierce

1) - this photo will again show u how incredible i look in black and i think this photo shows the strength i have
2) - this photo shows that i can be a natural beauty aswell this photo represents one of my very first wins working with a big time comapnty
3) - this photo shows my fabulous abilty to work well with others even in the weirdest circumstances like a horror theme lol

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