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Year 2 Applications

Topic » Year 2 Applications

2370 days 6 hours ago
Tribute Name (First and Last):
District (1-12):
Age (12-18):
Weapon of Choice:
2370 days 6 hours ago
kleo klove
lucy hale
2370 days 6 hours ago
Tribute Name (First and Last): X
District (1-12): 2
Age (12-18): 18
Faceclaim: Cameron Dallas
Weapon of Choice: machete
2370 days 6 hours ago
Tribute Name (First and Last): Rosalind Schade
District (1-12): 6
Age (12-18): 18
Faceclaim: Natalie Alyn Lind
Weapon of Choice: Sword
2370 days 2 hours ago
Tribute Name (First and Last): Hoop Dancer
District (1-12):12
Age (12-18): 18
Faceclaim: Josh Hutcherson
Weapon of Choice: Sword
2370 days ago
Tribute Name (First and Last): Ollie Kyrenne
District (1-12): 6
Age (12-18): 16
Faceclaim: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Weapon of Choice: Bat
2369 days 5 hours ago
Tribute Name (First and Last): Magnus Chase
District (1-12):1
Age (12-18):16
Faceclaim: Magnus Chase
Weapon of Choice: Sword
2368 days 10 hours ago
Tribute Name (First and Last): Kenny Anderson
District (1-12): 8
Age (12-18): 15
Faceclaim: John Travolta
Weapon of choice: Axe

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Ally's Hunger Games (Year 2)

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