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Final Speeches

Topic » Final Speeches

2846 days 19 hours ago
Because I have played a better game. I was the biggest threat the entire game. I took out the strongest vets and played the best game. Sam, you were the first winner and I single handedly took you out. I took Eric out and I took Amber and Jake out. Dino and Cameron are gone because of me. I deserve to win this game.
2846 days 17 hours ago
Jake- I feel as though my biggest move was using the veto on Akash, knowing one of the best competitors (Eric) would be going on the block and going home.

I also feel that I managed to lay low the majority of the season and (hopefully) didn't piss off too many jury members. I was loyal to those that were loyal to me until it came time to choose who was going to be my ride or die.
2846 days 17 hours ago
Klaus- I can honestly tell you that you were never my target.
2846 days 17 hours ago
Amber- I voted you out for two reasons.

1. We barely spoke and I didn't know where your head was at


2. I saw you as a threat to my game. You played a hell of a game and keeping you around made me uncomfortable in regards to my own position in the house.

And to your second question, Jake essentially asked the same thing and I'll give you the same response.

I feel that my biggest move was pulling Akash of the block so Eric could go up. Eric was someone who I trusted from the get-go, but we didn't speak much as the game went on and it made me suspicious that he was loyal to someone else. I knew once I won the veto and Nik was HOH, that I had to use it so one of the biggest competitors in the game would be evicted.
2846 days 17 hours ago
Sam- I managed to lay relatively low the majority of the season, but made moves when I had to. I had a direct hand in one of the biggest blindsides of the season. I was also loyal to my allies, until it came time to get rid of them to further my game.
2846 days 17 hours ago
At the end of the day this is a game. No-one has a right to be bitter about their eviction as these two had to do what they had to do in order to get where they are now.
Sure, i'm not very happy that I was evicted in 6th place, but it was good strategy and good game-play that got me evicted, as it did the majority of people in the jury.
I urge each of you to vote for the person you feel has played the best game, not the person who has pissed you off the least, I know that's what I am going to do.

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