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Round 8: Experimental Songs

Topic » Round 8: Experimental Songs

58 days 10 hours ago

Welcome to round eight out top eight!

This weeks theme is 'Experimental Songs.'

To further explain, we don't want to hear anything that you would hear on the radio or sounds like it could be a radio hit. We want you to post a song that has experimental sounds within it, something that goes against the status quo. Nothing bubblegum or standard !

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Everyone is up for elimination this round, and from here on out. Give us your best.

List Of Songs Previously Used (You can't use these songs):

Good luck! You have until 10:30pm est 11/28 to submit!
58 days 10 hours ago
To further explain,

what we are looking for is a song that pushes the boundaries of what is the norm, but still sounds good.

An example would be: Big God by Florence + The Machine (You Can Not Use This Song)
58 days 10 hours ago
58 days 10 hours ago
58 days 9 hours ago

Since it's experimental week, I'll go with a risk
58 days 8 hours ago
I would've ate this category up no gonna lie I have a list of these songs for this.
58 days 8 hours ago
I just used my two favorite experimental artists for the last two categories I-
58 days 7 hours ago
58 days 7 hours ago
I think this is very experimental in the production of the vocal layering and the bridge, this isn’t like most of my other stuff so I hope y’all like it! :)

57 days 16 hours ago

Idk if this counts as “experimental” but I think it does?
57 days 14 hours ago

57 days 12 hours ago
Her vocals are very over the top, and sonically this isn’t something you would normally find on the radio. From what I’ve seen, this song is basically a mockery of everything you see on modern pop radio.

57 days 11 hours ago
- Closed #
55 days 16 hours ago

Drews video got deleted on youtube, so here is another link to the song

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