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Round 6: Dream Pop Week

Topic » Round 6: Dream Pop Week

8 days 20 hours ago

Welcome to round 6 everyone! This week, your theme is 'Dream Pop.'

Dream Pop is defined as a subgenre of alternative rock and neo-psychedelia that emphasizes atmosphere and sonic texture as much as pop melody. Common characteristics include breathy vocals, dense productions, and effects such as reverb, echo, tremolo and chorus.

You must post a song within this subgenre of music, please double check before posting and make sure it is listed as so.

Charlie & Lex, this round your life is dependent on scoring above the other.

Everyone else, avoid going into the Duel Room for round 7.

List Of Songs Previously Used (You can't use these songs):

Good luck! You have until 1:00pm est 11/20 to submit!
8 days 20 hours ago
Oh, I also forgot to mention... this week WILL set up a double elimination. That means even IF you are on the winning team, if you rank last, you WILL head in to the duel room with the bottom two of the losing team where TWO people will be eliminated in the round 7 results show.
8 days 20 hours ago
8 days 19 hours ago
8 days 17 hours ago
8 days 15 hours ago
8 days 6 hours ago
8 days 5 hours ago
I just want to be happy, so just let me be.

7 days 22 hours ago

this week nearly broke me because I really dislike these "dream pop" songs but I think this one is great
7 days 19 hours ago
- Closed -

As hunty as not posting, he is still able and encouraged to post, but he will be receiving penalty points as the rules & formatting states being dependent on how late the submission is.
7 days 18 hours ago
7 days 18 hours ago
11 min agoDelete ReplyHunty

I felt this
7 days 17 hours ago

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