Survivor: Galapagos (Apps in topics)

From Group Gaming Veteran, to Group Gaming Hostess. Welcome aboard to a brand new series that will surely leave a impact hopefully for more seasons to come! I am looking for sixteen players to take part in a back to basics season. That's right! No idols, no random twists. Every move must count if you want to take home the crown of Sole Survivor! Come on and apply today!

The will feature mostly non live challenges with some live challenges along the way. I promise it will be a great time!


Drew (Bulldozer24)
Brandon (mistercokehold8)
Clark (clarkkent6969)
Bryan (iTy990)
Brandon C (livnglavidaloca)
Brian (BrainJak)
Jussy (jussy007)
Cameron (CameronP)
TDub (tdubsurvivor)
Alex (MarioAlex12)
Sharon (sharonawesome13)
Steve (steve4280)
Rubes  (Rubes)
Camila (FoxyWinters)
Michael (FairyBoss)

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Survivor: Galapagos (Apps in topics)

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