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The Realm Chasers Character Applications

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169 days 22 hours ago

Characters Traits (Can be Good or Bad):
How did your Character Learn about the RC?:
Face Claim:

Backstory (Optional):
152 days 3 hours ago
We are now accepting Applications!

Along with your App, please view the Rules Forum (It's short but sweet)

Also please vote in the Poll. This is to determine when we will be starting
150 days 20 hours ago
Name: Daniel Case
Age: 23
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight
Characters Traits (Can be Good or Bad): Logical, Strategic, Funny, Flirtatious, Arrogant, Self-Centered
Bio/Backstory: Daniel has an innate skill for strategies and plans as his parents started to hunt and kill monsters after the entire Case family was almost killed by one. He learned combat, and strategies for fighting the monsters, and was close to his parents' skill right before they died in one of their hunts. Striking out on his own, he let his skills get to his head and gained an ego the size of Everest. He is also a womanizer which has gotten him in into more trouble than he likes to admit.
How did your Character Learn about the RC?: His parents mentioned the group to him a few months before his deaths and he has been looking for them since.
Face Claim: Michael B Jordan
150 days 1 hour ago
Name: Crystal Wagner
Age: 24
Pronouns: she/ her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Characters Traits (Can be Good or Bad): funny, smart, nice, and independent
Bio: Crystal is the type of girl who does stuff her way. She has three older brothers.
How did your Character Learn about the RC?: she found out by one of her friends
Face Claim: Lucy Hale
147 days 23 hours ago
Name: Cameron "Cam" Wynfor
Age: 23
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Characters Traits (Can be Good or Bad): Excitable, Adventurous, Curious, Naive, Friendly
Bio: Cam was known as the weirdo among his friend group, they love him to death because he's always happy and positive (even in serious times), but he always had strange interests in cryptids that no one would believe him. Seeing his chance to become a recruit for the RC he took it no questions asked. He has really in depth knowledge on monsters and cryptids alike and he's always looking to learn more. He probably is a whole encyclopedia for these things!
How did your Character Learn about the RC?: He's dived DEEP into this rabbit hole so he knew the RC was a thing for a while he just never had a chance to get in because they weren't recruiting until this day.
Face Claim: Rudy Pankow

Backstory (Optional):
Cam was always that weird kid in school and he was bullied quite a bit but that never affected him because at the end of the day he would always have a smile on his face and a positive attitude for looking forward to the next day. The main reason of his ridicule was him being a huge conspiracy theorist talking about things of cryptids and monsters and strange phenomena that happened that can't be explain by simple science (even though people do try to debunk it). Throughout time and high school though he made a close group knit of friends who support him in his ventures even if they don't believe it themselves and at the end of the day he would do anything for those friends since they are the only ones he seem to have, given his parents are constantly away for business trips.

He also has this believe that not all cryptids are evil and that they are just misunderstood. He isn't a big fan of killing but he knows he has to do it if it means survival or protecting other members of his team. One day he wishes he can actually get close and perhaps get to know a cryptid, see what drives them and come to an understand human to... monster. For now though he's ready to train and be a star recruit for this organization, he was honestly made for this with his knowledge and his physicality.
147 days 4 hours ago
Name: Xiomara "X" Grimes
Age: 21
Pronouns: She/They
Sexuality: Bisexual
Characters Traits (Can be Good or Bad): Intense, Feisty, Sarcastic, Funny, Impulsive
Bio: X is a master of weaponry and hand to hand combat, due to her taking paranormal hunting into her hands. With her doing vigilante activities she often had to train in weaponry and and fight for survival. X is pretty impulsive and her first instinct is to do whatever to survive. That's all she knew.
How did your Character Learn about the RC?: She heard it in conversation surrounding the group and just stumbled upon them. It seem pretty cool i guess
Face Claim: Rina Sawayama
146 days 1 hour ago
Everett woods
clumsy, high spirited,hard on himself, hard worker, cunning, tempered.

Miles has always been a fan of crypids, he ends up being recruited by a family member who was once active in the group. miles has adhd, he also struggles with his emotions and thinking process, he’s always believed in cryptics since he had a dream about them almost every night. He feels as if he’s been drawn to them.
FC: skyler Gisondo
123 days 17 hours ago
Name: River Park
Age: 23
Pronouns: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Characters Traits (Can be Good or Bad): Protective, Stubborn, Impulsive
Bio:  River is almost at the level of being a stupid himbo that you'd see in a typical movie or tv show...although he isn't as dumb as he acts. He just feels its easier to act stupid so people don't have high expectations of you. That being said River would die for each and everyone of his friends if needed...unless they were being hunted by clowns. God he hates clowns.
How did your Character Learn about the RC?: He just followed Cam thinking this was just another dungeons and dragons type of thing...he doesn't even know what a cryptid is.
Face Claim: Charles Melton

Backstory (Optional): River spent most of his youth bouncing from home to home with no real sense of stability. Once he hit high school he actually managed to get adopted by a pretty wealthy family. Though being a teen he could never see them as family, and often rejected every gift, every opportunity, and caused as much trouble as he could.

He almost even got expelled for taking a baseball bat to the principals car. Lucky for him his new adoptive mother, Karen, "convinced" the school to let him stay in exchange for doing community service of sorts. Soon after he met Cam and his friends and decided that he would just stick with them even though he has no idea what Cam is talking ever. He just likes to say Cryptdudes to see Cam get annoyed.

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