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Misc. (Minor TW, Rules, & Episode 1 Reveal Date)

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152 days 3 hours ago
Part of Season 1 is a story that deals with loss, death , and how to cope with it. I realize it may be a sensitive subject to some, and just want to put that out there now.

1.Be Courteous and Respectful

This should be just common courtesy. If any arguments happen to break out(out of character), try to keep any drama in DMs, or resolve it peacefully.

2.No God Modding

Obviously, if you have a big idea for your character or how they relate to the plot, I'd love to hear it. Chances are I'll say yes, but I don't need characters killing each other or destroying bosses in one hit.

3.Open RP

In between episodes, I'll have a forum open so people can interact at the HQ. This is NOT mandatory, and is completely optional, as we all have lives outside of TG and I know I for one won't always be around, especially in between episodes. This time can be used to further develop your characters or maybe discover more about the world around you.

4.This group does contain mature subject matter, but it's more of a slow burn. If this isn't your speed, it's understandable. (Not really a rule but I wanted to include it)

(Rules will be added to this forum if needed, if any other issues arrive)

EPISODE 1 Start Date
My current Goal is Thursday, February 1st-Sunday, February 4th. The exact time it starts and ends is TBA, as I will have it posted in a Poll.

Most episodes will be Structured as such

Thursday:Episode Start, Minor Event
Saturday:Minor Event/Set up for the Last Day
Sunday:Major Event/End of Episode

This is so I can work most episodes around my work schedule and so I can be on to help keep things moving along as much as possible.

open group

The Realm Chasers (COMING SOON)

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