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Eviction 15 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


I'm nominated because the majority of this game is run by pussies who I won't be conforming to. Saving me would honestly be a great idea because now that I'm nommed, I can rip them to shreds.
#Jealousyisadisease #Blacklivesmatter Crickets is a 12 year old


That's it. I quit at this point. I would've cared for this game if the nomination schedule wasn't so against my own, but the timing unfortunately ruined my game as my friends were sent home time and time again just because of that. GL to the other two! :)


So I'm kind of on the ours with no allies set in stone. This game is very shady and Its so hard to te who's with who as people are so flip floppy! U would love to get back in there and try turn these around to make for a more entertaining season!


  1. WannaBeeFriendsmastropola getting 80+ votes to evict. Yikes.
  2. WannaBeeFriendsmastropola, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  3. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the poll with 155 votes!! Good Luck.
  4. hobo232wannabe leaving us guessing in this poll lol goodnight xo
  5. mastropolaI'm so ready for this poll
  6. Arcaninemastervoted
  7. mastropolaWow, Fieryred spamming me out too? What a nice "girl"!
  8. sallyyisfabulousbye asshole
  9. Girllover101Saved Mastro/TombRaider
  10. 1Swampy8Voted!
  11. DawgVoted
  12. dragonldy640voted
  13. CromatiqueVoted
  14. mastropolaIts a shame disease shaming is ban worthy
  15. CricketsKarma is a silent killer
  16. CharlotteArnoldVoted
  17. MariahAnnVoted
  18. EmmzXim living for this drama honestly
  19. CricketsAnd yup that's my frat #ownedit
  20. CricketsAnd so are you
  21. KingGeekWell Crickets, I'm over here trying to defend my friend while your dusty ass is spamming em' out. You're irrelevant, bye
  22. CricketsBye bye Mastropola - you should have stayed gone -
  23. CricketsKinggeek isn't even in the game either so really isn't this the same thing??!
  24. CricketsWhatever
  25. canadiankidvoted
  26. Petrosaved mastro
  27. zachbbsEvicted maestro
  28. Jkjkjk15Saved Mastro thats all ill say
  29. GoodKarenSaved Mastro
  30. FedeBennaVoted!
  31. KingGeekCrickets stfu and stay in your lane lmao
  32. mastropolaYou're annoying, make a real friend on this site and stay out of shit that doesn't concern you
  33. CricketsAnd you were gone and should have stayed gone
  34. mastropolaLmao you're fucking stupid you haven't been in the game at all, pipe down :|
  35. CricketsOnce your out of the game you shouldn't be let back in - vote out Mastro!
  36. EmmzXsaved mastro
  37. mastropola
  38. garygbs2ndEvicted mastro because Crickets told me to
  39. Dannnyvoted
  40. beccajo16voted
  41. tomdudleysaved mastro :)
  42. KingGeekSaved my sis Mastro
  43. ToxicityChelsea is running the game you have all been WARNED
  44. sihzevicted mastrashpola:)
  45. WannaBeeFriendsI'm going to wait to send out the eviction Poll until they have speeches from now on.
  46. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be an 8 hour Poll. Good Luck. So Close to finals with just a few evictions left.