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Executive Producer: Tuter32
Producer: _ivyyy_445
========HOUSE SHOCKBORN========
**Joanna - Queen of Frestos

========HOUSE THORN========
** Amy - Queen of Frestos - Wife of Drake and Sister of Zachary -  (Tuter32)
Drake (formerly of House Wylde) - King Consort of Frestos, Soldier - Wife of Amy, Brother of Elena -  (_ivyyy_445)
Aunt of Amy and Zachary on Mother's Side
Zachary - Commander of War - Brother of Amy, Husband of Ava - (Tuter32)
Ava (formerly of House Shae) - Wife of Zachary -(zombiekiller2802)
Rosary and Oliver - Citizens - Children of Ava - (zombiekiller2802)
Clayton - Hand to Queen Amy - Uncle of Amy and Zachary on Father's Side - (Tuter32)

========HOUSE TUMAS========
**Sharie - Queen of The Swamps - Sister to Braken and Rashka
Braken -War Adviser to Sharie - Brother to Sharie and Rashka
Rashka - Key Adviser to Sharie - Sister to Sharie and Braken, Wife of Troy, and Mother of Malka
Troy of House Catan - Soldier/Adviser of Coin to Sharie - Husband of Rashka and Father of Malka
Malka - Citizen - Son of Troy and Rashka

(all portrayed by Tuter32)
========HOUSE SHAE========
**Bronson - Lord of Granos - Husband of Monilla, brother of Ava and Logan
Monilla - Lady Of Granos - Wife of Bronson
Logan - Soldier - Brother of Bronson and Ava

(all portrayed by zombiekiller2802)
========HOUSE CANTELL========
** Ser Markas - Soldier -  Eldest Brother of Camylle, Selaena, and Aran.
Camylle (known under the alias 'Sarana Caltaine' to anyone outside of Fisher's Dock) - Assassin - Sister of
Markas, Selaena, and Aran.
Selaena - Handmaiden/Spymaster Serving Queen Joanna in Kingston - Sister of Markas, Camylle, and Aran
Aran - In training to become a Soldier - Brother of Markas, Camylle, and Selaena

Nosizwe Kelas - Madame of a pleasurehouse, loyalty to Camylle and Saleana

(all portrayed by Dvs194)
========HOUSE WYLDE========
**Elena - Lady of Fisher's Dock - Sister of Drake

(portrayed by Rodrigueseve)
========HOUSE JAXXON========
**Henry - Soldier - Brother of Klaire
Klaire - Citizen - Sister of Henry

(All portrayed by _ivyyy_445)

Minor Characters
Campbell of House Campbell (Tuter32) Holder of Slaver's Keep
Snake (??) (Tuter32) Tribeswoman
Mundar (Tuter32) Leader of the Mundari Pirates
Argus Darkhold (dvs194) - young trainee soldier in Fisher’s Dock
Nira (_ivyyy_445) - Urchin
Kennedy and Shapiro - (zombiekiller2802) - Kids in Slaver’s Keep
Sian and Kohl - (dvs194) - Handmaiden and Coal Boy, respectively// spies for Selaena
Jorgen of House StormShadow (tuter32), Hand to Queen Joanna
Nikolai of House Barlett (tuter32)
Dustran Hunter and Vevienne Swann (dvs194) - Soldiers for Seleana
Darnis Cerwyn (dvs194) - Noziswe’s guard

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