Kara's Gift Game: Season 4

Welcome to Kara’s Gift Game: Season 4!


Previously I hosted the game via blog, but I’m going to do things a little different this time :) It will be a little Big Brother, a little Random.org, a little spamming and most importantly a lot of fun (I hope)!

Players: 13

Prize: a gift from me!

How it will work: We will start with 13 players and play until we have ONE winner. Random.org will be choosing HOH and POV each week. HOH will nominate the two other players of their choice. Once POV is chosen, that player can either remove themself from the block, save another player or keep the nominations the same. Final nominations will be announced and then a twist will come into play – either only the players will vote to evict OR all of Tengaged can vote. Random.org will make this decision each week.

So to win the game you will need to have luck on your side, a good social game with the other players and be able to gain the support of Tengaged if they are involved in the vote.

Sunday – HOH announced around 8 pm est

Monday – nominations due by 8 pm est (if HOH fails to mail me their nominations, then Random.org will decide the noms), POV will be announced

Wednesday – Players will gather at 8pm est for the POV ceremony. POV will announce their decision. If they do not attend the ceremony or do not mail me their decision beforehand, POV will not be used that week. If POV is used, HOH will name the replacement nominee at that time. If HOH is not in attendance and did not mail me prior to the ceremony, Random.org will choose the replacement.  I will announce at the ceremony whether it is just contestants voting or if all of Tengaged is able to vote. (PLEASE NOTE: this ceremony should only take about 10-15 minutes. Contestants are not penalized for not attending, but this is the only time we will meet, so it would be nice for everyone to participate!)

*Voting will be open from Wednesday night until Sunday each week. The poll will close at 8pm est. I will then announce who has been evicted from the game & the new HOH.

This is the schedule we will follow each week unless otherwise noted. If something changes, I will give you notice and mail all contestants.

SomebodyAwesome #Sim - 5th
Rawr121 #Anthony - 8th
BigBrother06 #Victor - 6th
Emily7Pop #Ann - 12th
Eccentro #Joshua - 13th
Lupie #Zach
Kory #Kory
Yoshi9999 #Yoshi - 11th
SurvivorFan007 #Judd - 7th - Returning player
MickJ #Mick - 9th
Griffles #Griffin - 4th
Colombiano #David - 10th
SportyGirl22 #Talia - 5th (after returned player)

Featured Players 4 playing

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