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Ghoul's Survivor: AMA



Coming soon, Generation 2. Long ago, in the golden era of tengaged group games, there was a revolutionary series led by Ghoul. After six renowned seasons, each worthy of critical and audience acclaim, the series capsized when Ghoul's sailing ship ran aground on a deserted island in the Pacific. Trapped on the island for over a year, with nothing but a stash of rum and a plentiful assortment of coconuts and crab meat, Ghoul planned a return to prominence.

Now, after a tale of daring that cannot be repeated, as it will be made into a major motion picture in 2017, Ghoul's Survivor is back.

Because of the long gap in seasons, this reentry into the world of group gaming will be classified as a new generation.

16 contestants will brave the Petrified Forest, home of exotic fossils and a shitload of tumbleweeds, in their quest for the title of Sole Architect. They will be divided into two division's of eight. Each division will vie against the other in their quest for the ultimate goal, winning absolutely nothing but some bragging rights for an online game. This is: Survivor: Arizona Multihousing Association.

16 people, many hours that could have been used more productively, one winner with a prize that figures out to far below minimum wage.

Apache Division (green):
Brad Bauer, Nostalgic
Sagar Culpepper, Obscurity
Dylan James, DJ4460
Sim Simpson, Somebodyawesome
Rich Miller, Zed55
Bobby K, Bklimas
Nicole F, Nicole16.
Fire Dragon, Alaskanfiredragon

Navajo Division (brown):
Alec Jones, Black0ut247
Matthew Todd, Bearclaw1212
Jimbo Belden, Sahmosean
Abel Minaj, Best
Red, RedWing91
Max Crosby, Maxcrosby2419
Big Joe Smith, NewOrleansPelicans

16th: Kyle Jamison/Fairgame [Navajo Division] (7-1)


"What a creative idea, this series receives the full backing of the White House!" - Julián Castro, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

"Landing a season of Ghoul's Survivor is a giant boon to the proud state of Arizona. We're hoping this foray into popular culture will really put our state on the map." - Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona

"Wow! What an honor it is to be sponsoring a season of Survivor. It was an interesting process to watch unfold for sure. We're just glad that we can sink some of our states tax dollars into a program that doesn't involve genetically enhancing armadillos." - Erica Kowalski, Director of Operations- Arizona Multihousing Association


Voted as one of Kingman Daily Miner's Top Ten Shows to Watch in 2015
Inaugural recipient of the Arizona Multihousing Association Award for Fantastic Acheivement in Television
Nominated for 3 Arizona Daytime Television Emmy's including Best Reality Show

Featured Players 4 playing

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Ghoul's Survivor: AMA

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