Cutthroat Survivor: Overstepping Champs

cut·throat (adj.) (of a competitive situation or activity) fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures.

Congratulations to Liv [ItsLiv] for winning Cutthroat Survivor: Providenciales!

For nearly two decades, the greatest game ever devised - Survivor, has produced some of the most cutthroat behavior between strangers reality television has ever seen. From citizens to sadists, these castaways have engaged in total warfare for the million dollar prize and the title of sole survivor. Now, the opportunity to be a part of the most unsparing, cold-blooded, and merciless social experiment across Tengaged is here…

Are you willing to smear the blood on your hands from the throats you have cut to claim the crown; or will you drown in the pools of blood that your fellow competitors swim in?

It is here where 16 castaways will be stranded all being asked the same question:

What happens when raging waters can no longer be tamed?

Will you salvage a success story or will you sink with your fallen island?

39 Days! 16 People! 1 Survivor!

👁‍🗨 Special: A Cutthroat Valentine's Day

#TeamBrady - Ao Tea
{Red Buffs} (3/4 Remaining)


#TeamJackson - He Ao
{Blue Buffs} (4/4 Remaining)

Tyler K./TylerK

#TeamJake - Roa
{Purple Buffs} (4/4 Remaining)

Tyler B./bamold1999

#TeamLiv - Waka
{Pink Buffs} (4/4 Remaining)


📅 Schedule (subject to change)
Thursday 2/21 - IC2 Given
Friday 2/22 - TC1 DUE - 7:30 PM EST
Friday 2/22 - IC2 DUE - 8 PM EST
Friday 2/23 - IC3 Given
Saturday 2/24 - TC2 DUE - 7:30 PM EST
Saturday 2/24 - IC3 DUE - 8 PM EST
Saturday 2/24 - IC4 Given

🎖 Final Placements
1️⃣6️⃣ Joel/KarmaSutra - Ao Tea - Day 1 (QUIT)


* An asterisk denotes that hidden immunity idol was played. The number before the asterisk indicates the number of valid votes cast against the person who used the idol. The superscript number (after the asterisk) equates to how many total votes were cast for that person. [FMC: Fire-Making Challenge]

🌍 Series Overview
S1: Rasdhu - Absol |7-0|
S2: Phonsavan - Lima |6-3|
S3: Lanai - Christian |2-2-1|
S4: Gold Coast - Will |4-3-0|
S5: Raja Ampat - Dave |4-2-2|
S6: Anambas - Jake |4-2-1|
S7: All-Stars - Anthony |5-2-1|
S8: Caroline Islands - Jackson |3-3-0|
S9: Mamanuca - Brady |4-2-0|
S10: Melanesia - Chili |5-3-0|
S11: Cordillera Blanca - Jeff |6-2|
S12: Providenciales - Liv |4-2|
S13: Overstepping Champions - PREMIERES 2/20
S14: Blood vs. Water II - COMING IN MARCH

A Cutthroat Christmas - James |4-3-0|
A Cutthroat Valentine's Day - Setsu |3-2-2|
A Cutthroat Spring Break - COMING IN MARCH

🎯 Cutthroat Survivor Destinations
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