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#NTM16 - Semi-Finals

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194 days 10 hours ago
To determine who gets a spot in the finale of the Next Top Model 15: Continental Drift, the judges prepared four different tasks. And here they are...
194 days 10 hours ago


For this task we will be bringing iconic books to life. First, you will pick on the book characters below and will portray them, their characteristics and their overall impact to the book. Ofcourse you got to do some research if you are not so fond of books or have yet to read what you picked but believe me it’s interesting to know the character you will be picking.


For this theme, you should pick a flower and match it through your outfit and overall look. You should aim to be high fashion or fashion forward in some capacity. The theme isn't asking for much - the ultimate hurdle is to standout amongst your peers and deliver a striking photo.


For this task, you are to depict fire, ice, or both through variety of medium. You can be more literal and incorporate the elements or utilize other aspects to convey the concept like color scheme, facial expression, clothing style.


Your task here is to represent your hometown. Ajak you are to represent Tonj, South Sudan. Caroline you are to represent Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Jacob you are to represent New York, United States. Naty you are to represent Kyiv, Ukraine. Xi you are to represent Shanghai, China. Do a little research, it would be a big help. After that, let us know what your hometown is made of, what are they known for, the essence, showcase it in your shot, make them proud!
194 days 10 hours ago
TO LIFE CHOICES (First Come, First Pick):

Book Characters:

Alice (Alice In Wonderland)
Anthony James Marston (And Then There Were None)
Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ)
Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)
Horace Holly (She: A History of Adventure)
Jean Louise "Scout" Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)
The Little Prince (The Little Prince)
Lucy Pevensie (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe)
Meg Murry (A Wrinkle in Time)
Pinocchio (The Adventures of Pinocchio)
Santiago (The Alchemist)
Sophie Amundsen (Sophie's World)
194 days 10 hours ago
You have 48 hours to do all the tasks. Failure to submit on time means 2 point deduction. Goodluck! x
194 days 7 hours ago
Naty Chabanenko-Semi-Finals

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

In my shot I am wearing ZERO makeup to go for the youthfulness of Alice before she falls down the rabbit hole. I am laying in the grass daydreaming of a place to take all my troubles away when I happen to notice a white rabbit running with…. A CLOCK?....



The flower I have chosen is the Yellow Rose!

The yellow rose is often used to indicate happiness, friendship, and caring, but certain combinations could change the meaning to happy with domestic life or innocent friendship. The yellow rose adds an element of happiness to any flower arrangement. Friendship is the primary meaning of the yellow rose.



I have chosen to depict FIRE!! I mean why not right? My brand is  Fiery!!


4.) HOMETOWN - Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv was the historic cultural centre of the East Slavic civilization and a major cradle for the Christianization of Kievan Rus'. Kiev retained through centuries its cultural importance and even at times of relative decay, it remained the centre of primary importance of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

In my shot I am showing you what is most important to everyone who lives in my hometown RELIGION! We live & breath for the church. I am in front of a historical church that is LITERALLY in the Ukraine! <333

193 days 15 hours ago
Ajak Deng Photoshoot


This is the semi-finals so I want to go all out and take RISKS and for this theme I am definitely taking a risk! The character I have chosen is Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)! For this theme I decided to study Frodo and his role in the book instead of his personality per say.

Frodo is a hobbit of the Shire who inherits the One Ring from his cousin Bilbo Baggins and undertakes the quest to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor. He was, and still is, Tolkien's most renowned character for his leading role in the Quest of the Ring, in which he bore the One Ring to Mount Doom, where it was destroyed.

So in this shot I wanted to represent Frodo’s responsibility in this book! He had the responsibility of being the ring bearer and had to keep it safe at all costs no matter what! He was trusted with this ring and had to destroy it. I am taking a RISK by only presenting a head shot but I think this head shot is very much in your face and captures your attention immediately!


For this themed photoshoot I have chosen the flower Azalea! Here is a little description I read up on of the Pink Azalea flower!

“Azalea is a shade-tolerant flowering plant and it is better to grow them under a tree. The pink flowers last through several weeks.  Chinese call Azalea as ‘thinking of home bush’ and find immortal mentions in Du Fu’s poetry.  The flower is also the national symbol of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Despite being so beautiful, the flower is highly poisonous.  It is worth to note that rhododendrons and azaleas were so notorious for toxicity that receiving them in a black vase was considered to be a disguised black threat.”

In this photo I am NOT modelling with flowers but I really wanted to show the flower through ME in this shot! It states that the Azalea flower although beautiful can be toxic and poisonous. Which is shown through my facial expression and pose. Also the very last sentence states “azaleas were so notorious for toxicity that receiving them in a black vase was considered to be a disguised black threat.” And so my interpretation of that black vase in the background which almost seems like a dull black box/room and I’m this Azalea flower sitting very beautifully but poisonous in this black vase!


For this theme I have decided to go for a more literal approach to this and I have chosen FIRE! I am literally in the midst of a fire and you can see the determination and grit on my face! It’s editorial while straight to the point!


Tonj, South Sudan

One of the only photos I could find of this town:

Tonj is a very small town in South Sudan and there is no doubt that it is a very poor town and country! In this photoshoot I really wanted to take time to shine a light on how in Tonj, South Sudan and many other towns woman still aren’t treated equally. There is still a social divide in this country along with many many crimes. Today I wanted to present to you what every day life is like in Tonj...and one of the main things was collecting food in baskets and carrying those baskets on your head. This is something that women in Africa, South Sudan, Tonj have had to experience their whole life and although this shot may not represent what it’s like REALISTICALLY since it’s way more’s still an important message and is a perfect example of Ajak’s hometown life.
193 days 11 hours ago
Ming Xi- Semi-Finals

1) TO LIFE- Meg Murry (A Wrinkle in TIme)

I've personally watched this movie a few times and could definitely relate to Meg's character at the beginning because she always had this uncertainty and sadness to her because she felt like she did not belong due to her physical appearance. And because of that she became withdrawn from others especially when her father disappeared which I believe cause all this fears to creep up on her more.
In this shoot today I wanted to show the numbing feeling of being in a state of pain and anguish when you feel all alone.

2)FLOWERS- Yellow carnations

I decided to go with a more less preferable flower which is yellow carnations!
This kind of flower is known to convey a word of disappointment and even rejections.
With this photoshoot I'm overwhelming it with yellow also imitating the wrinkly effect the flower has, but ofc I won't forget to tie it in with the emotion too!


I'm different aren't I? For this shoot I wanted to go with ice instead! Specifically the whole persona of an ice queen, she's cold and maintains a distance away from her subjects. She's the boss and does not let anyone overthrow her from command. Who really can? When she's the ice queen.


Shanghai, China

We 100% pride ourselves on how modern our city through its buildings, streets... but mainly the rapid transit system. Because of how affordable it is to anyone, you could literally be always on the go and this is why everything runs so smoothly especially in Shanghai, since it is known for its commercial and financial centre.
I wanted to bring out the essence of Shanghai and  portray it on this photo, I am on the go and with the determination in me I will go for what I want at full force.
193 days 7 hours ago
1) TO LIFE - Lucy Penvensie (Lion, Witch, Wardrobe)

I had to choose this character solely because this series was one of the first fantasy series AND movies I ever saw and read as a child. It brought me so much joy to learn about such a fantastical world of mystery. For those who do not know the story I can give you a very quick summary before I jump in. This series is about a land named Narnia, which has some of the best creatures from dwarves, centaurs, evil ice queens, and talking animals. The rightful heirs to this kingdom are the Penvensie children who live in London. Whenever Narnia needs them they are called upon and return in magical ways. Lucy the youngest of the Penvesies is the first person to find Narnia.

"Lucy loves animals, and befriends many creatures. Her heartfelt night-time roam through the woods, craving to see the tree spirits dance and share in their communion with nature and life once again is one of the very deep moments of love, hope and disappointment that we share with Lucy in her spiritual journey. Lucy also never stops believing in Narnia and is full of courage because of her faith; and is thus more adventurous than her sister Susan. Lucy has a great desire to help others, which is symbolized by the healing cordial that was given to her by Father Christmas for others in need and only with sparing use."

With this task I'm required to portray the character and all of her glory and her impact on her story. Lucy's biggest impact was her eager to be adventurous. If it wasn't for her wanting to play hide and seek she wouldn't have found Narnia, she wouldn't have gotten her siblings there and they wouldn't have saved Aslan and Narnia. I believe that the power of adventure is strong to the wandering minds that wants to receive it.


For this themed photoshoot I have chosen the flower Anemone coronary Blue Poppy! Here is a little description I read up on of the Blue Poppy flower!


"Anemone coronary Blue Poppy features satiny, violet-blue, poppy-like flowers adorned with a dark button center. Blooming in mid to late spring, they usually last up to 4 weeks. Borne atop sturdy stems above clumps of finely divided, ferny leaves, they attract butterflies and make wonderful cut flowers. Ridiculously easy to grow, they thrive in the sunny garden where their brow, bright faces are highly appealing."

When I saw this theme I actually beamed up because I knew exactly what I want to show you today. Flowers are beautiful beautiful creatures but they are also very sad. We as human see flowers as are our own mercy. We grow them, we cherish them, we kill them so that they can decorate our dining table or patio. Especially the Blue Poppy being as beautiful and at times a rare flower that people normally don't see even though they are so easy to grow, you can expect them to always be picked. Sometimes flowers just want to be left alone and I think I portray that beautifully.


This theme is pretty simple and the first thing I think of when I think about Ice is solely the temperature being cold. That then leads me to thinking about a breeze that flows through your body when you feel the temperature hits. That feeling lead to my photo tonight.


New York, United States

So New York is honestly a really vibrant state as well as it's city. When you think of the United States internationally, there are really 5 major states you think about, California, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and....New York. The other 46 states normally do not matter to those that do not live here. One of the cliche's that are proven true about the great New York city is that it's where dreams are made of. Dreams are made here but can also die here. New York is the capitol of the capitols for entertainment. New York is where you will find the rappers, the broadway stars, the dancers!!!! But New York would be nothing without FASHION. New York is my home and fashion is my passion. Fashion embeds every single district in New York. Everywhere is a little style and pizazz that you just have to look out for. Fashion Week is normally held in New York!

So for this final task I'm representing my town in full, full fashion that is. I'm a model and I'm either gonna win or leave this competition still being one.
193 days 6 hours ago
==Caroline Trentini==


Harry Potter

As a huge Harry Potter fan I had to do a photo that could relate to him, now actually I didn't want to go the obvious oh here's a magic related photoshoot, no what I wanted to is show off Harry's journey of getting adjusted to something new in his life. In the book he went from his shitty life to finding out he's a wizard and exploring the new world of Hogwarts, and being shocked by all the mystical things. So for my first photoshoot I decided to really show off that new person in a new world sorta vibe as you can see in my face the shock and awe as I'm witnessing this new world for the first time like Harry did in the book, but I'm eager to explore more and to learn more about what this has to offer me just like Harry explored.


Black Rose (Halfeti Rose)

Now I had to read the challenge over and over to make sure I understood to challenge, and it was to take a flower and make a high fashion outfit to that themeing of the flower so the flower I choose was a black rose which is a natural rose that grows in Turkey. The symbolism for the black rose is hatred, death, and despair, all those words really captures that concept of a black widow, someone who is a cold hearted, someone who ready with a vengeance. So my outfit and posing and everything represents that, and the background I used was to make me stick out, since a black rose is rare, I'm in the flower field being that rare rose.



I decided to go down the route of ice and be that ice queen who is just sick of everything and I'm sick of this everlasting winter.


RIo Grande do Sul, Brazil

When doing a bit of research about my hometown I learned one of the major parts of South American culture and also my hometown's culture was that it was a Gaucho culture, now you may ask what a Gaucho is? A Gaucho was a renowned horseman who were used in folklore, and used in many different stories across legends and myths. They were seen to be brave and unruly, and they were looked up to. Since it mentioned that Rio Grande Do Sul was known as a Gaucho state I decided to pose as a brave horseman ready to take on whatever is thrown at me.
193 days 6 hours ago
193 days 6 hours ago
The assigned judge for each task are:

Task 1 - To Life:

Task 2 - Flowers:

Task 3 - Fire and Ice:

Task 4 - Hometown:
193 days 6 hours ago
I will see you on August 18, 7 PM EST for the panel. Goodluck! x
192 days 10 hours ago
*Judge Augusta's Comments for 1,3&4*

Naty -- Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with your submissions this week. My favorite shot was your Alice in Wonderland comparison, as I enjoyed the innocence and sense of wonder that you channeled. Although it didn't like WOW me. Your Fire shot was a huge miss for me, as it seemed way oversaturated by like a red filter and the loose sheet over your head isn't doing it for me. Your hometown shot did a good job depicting your roots, but seemed to lack the high fashion aspect that I come to expect from you. :|

Ajak -- I think you met my expectations this week for the Semifinals. Two of your photos (Fire & Ice and Hometown) really were excellent, in that they both clearly met the photoshoot expectations while you also looked amazing. In particular, I loved your Hometown shot. Your weakest shot for me was the storybook comparison because I felt the connection to the ring to be a litttttle loose but it was good enough for me to give you a good score. Pretty sure we'll see you in the finals based on this! :)

Xi -- Damn... the two girls who I thought would take it all could be in the most trouble (yourself and Naty). I feel like you really missed the mark here. Your last photo doesn't really tell me anything significant about Shanghai and it's literally an Adidas ad... not really acceptable at this point in the competition. Your best photo was definitely Fire & Ice - I loved how you took ice to be an icy glare / demeanor, so I applaud you for that. Your storybook comparison didn't make sense to me since your photo gave me this big voluminous hair and you look stunning, not like someone who has a lot of insecurity about their appearance. I see maybe a touch of numb at most. :(

Jacob -- Well I'm totally obsessed with your NY Hometown shot, but your other two shots are very middle of the road for me. Your Hometown shot is such a departure from the norm for you and it really conveys the flamboyance and fashion often seen on NYC streets. You look amazing here. Your other two shots miss the mark in terms of meeting challenge criteria; I don't see the ice aspect or the connection to adventurous Lucy... a loose connection at best. **Actually I re-assessed shot one and I'll cut you some slack as the landscape does somewhat make me think of adventure / wander into the unknown** On the bright side, I think you look great in all three shots. Will that be enough to propel into finals as the only guy left? :?

Caroline -- I'm mostly pleased with your work this week, Caroline. My favorite is definitely your hometown - love the Gaucho connection and you look ready to lead the horses wherever you may want them to go (while also looking great from head to toe). I also like your Ice shot but I just wish it was clearer, so I could really take in the details. Your face is really selling it for me yet again though. My least favorite is the Harry Potter shot just because you took a minor aspect of his characterization and amplified it for your photoshoot. But it's not terrible. I think you really put your best foot forward this semifinal and you should be proud. :D

TOPS == Caroline & Ajak
MID = Jacob
BOTTOMS == Xi & Naty
192 days 8 hours ago
Jon Kortajarena

#1) TO LIFE: For this task we will be bringing iconic books to life. First, you will pick on the book characters below and will portray them, their characteristics and their overall impact to the book. Ofcourse you got to do some research if you are not so fond of books or have yet to read what you picked but believe me it’s interesting to know the character you will be picking.
Naty - WOW. You look almost identical to the live-action version of Alice. This is amazing.
Ajak - Striking! I love how much you're seeming to value the ring in the photo. This is also so different from your other photos. You never fail to show us how versatile you are.
Ming Xi - I see the numbness in you and you almost look like you're going to cry in a restrained way. You still look the most confident and fabulous I've seen you, so this is a job well done.
Jacob – You look handsome and *fairly* adventurous, but to standout among such a strong final 5, "fairly" isn't enough. This is a great photo, but not as great as the others’.
Caroline - WOW. Innovative. Caroline - you were saving your best photos until the end of the competition, huh? Smart girl. I think this photo went perfectly with what you described and from what I remember from when I watched Harry Potter back in the day, you embody the youth and curiosity of Harry Potter well.
#2) Flowers:

For this theme, you should pick a flower and match it through your outfit and overall look. You should aim to be high fashion or fashion forward in some capacity. The theme isn't asking for much - the ultimate hurdle is to standout amongst your peers and deliver a striking photo.
Naty -  You took this photoshoot theme quite literally! This is a pretty photo and you definitely hit the theme, but like I told Jacob, you have to do more to standout.
Ajak - SERVING. What's so interesting about this photo is that you're wearing such a light outfit, yet are exuding this darkness and almost feeling of death and poison. Overall, this photo just works so well in an unexpected way. Great job.
Ming Xi - There's this graceful and gentleness that I like about this photo. Also, I like how you're showing off the gentleness and textures of your flower like outfit.
Jacob - This is an example of a good photo that became a great photo thanks to the description. You're embodying a flower waiting to be picked, which seems to be inevitable. What an interesting way to take the theme. Like Ajak, I didn't anticipate this, but I'm glad your photo went this way. Job well done.
Caroline - BIWAA WHET. Girlllllllll. This right here is exactly what I was looking for. No more words. I'm done. Amazing, Caroline.

#3) Fire and Ice
Naty - Hmm. I like the concept, but you're not doing enough to standout in the fire. You're kind of showing fire in your face, but I think this would've been better if you showed more fire, more strikingness. Not one of my favorites, sadly.
Ajak -  Wow. You're giving us so much variety in semi-finals alone! You've taken this photo literally in a way that works so well. You're looking the part while looking like you have the fire to escape.
Ming Xi - This works well. You look like an ice queen. I do have to say that on all three photos I've judged of you, you are never on the top or the bottom – just right in the middle, which means that you’re a solid model, but you’re getting outshined. In all three of your photos, you hit the theme, but there’s room for growth in your ability to give a stunning photo that grabs me, especially in your last 2 photos.
Jacob - Beautiful. I know you're limited in your portfolio, Jacob, but you're making the best use of what you have. The breeziness works well for the ice theme.
Caroline - Wow. ICE QUEEN. Honestly, keep doing what you’re doing, and you might win.

When looking at my averages, my rankings were the exact same as Augusta's.

You all did so well today, so be proud of yourselves regardless of the outcome.
191 days 11 hours ago
Panel will be in a few minutes :)
191 days 11 hours ago

Naty (Alice from "Alice in Wonderland") - You kinda resembles what Alice is represented in the media actually so it was an easy connection to begin with. I do think you captured as well the innocence of Alice in this photo. The angle/position was a bit of an issue for me, but other than that it's a solid shot.

Ajak (Frodo Baggins from "The Lord of the Rings") - That was a very intense shot I must say. Although it was a head shot where you could easily go wrong or get commented with a "safe" shot, I believe this wasn't. Your explanation was a bit of a stretch not gonna lie, I didn't see the connection in like an instant.

Xi (Meg Murry from "A Wrinkle in Time") - This was an odd choice, wasn't expecting that from you. First of all this beauty shot is just a real beauty. The numbness which is what you stated in your explanation was there, I felt the pain crippling inside of you. This was a good shot overall.

Jacob (Lucy Pevensie from "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe") - One thing your good as Jacob is definitely sharing a story, you know your crafts pretty well and that is your advantage. Your shot was good, you look handsome and all but it doesn't give me Lucy, the character you are portraying, but you stick with your brand and did reflect some adventurous, and youth side of you.

Caroline (Harry Potter from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone") - This was a very interesting choice, I did not see that one coming. Now your shot was gorgeous you are really bringing it. A fine way to connect with the character, still not strong as I hoped it would be. The curiosity of Harry was really presented in to your shot, good job.

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