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106 days 23 hours ago
Kit Butler


It really was a very difficult decision because I found several photos that would fit well with the proposed theme, but finally I decided on this photo because I find it simple and elegant at the same time.
106 days 22 hours ago
Jourdan Dunn


I chose this photo because it really shows my natural beauty with the light perfectly glistening on my face.
106 days 21 hours ago
Don Benjamin


This photo exposes a softer side to me that I've hid from my previous photos. This pose helps me demonstrate a more natural look.
106 days 20 hours ago
Jordan Barrett


I like this shot as it shows my natural face and natural hair! I feel like in this competition so far I have provided unique photos so I wanted to change it and show my insecurity of that my natural hair is curly locks but I'm still keeping that high-fashion face and posture!
106 days 18 hours ago


Y'all said that my best asset was my face, so this is legit right up my ally. Serving y'all gorgeous, just got out of bed flawless, princess. Watch and learn girls, this is how ya do a beauty shot. ALL EYES ON ME IN DA CENTER OF DA RING!
106 days 15 hours ago
Augusta Alexander -- https://prnt.sc/iook62

I'm one of the only models so far who is actually focusing solely on the natural beauty of the face (aka what the photoshoot assignment is). I don't need bright colors or other gimmicks to prove that I'm the next top model.
106 days 14 hours ago
106 days 13 hours ago
hi can i join?
106 days 7 hours ago
105 days 13 hours ago

HARRY ~ This photo does not scream beauty shot to me. This photo is giving me more catalog modeling or print work, which was not the task at hand. I wish your natural features were enhanced. The picture could've been zoomed in to focus more on your facial features. To me, this photo missed the mark. 

DUCKIE ~ This photo is exquisite. I am in awe. You're skin beautiful and regal. It's literally oozing off of the picture. Your natural beauty is heightened and shown off extremely well. You really understood the meaning of natural beauty. You are really improving greatly week after week. Keep up the amazing work!

KIT ~ I don't like this photo at all. For starters, this is not a beauty shot. This is a simple print photo. Then to add on, the facial expressions seem to be mocking and childish as if you are not taking this competition seriously. As the weeks' progress, I feel your spark diminishing. There is no room for error in this competition, and I feel like you aren't taking that seriously.

JOURDAN ~ This photo is stunning. This is the definition of a beauty, from the shoulders up and possessing beauty. I love the profile of your face, it's giving girl next door. This photo may be borderline commercial, but I still see beauty. I wish your mouth was a little more relaxed, but overall this is a beautiful shot.

NAOMI ~ This is disappointing. You are one of the strongest models here, but the potential is no longer there in my opinion. This is a clear opposite direction from the prompt. This is not a beauty shot and I think you know that. I feel like you've given up in the competition, which is validated through your performance through the photoshoot and challenge this week. There is nothing more that I can say.

DON ~ This is your best shot to date in my opinion. This is a prime example of a beauty shot. The features in your face are beautifully highlighted. Your striking eyes is what tops this picture off for me. They are very seductive and haunting which I love about this photo. The hand on top of the head is very modeling 101 for me, but other than that this is very good. 

JORDAN ~ This is defiantly more editorial than beauty shot. When I look at this photo, my eyes do not go straight to your face (which it should). My eyes definitely are more attracted to the colors of the outfit you are modeling. Not to say that this picture isn't stunning because it is, but it really just doesn't fit under the beauty shot category which is disappointing.

TYRA ~ This is amazingly stunning. This is a quintessential beauty shot. The beauty possessed in this shot might be one of the best photos this week. I am so glad you are stepping it up and selecting meaningful photos with each photo shoot, because there are so many photos to choose from with a supermodel, such as Tyra. It is about picking the right photo, and I believe that you did just that. Great work.

ROMEE ~ This photo is good, not great. I love your striking eyes in this photo and this is definitely a beauty shot, but to me, I need something that stands out. The hair is kind of distracting to me. In order to possess your full potential of natural beauty, I would've love for the hair to be pulled back or tied up, because your features are so defined. Needless to stay, this is a solid picture, but not the best out of the bunch.

AUGUSTA ~ Like Jourdan, I love the profile of your face. Each week, you give something a little bit different that keeps me intrigued. The jacket is definitely distracting for me in this shot. However, I do have a bit of a critique for you. You have striking and defined features, that I tend to get the same facial expression each week. I want you to try to switch it up and give more dimension or something creative in the facial expression. Good work.

ARTHUR ~ This is an ok shot for me. The reason why it doesn't work for me, because your beauty isn't being highlighted, especially for a black and white photo, you needed to come through with the facial expression, and to me, your facial expression looks dead to me. It almost looks as if you're tired or bored, which is not a good thing.

SEONGWOO ~ You could've done better this week. This beauty shot is nothing special. What I love about you is that you are very simplistic and poised. Your type of beauty can work, but it gets boring and redundant. I find myself seeing the same facial expression from you week over week. And I worry that your potential in this competition has reached its peak. Is there more you can show us?

ADRIEN ~ I love this picture of you! I love the way your head is slightly tilted, but you still managed to elongate your neck and chin. Your facial features give me badass and sultry which is a different expression for you. It almost looks like you are wearing minimal makeup, which is fine. This was a good week for you!


1. Duckie
2. Jourdan
3. Tyra
4. Don
5. Augusta
6. Romee
7. Adrien
8. Jordan
9. Seongwoo
10. Arthur
11. Harry
12. Kit
13. Naomi
105 days 13 hours ago
Thank you for your honest critique Saskia! I will take it on board 馃挏

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