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After 9 seasons of KidA's Survivor, it's time for a change. So far, this idea has been revealed to the Viewer's Lounge and certain other individuals, and has received generally positive reviews.

I want to change the way Survivor hosting works, and differentiate myself from other hosts on Tengaged. A few days ago, I was struck with an idea, and I quickly decided to take a leap of faith, and pursue the idea. Here's how it will work.

I will restart my series, acting as a "Second Generation". Casting for this generation will be extremely detailed and thorough - full names will be required, along with some other basic personal information. I will interview each applicant, and get to know them personally. In the end, I will privately select my cast and ship them off to a secret group, where the competition will begin.

The season will take place as usual, however, NO details about the season will be revealed to the Tengaged public, and the cast/season details will be kept strictly secret. Once Final Tribal Council is over, production begins.

The cast will be revealed, and each castaway will be introduced individually via a blog. I will create episodes for each season, using both my own writing and confessionals provided by the cast, to give a realistic "Survivor Episode" feel. These episodes will air daily in the Viewer's Lounge, and finally, a Reunion will be held, where the winner is revealed.

This is a new format to Survivor hosting, and honestly, I'm not sure if it'll work or not. There are definitely some potential problems that I've thought about, and I'm sure I'll encounter during the process. Basically, I want to try something new and different, and this is my opportunity. If it doesn't work, I can always return to Generation 1 and host Season 10, but I do plan on sticking with this new format for at least 2 or 3 seasons.

Also, I'm allowing Gen 1 players to apply IF you were not in All-Stars, or if you're a Kenya pre-merger (I feel like it's a bit soon to bring back Kenya merge players). Mail me if you're interested and eligible to applying. Feel free to give your opinions, and mail me if you have any ideas that you'd like to see.



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