NB Reality 18: I Love Money 2

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-Congratulations semajdude on winning I Love Money 2!

NB Reality Hall of Fame Top 10 (updated through Season 18: I Love Money)

1st- Ryan_Jambe [217 NBR Points]
2nd- Ethan000 [212 NBR Points]
3rd- EM002 [194 NBR Points]
4th- LaFierceBrittany2 [164 NBR Points]
5th- coolexchangestudent [139 NBR Points]
6th- RShowFreak [121 NBR Points]
7th- Rawr121 [115 NBR Points]
8th- Jkjkjk15 [114 NBR Points]
9th- ladybug5 [104 NBR Points]
10th- Turney1805 [97 NBR Points]

Complete Ranking:


This season on NB Reality, 24 competitors will be heading to Mexico to compete in a game of brains, brawn, and social prowess. A game involving deception, betrayal, broken alliances, and ultimate chaos awaits our players as they compete in challenges, vie for the ultimate power of Paymaster, and avoid the strongbox to attempt to be the ultimate Money Lover in.......
NB Reality 18: I Love Money 2!



WINNER- semajdude (5 votes to win)
RUNNER-UP- RShowFreak (2 votes to win)
3RD PLACE- coolexchangestudent (0 votes to win)
------------------------FINAL VOTE-----------------------------
4th- Jman96 (Voided by RShowFreak)
5th- LaFierceBrittany2 (Voided by RShowFreak)
6th- Ryan_Jambe (Voided by coolexchangestudent)
7th- Chris1080 (Voided by Jman96)
8th- Jordonk (Voided by Ryan_Jambe)
9th- awwsum11 (Voided by semajdude)
10th- amf7410 (Voided by LaFierceBrittany2)
-----------------------JURY BEGINS------------------------------
11th/12th- doubledarefan01 (Last place in elimination challenge)
11th/12th- S73100 (Last place in elimination challenge)
13th- Schnitzel (Voided by LaFierceBrittany2)
14th- Jkjkjk15 (Voided by semajdude)
15th- Mysterygame2 (Voided by Ryan_Jambe)
16th- Spinfur (Voided by RShowFreak)
17th- rawr121 (Voided by amf7410)
18th- MJFJUNE (Voided by Chris1080)
19th- Spinner554 (Voided- Removed)
20th- db1994 (Voided by RShowFreak)
21st- Ahmir99 (Voided by Rawr121)
22nd- Halloween (Voided by LaFierceBrittany2)
23rd- AlanDuncan (Voided by RShowFreak)
24th- Epicwafflez23 (Voided by db1994)


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