QueenSheeba's Survivor: Peru

Castaways will be separated into tribes and compete for immunity. The losing tribe will have to vote off one of their players until the tribes merge. The castaways will then compete for individual immunity until only two/three survive. They will then face a jury of their peers and only one will become the Sole Survivor. There will be some twists in the game so expect the unexpected too!

Players will pick their favourite castaways and compete as them. You can as long as they haven't been picked by another player already.

We have a Wiki page! http://bit.ly/Lj9As7

Challenges and Tribal Council will be non-live and will happen at around 12:00 AM EST. You will be give 24 hours to do the challenge or vote for tribal council so there isn't much of an urgency. However, inactives will gain a self-vote. If an inactive wins immunity, they will cast a no vote. In an event of a tie, previous votes will be the deciding factor in who goes home. If the previous votes are also the same, there will be an immunity challenge between the players who have tied votes and the person who loses will be eliminated.

1st: Dawn Meehan (Alyxandra)
2nd/3rd: Chris Daugherty (Damienirl)
2nd/3rd: Ken Stafford (Damo1990)

4th: Erinn Lobdell (hinata0014)
5th: Natalie White (Jennifur)
6th: Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton (AlexRyder)
7th: Michelle Chase (KitKat24)
8th: James Clement (xxLightningxx)
9th: Cirie Fields (Wiseman)
10th: Brandon Hantz (Cosmo14)

11th: Michael Jefferson (Im_fresh_ur_not)
12th: Ashley Underwood (Enzolover23)
13th: Greg Buis (TheIrishSmurf4)
14th: Kim Spradlin (AshlynArehart)
15th: Chase Rice (ChipotleDude)
16th: Candice Woodcock (Tadds)


Featured Players 8 playing

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