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Scream 2

Since the Woodsboro Murders, a lot has happend. Whitney, Amandas, and Oren all have gone to college together at Franklin University. A book has been written by reporter Kate Kessler and a movie entitled "Stab" has been recently released. And after the release the murders begin again with students being murdered. They now have to figure out the pattern of not only a horror movie. But a horror movies sequel.

The Cast:

Amanda Banks-peachessncream, Since the Woodsboro Murders she has come out of her shell and now she has a boyfriend, Preston. She is now extremely close with both Whitney and Oren.

Whitney Robinson-snowflake3 Whintey has just recently gotten over the murders. She is still bestfriends with Amanda. And she even has a new boyfriend, Dominic.

Dominic Pasquale-oswordo3, Whitneys boyfriend. He is pledging at the Omega Chi frat house and is very good looking. His bestfriends are Oscar and Greg.

Preston Young-JonJin, He is Amandas boyfriend. He is a very kind and gentle guy. He doesnt like Amanda going to parties and he doesnt like drinking.

Shelly English-1Swampy8, She is the new third member of Amanda and Whitneys friendship. She lives in the same bording house as them and is very nice and quite beautiful.

Oscar Tavarez-Josh51 Friends with Dominic and Greg. He is also pledging Omega Chi and is also quite beautiful. However, he kind of lives in Dominics shadow.

Alicia Kendrick-Glinda, She is a big fan of Kate Kessler and had done major research on the Woodsboro Murders and haas seen the movie. She is always annoying Amanda, Whitney and Oren.

Greg Gershwin-simbasbro3457, He is also friends with Dominic and Oscar. He is very athletic and a he loves the ladies.

Jakob Rinowitz-doodyful, He is also film major and is a good friend of Oren. He has been homeschooled his whole life.

Evan White-coyle14, He is very geeky and a huge movie fan. Especially the horror genre. He is also a film major and friends with Oren and Jakob.

Harry Morris-likeablejake He is a very smart when it comes to movies. He is friends with Oren, Evan, and Jakob.

Darren Cole-jimboslice A very muscular athlete who nobody dares to mess with. He is aquaintences with Dominic but they arent really friends.



17. Trudie Tyler-Kaylee8 Vice president of Lambda Beta Zeta and bestfriend of Tessie. She is also trying to get Whitney and Amanda to join.

16. Tessie Williams-Bluedust, She is the president of the Lambda Beta Zeta sorority. She is very popular and she wants to get Whitney and Amanda to join them.

15. Oren Kratz-Otaq, After the murders, Oren went to college and majored in film. He is very well liked at college and he still thinks the murders are going to happen again, which is the reason he went for film.

14. Kate Kessler-Mitsuki, She wrote the book on the murders and is now gaining fame. She is a reporter on a nation wide news station. She travels to Franklin University to investigate the murders.

13. Lulu Price-cheerleader18, Shellys roomate, she is also good friends with Whitney and Amanda. She is very peppy.

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