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BB, BITCH! Risky Business (Day 22)

Thank you for a great season! Season 4 apps open soon.

It's time to play Big Brother, BITCH! Hosted by Kpnna, who has also hosted the "Expect the Unexpected" series for 16 seasons, this season will be the most realistic online Big Brother series Tengaged can offer.

For this series, we will work in a 2-day cycle, where a houseguest will be evicted every 2 days (with the exception of special evictions). The season should be over towards the end of November (before Thanksgiving).

Just ask some past Expect the Unexpected and Big Brother, BITCH! players what they think of the game!

"My season was extremely fun and the twists always kept us on our toes. The season was so interesting that it was one of the most active games I have played. If you apply be ready for a wild ride and maybe you’ll even become the second best winner of the series!" - Mearl (BBB Season 1 Winner)

"Jacob's games are about as close to real Big Brother as you’re going to get; what feels like a day will feel like a week!” - Hannah_Parks (BBB Season 2 Winner)

"Jacob is an amazing host and I have had more fun playing in his seasons than any other group games! He is well organised and makes sure the game is kept as fair and realistic as possible :) He is also a super nice guy and always happily answers any questions you may have about the rules, comps, etc. :)" - flamingjoe (ETU Season 12 Winner)

"Jacob is hands down the best Big Brother host on this website. Do yourself a favor and play with him while you have the chance!" - wangifold (ETU All-Star)

"Jacob has one of the most well run and fun group games on Tengaged" - Aiwfwyattroh (ETU Season 13 Winner)

"AMAZING series, most realistic game I've ever played!" - NickDaBoss (ETU All-Star / BBB Runner-Up)

"Awesome group, awesome host apply now! You won't regret it!" - ForceMike1 (ETU Ultimate All-Stars Winner / BBB Player)

"It is a game that will drive you insane, in a good way though." - Mybash_ (ETU Season 6 Winner)

"INTENSE GAME, kept me on the edge of my seat all season" - rabbaj (BBB Player)

"It's a lot of fun! Apply today! Incredible host and puts a ton of thought & hard work into every game he hosts!" - SashaBaby2010 (ETU Season 9 Winner)

"Apply now! You'll love it." - Anoreoz897 (ETU All-Star)

"Awesome group!" - Janelle_Pierzina (ETU Seasons 2/5 Winner)

"The format for the series is the best of the BB groups on Tengaged that I have experienced." - Webly (ETU Season 14 Winner)

"Best BB group game there is! Apply if you want a challenge." - Econ21 (ETU / BBB Player)

"Kpnna is an amazing host you wouldn't regret applying to his group" - Sammy1172 (ETU Seasons 8/10 Winner)

ALL HOUSEGUESTS IN THE GAME ARE FEATURED ON WIKIA AND IN AN AUDIO LIBRARY OF ALL EVENTS!! If houseguests submit enough DRs, episodes might be made after the season.

Season 2 Audio Library:

(Big thanks to Lewis [Thorpey5599] for the awesome logo and ad!)

• Past Winners •

Season 1 (Majority Rules)- Mearl (Mearl)
Season 2 (Double Trouble)- Bobby (Hannah_Parks)
Season 3 (Risky Business)- Alan (Alanb1)

• Big Brother, BITCH! Wikia •!

• Expect the Unexpected Wikia (Kpnna's Other Series) •

• Other Groups •

Production Group (Host Only) -

• Current Houseguests •

1st: Alan (Alanb1) [4 votes to win]
2nd: Sasha (SashaBaby2010) [3 votes to win]
3rd: Will (IceBeast) [0 votes to win]
4th: Emmett (Emmett4) [Evicted Day 21]
5th: Jack (RealJacksonWalsh) [Evicted Day 20]
6th: Ralib (Espontaneo) [Evicted Day 20]
7th: Jalen (Taki238) [Evicted Day 17]
8th: Adam (PanicAtTheDisco) [Evicted Day 15]
9th: Haylee (Kaylabby) [Evicted Day 13]
10th: JB (_JB_) [Evicted Day 9]
11th: Ray (GentlemanG) [Evicted Day 6]
12th: JoJo (Jojo7784) [Evicted Day 4]
13th: Jabbar (Rabbaj) [Evicted Day 4]
14th: Chandler (Chandlerp1996) [Evicted Day 3]

• Events •

TBA- Season 4 Apps Open

Featured Players 4 playing

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