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Best of TSC 2023 - Semi-Final 1

Topic » Best of TSC 2023 - Semi-Final..

49 days 22 hours ago
01) Kylie Minogue – kylies a bit hit and miss for me and heard this song everywhere, not realising it was her. Its not too bad. Can get a bit annoying if you hear it several times in day though!!
02) Hannah Jadagu – this is quite nice, I think I remember this, which is good because if have a terrible memory!
03) Kelela – its okay, not really my kind of thing, the beat gets a bit irritating after a bit.
04) Ionut Cercel – I think I wasnt impressed the first time round.
05) KISS OF LIFE – its okay, it’s a bit mellow, not awful.
06) beabadoobee – it was okay, she faintly swears in the back ground. Can I let that pass or not?
07) McKinley Dixon – not something I would chose to listen to but the chorus is quite good.
08) aespa – mini bibs does kpop events, I made some bracelets and phone charms for her and this was one of the bands I did. I kept getting the ae the wrong way round!! Its not bad.
09) Cafuné – its okay, its quite catchy and grows on you.
10) MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS – remember when it felt like these were submitted every week! Its okay, I didn’t hate it.
11) Amy Sit Ying Yi – this is pretty terrible!
12) Amaarae - it’s a bit one note and monotonous!
13) chuala – the tune is okay, the vocals were awful!
14) Des Rocs – excellent!
15) Donna Missal – its okay, not something I would chose to listen to.
16) Kai Weinkauf –  bit of a drab start, bits of the tune were not bad. its okay.
17) San Mei – this was not too bad, quite liked it.
18) Gryffin, Tinashe – not my kind of thing, it was okay.
49 days 20 hours ago
1. Kylie Minogue - Yawn. I never really got the hype for this when it released, I don’t think it’s anything all that special.

2. Hannah Jagadu - Cute! Could have done a little bit more but it was a nice listen

3. Kelela - Oh this BANGER she was so robbed. The production on this still hits so good.

4. Ionut Cercel - Fuck off <3

5. KISS OF LIFE - Yasssss Natty slayed this so hard, it’s a shame that the full group has never released anything nearly this good.

6. Beabadoobee - Mother is mothering

7. McKinley Dixon - Oh I forgot this was sent! Really love the production on the chorus and the verses are solid. I do wish there was a little bit more variation in the instrumental, it starts to get a bit stale after a while.

8. Aespa - This is definitely one of their strongest releases but that’s not really saying much. Still not crazy about this.

9. Cafune - Yasssss I’m moving sm I adore this sound

10. MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - Lorna I feel like we need to have a talk because why the hell did you send this mid-fest and not the serve that is Dancing’s Done

11. Amy Sit Ying Yi - This isn’t Lala Hsu!

12. Amaarae - I mean Amaarae always delivers what else do you want me to say. The production on this is SO fucking good.

13. chuala - Oh wait this is kind of a hit… it definitely takes its time getting to the point but once it get there it’s so cunty

14. Des Rocs - It’s just not for me

15. Donna Missal - MOTHERRRRRRRRR I cannot believe TSC gave this 13th it’s such a fucking stunner. Looking at my comment for it I apparently wasn’t feeling the bridge at the time but it’s definitely clicked for me now it’s sooooo good.

16. Kai Weinkauf - I’m snoozing. Very basic

17. San Mei - I’m so glad San Mei got her flowers for this because it’s so good. So smooth and that CHORUS.

18. Gryffin, Tinashe - Tinashe sounds great on this but I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to get behind Gryffin’s production style. It just doesn’t do anything for me.
49 days 19 hours ago
01) Kylie Minogue - it was a fun moment, but it hasn't exactly stood the test of time for me and tension ended up being way better.
02) Hannah Jadagu - i love the dreamy psychedelic feel, this was very good!
03) Kelela - a vibe throughout. i like it!
04) Ionut Cercel - i'm certainly not the audience for this. just feels childish and gimmicky to me.
05) KISS OF LIFE - it was a pleasant listening experience.
06) beabadoobee - the chorus is very sonically satisfying, it's a cool track.
07) McKinley Dixon - not my favourite execution of this sound, but it's a style i dig.
08) aespa - this reminds me of a melfest reject. it's a bit corny really.
09) Cafuné - it's a pleasant little vibe. not fully transfixed, but it's definitely nice.
10) MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - an interesting selection for best of 2023, but it is one of her best ageing songs honestly.
11) Amy Sit Ying Yi - very bad, a resounding no from me.
12) Amaarae - i still find this super fresh and immaculate sounding.
13) chuala - very repetitive, but i suppose it fits with the themes of the song. it's fun, i like the oontsy production.
14) Des Rocs - not hideous but it's not really resonating with me.
15) Donna Missal - maybe it requires time to get acquainted with the structure, but for now i'm finding it a bit too chaotic.
16) Kai Weinkauf - pleasant and has a nice instrumental build, but a bit boring within the context of best of.
17) San Mei - not her best, but it's still a cool vibe.
18) Gryffin, Tinashe - basic but executed well enough i'd say!
49 days 17 hours ago
01) Kylie Minogue - i mean this was fun then it’s still kinda fun now but i never cared about this too much and i still don’t 🫶
02) Hannah Jadagu - oh this is a bop! maybe i should get into her because this is like really good and i don’t remember it at all djhdkd
03) Kelela - so robbed!!!!!! literally top 3 songs of 2023 im so serious
04) Ionut Cercel - sigh…. i have no memory of this being sent but maybe i tried blocking it out because it’s kinda bad 🫶
05) KISS OF LIFE - does this alleged group even have any other songs because i haven’t heard anything other than this like… but this truly is so good!!
06) beabadoobee - oh boppppp i don’t remember this being this good omgg beabadoobee mom
07) McKinley Dixon - oh this is so good like…. im kinda gagging im sure i probably paid this dust in its original contest and i’d like to apologize for that
08) aespa - kinda one of their best like… also the concept of aespa making a song for a film about tetris is sending me djhdjdjf
09) Cafuné - my memory is so bad i fear because why don’t a remember any of these hits 😭😭 bop!!
10) MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - oh a classic like!!!
11) Amy Sit Ying Yi - oh! um…. maybe i just don’t get it
12) Amaarae - BOPPP DUH im kinda gagged this didn’t win because i fully thought it did like…. what did win actually… okay so the winning song was also good um sometimes we 🫶need to normalize a double crowning idk
13) chuala - BAWPPP YASSSSS i recently became a chuala stan like her music is so insanely good and this is def one of her bests like!! wouldve cleared hsc and i believe that
14) Des Rocs - this just isn’t for me at all 🫶
15) Donna Missal - if only this beat was given to someone who makes good music 💔
16) Kai Weinkauf - my sister would eat this up!! not me though 🫶
17) San Mei - oh i was expecting something different! i like this more than i thought i was going to! bop kinda
18) Gryffin, Tinashe - this is kinda not good but tinashe mother!!! she makes it mostly listenable
49 days 17 hours ago
01) Kylie Minogue - sure it defined the year for gays I guess but what is this doing here? Seems like a cheap shot to me… because it was a hit AND won TSC like two wrongs don't make a right here
02) Hannah Jadagu - feel like I'm back in my college radio days, this sound is very reminiscent of that
03) Kelela - not that I needed this to be a bop but… it would've helped! I woke up less than an hour ago kelela keep me up please!
04) Ionut Cercel - kelela take notes! Jk this also could be like funnier/campier but good for this little godfather in training
05) KISS OF LIFE - I mean they have served harder in other songs but this was fun elevator music
06) beabadoobee - not gonna lie these songs are already starting to blend for me… feel like a bunch of us went for the same sound here. As for what I have to say about beabadoobee it's kind of like muse with an soft alt girl gap commercial tweak
07) McKinley Dixon - thank you mckinley for the energy!!! I needed it this morning
08) aespa - babe wake up the aespa tetris song is in tsc
09) Cafuné - maybe I turned my volume up but this song feels full-bodied to me, like a nice wine
10) MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - stop trying to make MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS happen it's not going to happen jk it's not really that bad especially compared to some of her more recent annoying tracks
11) Amy Sit Ying Yi - yiiiiiiiiii
12) Amaarae - this definitely is a serve… it's soft but has got some cunt in its veins and that fuels this
13) chuala- wow this really is the same thing over and over… sorry just not that special to me all things considered
14) Des Rocs - thankful for this palette cleanser <3 what I appreciate about this entry is that I feel like it's telling a story and I enjoy its classic rock sound
15) Donna Missal - I think this caters to my tastes well like it's got some life in it
16) Kai Weinkauf - a beautiful lil campfire or beach tune
17) San Mei - well it won TSC already so this doesn't really need my attention but I do genuinely enjoy this and it's less annoying this is here than Kylie
18) Gryffin, Tinashe - b a s i c but m o m
49 days 17 hours ago
01) Kylie Minogue - bawp. one of my fave summer hits from last year
02) Hannah Jadagu - preferred the other song she had some editions later by far. this one is okay
03) Kelela - it's cute i guess. never found it that special
04) Ionut Cercel - idk how to feel about this
05) KISS OF LIFE - sure!! would I submit this for BEST of the year? prolly not
06) beabadoobee - repetitive genre but she does it a bit better. i won my first tsc with her i'll always keep her in my heart <3
07) McKinley Dixon - rly nice! production is on point. stands out
08) aespa - LMFAO they yassified the tetris theme song. couldn't be better
09) Cafuné - sure? has some cute elements and it's not the worst of the bunch so far
10) MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - she has sm better sigh
11) Amy Sit Ying Yi - YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII the last part slays so hard
12) Amaarae - she won my album game queen. this was not rly one of my faves. based on my blog this is 9th/13, but compared to this group, it's rly more great
13) chuala - hmmmmmmmmmmm
14) Des Rocs - this rly doesn't sound like a best of 2023 competition. it doesn't
15) Donna Missal - i love the beat, her voice...too! not bad love it
16) Kai Weinkauf - snores
17) San Mei - this...won an edition?
18) Gryffin, Tinashe - very basic? was this the best by the highly-acclaimed tinashe?
49 days 14 hours ago
01) Kylie Minogue: Okay I’d say this is hitting better than the first time I heard this. I think I wasn’t too fond of it when it was posted, but now I can see the appeal. Noiceee!
02) Hannah Jadagu: Ahh this is still so nice and very calming! Hearing this back again, just hit differently tbh.
03) Kelela: Ouu I remember this, beat is nice-ish. I’d say honestly there’s not bad songs out here right now.
04) Ionut Cercel: LOOOL, no thank you still.
05) KISS OF LIFE: This is cool-ish tbh I’m digging it somewhat. It’s giving little hints of R&B.
06) beabadoobee: Meh I don’t think I liked it the first time, but now it’s not too bad.
07) McKinley Dixon: Ohhh this song, I think I rated it high the last time? If my memory serves right, but I love it this time around.
08) aespa: Mhm, meh not really sorry.
09) Cafuné: A bit boring at first, but it has potential.
10) MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS: Not too unique or intriguing to me tbh.
11) Amy Sit Ying Yi: LMAO NOT THIS SONG.
12) Amaarae: Aw I remember this, I like it better this time around ofc. Yum.
13) chuala: it’s okay tbh, but I don’t see or hear the intrigue.
15) Donna Missal: Meh not for Rocky.
16) Kai Weinkauf: I ABSOLUTELYYY LOVE!!!!
17) San Mei: LMAO my loverrr obviouslyyy. Honestly when I came across I was like yesss, you embody everything music needs to have simplicity and talent.
18) Gryffin, Tinashe: I can see the appeal for sure, it’s better yea this time around.
42 days 9 hours ago

01        ::        163        ::        Amaarae
02        ::        136        ::        Kylie Minogue
03        ::        132        ::        Hannah Jadagu
04        ::        131        ::        San Mei
05        ::        119        ::        Cafuné
06        ::        116        ::        Donna Missal
07        ::        111        ::        McKinley Dixon
08        ::        110        ::        Gryffin, Tinashe
09        ::        106        ::        Kelela
10        ::        104        ::        KISS OF LIFE
11        ::        103        ::        beabadoobee
12        ::        090        ::        aespa
13        ::        085        ::        Kai Weinkauf
14        ::        063        ::        chuala
15        ::        063        ::        Des Rocs
16        ::        062        ::        MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS
17        ::        046        ::        Amy Sit Ying Yi
18        ::        004        ::        Ionut Cercel

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