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Episode 1: Diamond Heist 💎

Topic » Episode 1: Diamond Heist 💎

238 days 6 hours ago
~January 25th~
[Breacher X]

*Smashes the head of the Chameleon with a shock blast and he would flicker invisible and then his body would go limp*

Breacher X: *Would let out a roar and other heroes would be seen in the middle of the road and he would huff turning invisible*

Nikki: *Would look at Karter dead and then she turns quickly feeling someone zoom next to her*

Breacher X: *Would appear getting ready to enclose his giant hand around his face*

Chris: NIKKI!

~He zooms to her moving her out of the way~

Spectre: *Runs across the street phasing through rocks and she runs at the Breacher reaching out to him*

Breacher X: *Turns around seeing Spectre and he opens his mouth releasing a Sonic Scream a power stolen from another Super*

~Spectre gets sent across the place falling against a Car~

Fortune: *Stand up and he holds her hand out as she is battered*

This is our one shot now!

Breacher X: *Looks at her and behind the Breacher two figures would be seen approaching the Breacher*

~Osiris and Nikita would be Seen flying down holding the Breacher down by both arms~
238 days 6 hours ago
Kiana: *Would be seen jumping on his back punching his face*

Fortune: *Holds her hand out and the purple Orb shoots the breachers way*

~Breacher X rages and flings Kiana Infront of the blast and turns to Osiris knocking him back and blasting Nikita back~

Nikki: *Looks at Chris and she squints* I need you to get me in there now...

Chris: I don’t know if we should be there...we are definitely not strong they took out half of the supers and Breacher working with us...

Nikki: CHRIS! I can do something trust me
*She analyzes as Nikita swings her sword at the Breacher while Osiris recovers*
Chris: Just say when...
Nikki: *She watches the movements determing when to go* NOW
Chris: *Doesnt hesitate and he speeds Nikki straight to Breacher X*

~Nikki is seen being let go by Chris as she slides across the gravel extending her hand dripping in red venom that gashes across an open wound she noticed Nikita open~

Breacher X: *Knees Buckle and he turns to Nikki* Your power will be mine you insolent...

~He goes to reach for her and then a barrage of blast are sent at the Breacher as helicopters fly over the area~

*He gets bombarded and the poison begins taking its effect and the Breacher slowly solidifies into stone*

Chris: *Stops and looks at Nikki*
the Medusa toxin

Nikki: *Physically Exhausted from
Power usage and frightened  at the risk she made she passes out*

~The Helicopters slowly descend from the sky and the Breacher/vigilantes are seen leaving the area~

News Reporter: THIS IS JOAN MOON AND Fencington City has survived a massive attack from a Meta Human who threatened the city but thanks to Local Vigilantes who are wanted for the destruction of town by Fencington PD. Me and the People at the Fencington Press thank you for our City and we would like to thank the fallen heroes who tried to help up.
*She nods as the Camera pans to familiar faces of the deceased from the last season, it would then change to a scene of the Supers fighting Breacher X*
238 days 6 hours ago
~1 Year Later~

Breachers (heroes from alternate world brought due to the explosion at Lavendar labs) , have been accepted into our world and even some heroes have taken a step forward into becoming part of society. The Police Departments in local towns have been keeping an eye out for these Vigilantes . Vigilante rates increased but most have been hiding in secret coming out when needed most.  Some more than others, villains and crime bosses have exploded since the incident with breacher X. The path you choose is on you sort of.

[RAVEN: Mysteria]
*Walks through a club and she glances upwards seeing Fortune approaching*

~Faint Whispers would be heard around Mysteria~

Fortune: *Grabs her wrist* Did you think you were the only one the spirits would contact

Raven: *Feels a strange jolt and faint whispers would be heard the spirits alerting her it is safe*

Fortune: Your tricks won’t work on me,  trust me. Let us talk

*She leads her through the club*

I have seen you quite a bit lately. In my visions. You know of me?

Raven: Lady Fortune, the spirits say you helped with the attack a year ago. What is it you want with me

Fortune: The structure of the city is starting to get interesting. Mobs rising, new people taking advantage of there powers.

*She leans back against the wall*

Not to say you will. But all I have to say is you will have choices Infront of you and the capabilities of your powers could have there consequences. The demon and you may be one but whose to say that is set in stone. This will not be our last encounter fortunately for you
*She walks away*

Raven: *Leans back and three shadows appear Infront of her* Follow her....
*They disperse and she feels a slight toll from her power usage and she walks back into the club area entering the VIP section at the head table would be Harbringer*

*The Camera view changes and so does the POV*
238 days 6 hours ago

It’s getting moved to town soon...I need some of the best for the operation. If not I’m going to be disappointed and we Wouldnt like

*He glances up at some random associate as he pulls his glove off*

Associate 1: Do you want Metas in on the job, the less metas the better but if you think you’ll need it then I can find some.

Desmond: I say we take our chances not having any flashy Metas, no attention the better.

*He looks at him gazing around the club seeing some familiar faces*

Plus I will be able to keep an eye on things thanks to a new associate.

Associate 1: Sounds good I will talk to the boys and we will get it set up for you boss. Now what are we talking Paper wise

Desmond: *Looks at him*

You’ll be paid well, and don’t question the matter of payment. I can be a very patient man but i feel like you’re questioning my authority and ability to pay it forward

Associate 1: Nah boss that isn’t it at all...*He stutters*

Desmond: *Looks at him and huff*

~A waiter is on the way with the drinks and tips over dropping the drink on Desmond~

Desmond: *Looks down seeing his suit messed up with the alcoholic beverage and he grabs the waiters hand looking at his associate*

~The waiter would begin to scream as Desmond holds his arm up it would begin to deflate leaving nothing but skin and bone~

*Desmond tosses the body off of him and snaps*

Clean it up! Now

~A meta would hold there hands out and the evidence of the waiter would ash away~

*Desmond stands and adjust his suit nodding at the associate*

~In the background there would be a table of two woman, one who was inconspicuously listening with her abilities~

Fae: *In disguise*

He just fucking did it again...3rd waiter this week

Kate: Yea I know I could hear the skin shriveling up, and I’m good off that

Fae: We are staying the fuck away from that operation...but doesn’t mean we can’t tip some body off about it. Maybe we can let Thad know?

Kate: *Rubs her temples after she deamplfies her hearing ability* Maybe If he is in on the operation he can get more details, but I don’t trust him he could rat us out to Harbinger and noone wants to be on that dudes bad side

~Desmond walks by the table not hearing anything, he nods at the two giving them a friendly smile as he exits the club~
236 days 16 hours ago
[Nikki: VIPER]

*Throws Chris on the Ground*
And Class is dismissed
*She walks to the side undoing her wraps*
Chris I know you’re not going out and you’re like fast. But if you lost your powers or if someone is able to stop you from running you need to be able to defend yourself

Chris: *Lays on the floor looking up at her* I don’t even go out anymore..since ya know.

Nikki: Yea I know you sit here researching and taking intel on all of the new cliental.
^He is trying to get his mind off Karter and others dying, no matter what he thinks he won’t be able accept he wasn’t fast enough to save them. Luckily for me^

Chris: The Intel did us good because two people who tried to use there abilities to commit some unethical acts were put under arrest thanks to our database

Nikki: *Rolls her eyes* Which I think is an invasion of our privacy to have our information and abilities out there like that. Especially with them searching for Vigilantes if I put my name in there I would arrested immediately

Chris: Luckily for us it’s only mandatory if you’re not working with the lab and seek services on research. But I mean it has done its work I think it would be able to do more work if some of you guys

Nikki: *Cuts him off* You guys? Stop Christopher, we have these powers and I’m doing something unlike the rest of us who are afraid to do something.

Chris: I’m not afraid Nikki.

Nikki: Well you act like it. The Viper has done something for Fencington, saved live when local authority is too busy giving unjust treatment to others. So don’t say anything about me being a Vigilante, imagine if you use your speed how many bullets you could of caught for some poor man, woman or child

*She turns away walking out*

This Episode:
~Two Days~

Day 1: Get Familiar, It’s up to you who you reveal your abilities, you can have pre existing relations mail each other. There’s a whole city with various of things to do Clubs, and Nightlife are big in Fencington Lately. I will do small crimes and etc you make take
Part in.

Day 2: There will be some heist around town that Characters will be involved in. Some villains may be present, then I’ll conclude the episode endings of character missions can be good or bad you won’t always save the day.

Will start around 1:30 PM PAC 4:30 PM EST SUNDAY will try to split things and task for people on both days if possible
236 days 13 hours ago
~Now Open for Posting~
236 days 13 hours ago
*Tati is walking to her destination*
236 days 13 hours ago
~It’s currently Afternoon in the City, there are local diners, bars, and various plays to go like a park, beach, etc~

*Is Seen walking down the streets of Fencington City she would stop seeing the Memorial for those who died when Breacher X Attacked*

*Is in the lab and in the center of the lab is the Stone Figure of Breacher X who is encased in a stone prison*
236 days 13 hours ago
*Tati enters the lab confused but at awe*

236 days 13 hours ago
*Gigi is at the beach meditating*
236 days 13 hours ago
*Thad is hanging out at one of the local parks doing a work out*
236 days 13 hours ago
Fae's walking around when she sees Thad. She raises an eyebrow. ^Almost perfect timing.^ She goes up to him. "Hello, Thaddeus."
236 days 13 hours ago
~Lab Assistant looks at Tati~

Hello Welcome to Lavendar Labs Tati correct? You are here for the power analysis with our Lab Technician am I correct? Sorry I’m a telepath and your thoughts were clear...
236 days 13 hours ago
*thad glances over to Fae*
“Geez so formal just call me Thad next time.”
*he crosses his arms*
“What’s up?”
236 days 13 hours ago
Um y-yeah...Listen I just need help. I was sent by my friend to go here.
236 days 13 hours ago
(Hi! What should I be doing?)

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