Stars: The betting game!

Stars Weekly Predictions:

Run by NoelSarah and je7467!

This will happen weekly... that will send T$ into the tengaged community! This is how it will work.... Anytime from once the new stars enrolls to before the 2nd stars eviction a new thread will be posted... The first 20 people register will have a chance to get some T$!

So to get a chance be one of the first 20 to predict the winner...

1st place - 20 T$
2nd place - 15 T$
3rd place - 10 T$

Simple, Best of luck to all!

**Note you don't lose any T$!**


1.) You may only bet ONCE a month to allow everyone to have a chance.

2.) Do not spam the group.

3.) If you are in stars, you can not bet!


Breaking Rule 1 & 3: First Offense - Warning from one of the group admins. Second Offense - Blocked from the group & future betting.

Breaking Rule 2: Referral to moderation.

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Will resume
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3171 days 1 hour ago
Bets from 122?
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3178 days 6 hours ago
Stars 122 Predictions
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3190 days 22 hours ago
Stars 121 Predictions
26 postsCreated by je7467 on 3198 days 8 hours ago
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3198 days 7 hours ago
Stars 119 Winners
1 postCreated by NoelSarah on 3204 days 23 hours ago
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3204 days 23 hours ago

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Stars: The betting game!

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