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Week 25: 3/24/24 to 3/31/24

Topic » Week 25: 3/24/24 to 3/31/24

23 days 2 hours ago
Back again. Back again. We're still holding strong at 10 people. Another week gone by. Anyone think we'll hit the one year mark in this game?

Posts for this week are due by 12 PM EST on Easter Sunday, March 31st.
23 days 2 hours ago
I鈥檓 expecting at least three years 鈥榗ause that鈥檚 how long Russ鈥檚 went
23 days 1 hour ago
22 days 22 hours ago
22 days 22 hours ago
The 10 of us should form a Survivor tribe because there truly cannot be a more dedicated group
22 days 19 hours ago
We need to CUT one person to make room for systrix. Sial is known for the ultimate survivor strategy .... dreaking ng without fire
22 days 14 hours ago
22 days 11 hours ago
Just the ten of us we can make it if we try
But each day that passes by
Is tearing forums from my mind
Just the ten of us no escaping if I tried
Though these maidens may seem kind
There's something going on behind
They looked so sad and lonely
I sold my soul for poetry
This hell is members only
Why did I say Okie-Doki?
22 days 9 hours ago
22 days 2 hours ago
like and subscribe for my neighbor rodney
21 days 13 hours ago

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