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Wade's Fast Stars Season 3

Season 1 Winner Trickdaddy6

Season 2 Winner Mario23

Season 3
15th AbioticSand 50% to 50% Rebranding
14th Happy202 52% to 48% Travisk30
13th Park 57% to 42% SoulessGinger
12th Rebranding 57% to 42% Taragold00
11th Bigbrotherstan2022 67% to 33% Dimitra
10th ilovepuppies135 62% to 35% Ghostfacegangsta
9th Taragold00 53% to 47% Jojo_strawberree
8th Soulessginger 67% to 33% Travisk30
7th Dimitra 50% to 50% PenguinOwen126
6th PenguinOwen126 50% to 50% Stolenseason
5th Semnome 53% to 46% to Ghostfacegangsta
4th Travisk30 57% to 42% Stolenseason
3rd Jojo_strawberree 61% to 37% Ghostfacegangsta

Featured Players 9 playing

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  1. Vote for a Winner76 days 2 hours ago
  2. Evict for 3rd76 days 22 hours ago
  3. Evict for 4th78 days 1 hour ago
  4. Evict for 5th79 days 2 hours ago
  5. Evict for 6th80 days 5 hours ago

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Wade's Fast Stars Season 3

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