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  1. jacksonjoseph99You were offline for too long
  2. MarlakkHow did I get removed from the frat
  3. CutieAmyHi
  4. MarlakkCan’t believe I logged in to join this
  5. MarwaneSo i logged back in after 3 years and I see some old friends! May i be welcomed?
  6. BrenLaThe face that runs the place.
  7. Oysterman11BABAY

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The Ultimate Female BB Player | Week 28

10 CutieAmy, Apr 17, 2021

The cast:
By a vote of 11-06, Sindy Nguyen, you have been evicted from the BB house.
Week 28 HOH: Jackie Ibarra.
PRVN: April Dowling & Suzette Amaya.
Veto Winner: Jackie Ibarra. She used it on Suzette.



5 Willie_, Apr 17, 2021

there is no competition but Christian_ is single-handily the best person I have ever met.


Who wants a +/- 18 baby

7 jdog, Apr 17, 2021


Hello friends

5 Willie_, Apr 17, 2021

I hope you all have a lovely day today!

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