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Star everybody in unless otherwise stated.

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  1. PoohSnapI’m officially an aspirant. Plz smoke me out!
  2. konohavillage1a stoner group without gaiaphageeeeeeeeeeee?
  3. GothicZebraWelcome man, we need to keep recruiting c:
  4. Emmett4I’m the biggest stoner on tg
  5. spikedcurleyAdd me :)

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My thoughts on jackson being racist

4 Codyy, Sep 20, 2019

I need you guys to specifically spill the tea as to what he said or did and show proof of this encounter because there are lots of people on this site that like him and want him to win the season , yet ppl seem to target mostly me about liking him. I don't get it. Enlighten me. And while you are at..

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