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Spookie IRL - LMAO thats me after I pop a pill :p
Sent by Spookie,Nov 5, 2014

Rules : This ain't a parental guidance frat mate. Just Enjoy.

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  1. blueu22i was banned pls star me back in
  2. MeyaarThanks me2013
  3. me2013lol - Love the rules in this frat
  4. MeyaarStarred.
  5. Pedlick44I'm not too into fraternity stuff, but the raffle is fun. Please star me in? Thank you.
  6. blueu22Please star me in, I'm running away from that god awful frat run by a bunch of immature children who get upset after someone steals the stars seat that isn't them.
  7. danioI love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Jenna ♥
  8. Jenna2010I love you guys <3
  9. Jasong1216Plz star me in
  10. gunther456can you please star me in?
  11. Tigerfangii why did u leave the runaways wait didnit spy here that time.
  12. iiAmazingGuys can you please star me in? Thanks
  13. Meyaarok
  14. iiAmazingThtas rude All I want is to be in stars please star me in
  15. LamiaWow no one is starring me

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