Fraternity Loca People

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Welcome to all you Loca People!

Message from ZEEnon: Ok guys, this is tough to say but it is time for me to step down as your President. You all have been amazing to be in a Fraternity with and I am so grateful for all of you joining and being so loyal. You all are friends in my eyes! :) ♥ I enjoyed the time I spent with all of you here and we accomplished a lot. I am moving to a new Fraternity but feel free to talk to me any time you need me. I will always be rooting for you guys & I will always love you my Locas! supergoten (Heather) will be your new leader. Please be nice to her, she was here since the beginning! Thanks everyone & good luck! :D<3

The 13th fraternity on Tengaged
Top 10 Frats (5th) - 02/02/12
Top 10 Frats (3rd) - 02/03/12
Top 10 Frats (2nd) - 02/04/12
Top 10 Frats (1st) - 03/02/12

Past Gift Giveaways:
Winner: danio with 39 recruitment points (gifted already)

We are an alliance as well as a place to meet new people & make new friends.

*** Remember to give everyone in the Fraternity a star, and also remember to check the Fraternity once in a while to see if there is an aspiring member that needs a star! ***


                                    We look forward to have you join us. ♥

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  1. JuliannBuried Treasure
  2. TDATrentsgroupi miss this frat :(
  3. dragonfable456can yall join survivor please
  4. nenalalalastar me pleaseee
  5. Antho1234321i used to be in this clan
  6. aleexmiss you too <33
  7. ZEEnonMiss you guys!!! :)
  8. aleexhi supergoten :D
  9. antman12I have starred everyone :D
  10. antman12I want to be loca with my loca people please star me :)
  11. supergotenhey just saying hi to my old frat how are you guys :)
  12. Dara4everI'M SUPER LOCA Y'ALL:) Let's HAVE SOME FUN! YAY
  13. mjayy57I want to get Loca! Please star me. :D
  14. theBRIflyingdudePlease star me!!
  15. Dane_WilliamsIf you dont feel like you belong here then, please join my frat Liar & Cheaters, the link to join is here below

President of Loca People

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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