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Fraternity FEMMEBOTS

Femmebots support the rules of Feminism and Fierceness!

Official Members:
♥~ALL hail HanJin!~♥

Honorary Members:

Private Comments

Only members of this fraternity can see the private comments.

Public Comments

  1. LoveLifeStar me back in? I am an ex member but I want back in
  2. ElleSeymourHey girls? Why am I not in this frat anymore? lol.
  3. mhje58Don't star Anonaly,she's just a flop! < 33
  4. AnonalyPlease star me in guys <3 I'd love to be a Femmebot
  5. BlackoutLove to join this sorority.
  6. Tits_McGeeomg pls star in tranny
  7. roachster10Alright everyone I am just leaving, some of you made it sound like you had no clue why I was unstarred but I know now it was all planned to unstarred me
  8. Sassy003
  9. XtopherGemma, please mail me! Some stupid hoe is stealing your Light Brown Janelle Weave on .br saying that he made it!
  10. KarmaArrivedYa me 2 why?
  11. roachster10What happened! What did I do to get unstarred
  12. CocoaBeanPlease Star Me Back! I got kicked out for some weird Reason :|
  13. nashville1998HI could i join i am with the feminism
  14. VanZitiKk
  15. LouisRibarichSTAR ME BACK!

President of FEMMEBOTS

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

Fraternity Aspirants

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