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What has stars come to...

Apr 24, 2014 by zoeylacey
He doesn't have skype and is spamming people to save him. How about he stops spamming and plays the game to stop him from going up maybe.

Adam should of stayed
Sorry Adam bud

EDIT: proof he is spamming


Oh dear zoeylacey not having Skype is not a reason not to win.

How did we play in the days before Skype?

Oh yeah, there is a pm system in the game.....
Sent by knixuk,Apr 24, 2014
zoeylacey, hun that is nothing but a rumor going around Tengaged right now because a noob is beating out people that are "supposed" to stay in polls again him. Now people amy think what they want, but it gives them no reason to accuse him of such things because of what 3 people have said and they have no proof to show.... Whats that saying again?

Innocent until proven otherwise

So without real proof, there is no reason to continue making such blogs about this poor man
Sent by winner132,Apr 24, 2014

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