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PYN for an opinion

Apr 2, 2014 by zoeylacey
I am bored so I will do them all

DavyPrentiss you are an amazing guy! I have know you for ages on here we have to catch up sometime.
Maxi1234 I don't really know you :/ but you seem really like nice we should talk sometime.
HUmanMustard i have never spoken to you so idk :/
Dhucking_Quacks I think I like spammed you once and we ended up sending each other random things it would be great to get to know you tho!
Skyler1822 I haven't spoke to you it would be great to talk to you sometime because you seem lovely! Saw that you was having your charity wish I could join to help you but I can't.
Kimmal8 I don't know you really. mail me and let's have a chat :)
LewisC dude your amazing I love speaking to you I am so glad I met you your so nice to everyone love ya I can always rely on to be there for me
Thumper91 even we haven't spoke you are lovely to everyone
ParvatiS we haven't spoke you seem nice mail me so we can talk
SmoothStalker12 your awesome dude we haven't spoke in awhile but what I can remember of you you are a great person to know :D
neathery  I don't think we spoke mail me so we can talk :)
Blakejenkins14 yeah I don't know you...
Oliviaxoxo where to start with you... I know I can always talk to you because are always there for me. Your are one of best friends on here love you
magge555550101 your name is really confusing to type lol anyways Olivia kinda of introduced us but we don't talk much which is a shame because you seem amazing and I would love to know you better ;)
Chloeox we should talk so I can do this better lol however I see you like to the music as me
AmandaBynes hello I don't really you but you seem cool :D we talk or play a game sometime soon
Cornelia I think we was in the same frat for awhile I didn't get to speak to you much but you seem lovely mail me if you want
Jared242 I am sorry I don't really know you hope we can speak soon tho
Jenii_Valenta I have spoken to you. You seem lovely hopefully we get to know each other soon mail or play a game soon maybe ;)
Gaiaphage yeah I am sorry I don't you maybe we should talk to up to you
eagle16 you seem like a great person I would love to get to know you :)
Hugatree343 I wish I knew you better because I think you are great but we never have talked
EDIT: I will do the rest tomorrow I am going to bed now I promise I will


oo mee
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sure lol
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hello!:p me please!:p
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Hu ga
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Me < 3333
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me :D
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