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If I enroll in Stars

Jul 6, 2013 by xoHannaHxo
And have to leave 2-2.5 hours after enrollment, will that hurt me?


Sent by BryanXx,Jul 6, 2013
yes, but at least you'll be able to get into a chat and maybe noms will be made by then
Sent by Survivor8,Jul 6, 2013
Depends on the stars tbqh. Some dont form chats until 10 est
Some form chats and have noms by 6:30 est :S
Sent by RiDsTeR,Jul 6, 2013
u should b fine gl :)
Sent by tycoon1234,Jul 6, 2013
lol if i get in im going to a keg like an hour after idc
Sent by tofutime,Jul 6, 2013
I left 10 mins after the enrollment and got finals L0L
Sent by aes222aes,Jul 6, 2013

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