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Just a quick thank you

Jul 13, 2013 by xoHannaHxo
to Tengaged. Coming into Stars I never thought I would survive a poll. But, I survived 3 polls and got beat by less than 1% in the poll I was evicted in. It means so much to people believed in me that much. I just wish people didn't want me out so bad, but what can you do? :) I would like to wish Knixuk and Razorclaw13 goodluck in poll because they are both deserving of F3.

And I made a great friend out of the experience :) Brosky17


Sent by Lucinda,Jul 13, 2013
< 33
Sent by Florina,Jul 13, 2013
i wish you woulda been in f3 :(
Sent by alireza1373,Jul 13, 2013
you did great xohannahxo :)
Sent by Vitamin,Jul 13, 2013
Great job for your first stars!!!
Sent by brosky17,Jul 13, 2013
You did great :)
Sent by HipposUnite,Jul 13, 2013
bby u were robbed
Sent by jacob1997,Jul 13, 2013
good job < 33
Sent by zakisaboss,Jul 13, 2013
Thanks Hannah
Sent by knixuk,Jul 14, 2013

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