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Aug 4, 2016 by toms717
Honestly, I'm so disappointed in james!
QUEEN day really trusted him 100% to save her and didn't do it!
I feel like most of these players this season are all sheeps and don't have a backbone to make their own decisions!
The only people who I feel like makes there own decisions is Michelle and Zakiyah!

It's almost like these people are HANDING paulie the 500,000!


He didn't save her last season either I sorta of expected it
Sent by TheIconicBlackout,Aug 4, 2016
hun zakiyah is still riding paulies dick. lol
Sent by burkett8975,Aug 4, 2016

HUN, you obviuously didn't read the post correctly!I was talking about the voting when she voted to evict bridgette instead of QUEEN da'vonne.
Sent by toms717,Aug 4, 2016
He's just being a sheep like most of the houseguests.
Sent by toms717,Aug 4, 2016

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