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The toms717's blog

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i hope theo wins challenge bro May 18, 2019
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exited for challenge tomorrow May 15, 2019
sad davonne is out
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Any orgs or group games happenin May 9, 2019
i wanna play
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I'm Not Active Alot May 9, 2019
but i'm so sad Da'Vonne got out on the challenge!! love day
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QUEEN! Aug 11, 2016
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Honestly... Aug 4, 2016
Honestly, I'm so disappointed in james!
QUEEN day really trusted him 100% to save her and didn't do it!
I feel like most of these players this season are all sheeps and don't have a backbone to make their own decisions!
The only people who I feel like makes there own decisions is Michelle and Zakiyah!

It's almost like these people are HANDING paulie the 500,000!
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